Displaying Art: Eclectic Collections + Gallery Walls

Welcome to the third installment of a series exploring how to display artwork in your home!  It began with how to display art in a symmetrical fashion and continued with tips on creative asymmetrical arrangements.  One more way to add visual interest to your spaces is through wall galleries and eclectic collections curated with the purpose of reflecting your personality and design style.   

Meaningful objects on display bring warmth into your home, and there’s no need to restrict wall art to paintings, prints, or photographs.  Everything from plates to mirrors to found treasures are all welcome choices! 

The first rule of thumb for creating a gallery of art in your home is to display what appeals to you most.  Whether it’s illustrations, old world maps, or pops of colorful abstract art, your home is happiest when your personal favorites are in the spotlight.   


art gallery on folding screen bhg

framed abstracts on wall bhg


Salon galleries are a popular option for blank walls because they allow for a display of favorite objects large and small.  For a well thought out and less cluttered look, unite frames by color, or work with a collection that shares a constant theme. 


eclectic botanical collection bhg

fruited wall gallery


Create major impact with a collection of meaningful numbers, symbols, or letters in varied styles and colors.


mixed eclectic art wall bhg

mixed letters on wall bhg


Plates or platters are also great candidates for mingling with mirrors or other works of art.  Add visual appeal by changing up the shape, style, and scale. 


mixed paintings wall gallery bhg

wall gallery above sofa bhg

eclectic gallery above sofa bhg


Finally, think beyond frames by shopping for inexpensive mirrors to reflect light in your home, or opt for a display of art or wallpaper scraps applied with decoupage medium on inexpensive wood plaques. 


mixed mirrors on wall bhg

wallpaper gallery bhg


When it comes to artwork on your walls, anything goes!   Curate artwork or treasures that are special to you and display them with pride for an inviting home filled with meaning.

Happy decorating! 

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5 Responses to “ Displaying Art: Eclectic Collections + Gallery Walls ”

  1. Wall art always looks so much better to me when someone else does it :) Nice roundup of inspirations!

  2. What I do notice in each grouping, is the fact that there is a theme pulling them together. What to do when you have a” mish mush” of frames and the frames are as sentimental as the photos or art they hold?

  3. I love how none of these really follow a particular rule–they are asymmetrical or natural in shape with lot of different media, unusual items, and non-traditional frames. I love how the galleries you show don’t follow a rule! Mixing items and making it look right is not easy. These pictures are really inspirational!

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