The Many Places for Woven Shades

One of the first concerns for any homeowner when they move into a new home is how are they going to cover the windows?  We all need the function of light control and privacy, but beyond function, we also crave beauty and style too.  One no fuss solution for covering your windows is with the use of woven shades. Textural bamboo blinds are so versatile they can be used in just about any space, I’ve hung them in bathrooms, kitchens, and my master bedroom. 

Woven shades bring a casual breezy element to your home and warm up any space with their wood tones.  Bamboo blinds are less formal than ceiling to floor window panels, and more textural than metal or wood blinds.  Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to choose woven shades for your home too!  

In this entry, honey tone blinds filter light and complement the warmth of the wall painted a deep shade of orange.


woven shades in entry bhg


The choice of variegated tone bamboo blinds in this is cozy sitting nook downplays the formality of the traditional table and fixtures.  


woven shades breakfast nook bhg


Kitchens are the perfect spot to hang woven shades.  The darker versions in this space add rich contrast when suspended inside the windows trimmed in white. 


dark woven shades in kitchen bhg


Consider the use of beaded fringe to add an interesting detail like the wood balls that add a dose of whimsy to these woven shades. 


woven shades ball detail bhg


Like the rope cord on the pendant light, this simple inside mount woven shade brings texture into this light and bright kitchen.  


woven shades behind pendant in kitchen


Woven shades can be mixed with window panels too.  Hang them across the room or underneath drapes for a layered effect.  


woven shades living room window seat bhg

woven shades living room bhg


Bedrooms are sanctuaries, so opt for lined versions for better light control for grabbing extra sleep on the weekends.  Inexpensive roller blinds hidden underneath your outside mount woven shades are another option for when you want to nap or sleep in.


woven shades above bed bhg

woven shades bedroom bhg


Your not limited to windows by any means.  Bamboo blinds are a clever solution for hiding open shelves in a laundry space.  


woven blinds to conceal storage bhg


With their natural materials, they’re a great fit outdoors.  Use woven shades to filter sun on your porch, patio, or cabana and to create a room like intimate setting.


woven shades outdoor cabana bhg


Woven shades are inexpensive and eco friendly choice for covering he windows of your home.  Look for them online (try and or check your local Lowes – they have ‘cut to fit’ Levolor blinds you can take home the same day. 

Have you used woven shades in your home? 

Got a great resource you’d like to share?


17 Responses to “ The Many Places for Woven Shades ”

  1. I do love the look and it lends a bit of an organic feel to the space. However, I wouldn’t use them where you crave complete privacy. Our neighbors had woven blinds and we could see everything at night. = )

  2. I absolutely love the matchstick blinds in the last photo. I wasn’t able to find them at the suggested websites…any suggestions on where to find them?

  3. Hi Casey! I work with (and adore the woven wood shades in my own home!!) – you can find similar matchstick shades on our site here:,47

    Hope that helps!

  4. Or more specifically, check out the ‘Osaka Sesame’ color here:,8351

  5. I’ve used woven shades in several rooms. In the rooms where I haven’t paired them with panels, I have banding on the edges. It adds some color and style without being fussy.

  6. Hi! Wondering if you have details on where to find the wood ball trim – that is such a fun idea. How would you go about attaching it?

  7. Anyone know a source for custom made oversized blinds? The bedroom in one of the photos seems to have those.

  8. The “oversized” blind in the bedroom photo is deceptive. It is in fact 3 separate blinds…you have to look very closely to see it.

    A side note: cord safety is a HUGE issue in the industry (behind the scenes to the consumer) right now. Be very careful to buy from a reputable source that is up to date with the current safety standards.

  9. Hi JRCN, it’s hard to find anything bigger than 6 feet, often they’re split up, but I know Lowes does offer a 72″ Levolor blind in several woven shade colors!

  10. Great question Catherine! I’m on the hunt myself for wood ball trim, I’m thinking a specialy trim store is the place to look!

  11. I agree Peggy, those banded edges are classy enough!

  12. Thanks Katie for the feedback!

  13. Great article! I love the pictures and the ideas. I am shopping around for bamboo blinds myself because I think they will bring so much warmth into my dining room area.

  14. Hi,
    I have woven blinds which are too light for my home. I’d like to know if I can paint or stain them (I have 7 of them with valances) and if so, which product would work best? They are currently a light cream/light yellow color and are some type of grass which is a very fine texture, almost looks like a fabric. I’d like to end up with a deep honey color.
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

  15. I love the look but are impossible for families with dust or dust mite allergies.

  16. Thanks for this helpful post!

    A Shade Better

  17. Great content, amazing and elegant pictures. Kudos to you my friend. Keep sharing what your talent.

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