Dressers as Bathroom Vanities

I do a lot of second hand shopping and every now and then I’ll spy a great dresser in a thrift store or on Craigslist and think to myself, “That would look fantastic in a bathroom!”  Traditionally designed for the bedroom to store clothing, dressers are rebelling and finding their way into spaces outside the boudoir.  

Clever homeowners are now adding character to their bathroom spaces by choosing dressers as vanities instead of standard cabinetry.  Often you must sacrifice the utility of the top drawer to make room for the sink bowl, but what you lose in functionality you gain in style.  Here’s a peek at this gallery of dressers transformed into vanities in bathrooms! 

A white solid surface countertop supports two sinks with reproduction vintage faucets in this elegant bathroom with a repurposed white dresser.


white dresser as bathroom vanity bhg


Gray paint and porcelain knobs turn this elevated dressing table into a functioning vanity in this serene bathroom filled with vintage touches. 


bathroom vanity bhg


Contemporary clean lines and pulls take the spotlight in this bathroom nook where a nine drawer dresser style vanity wears a marble top. 


modern dresser as vanity bhg


Curvy drawers coated in black paint coupled with vintage brass pulls equal drama in this sophisticated powder room.


dresser as vanity bathroom bhg


In the mood for fun and feisty?  Coat your second hand find with bright colored paint and add a modern towel bar to the side for a one of a kind pretty pink vanity. 


vivid pink vanity bathroom bhg


Clean and classic is the look in this bathroom where white paint and glass knobs share a timeless quality.  


white dresser as vanity in bathroom bhg


Converting a dresser into a vanity is simple when you follow these DIY instructions.

One final tip, pay attention to your height when shopping for a dresser to use as a vanity.  A standard vanity is 30” but many adults find that height to be too short, and prefer a more comfortable height between 32” – 36”.   Bring your tape measure with you and be sure to factor in the additional inches added from your chosen countertop.

Next week, we’ll take a look at how dressers are being used outside the bedroom in kitchens, entries, and living spaces, stay tuned!

11 Responses to “ Dressers as Bathroom Vanities ”

  1. I have a desk that would lend itself to this idea very well but I wasn’t willing to leave the desk when I moved from my house so I didn’t do it. Maybe I’ll be able to incorporate this great idea into my next dwelling which will be more permanent.

  2. I’ve loved this idea for years and want to incorporate in both my full and half baths. Still on the lookout for the right ones. Then again, DIY Diva did a great PB knock off vanity and I’ve already scored some free legs from an antique table! Choices, choices!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the knockoff Guerrina!

  4. I turned a small Target buffet (that I found on Craigslist for $50!) into a buffet, and it was perfect!


  5. Kate, a question: do you know how well these dressers hold up in high-traffic (read: damp, steamy) bathrooms? I’m planning for a big remodel and love the look of a repurposed dresser, but several contractors have suggested plywood is a better material in a bathroom. They say it’s because steam causes wood to expand and contract more than it does plywood. Any insights? love your blog, btw — faithful reader here.

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