Confidence with COLOR!

One of the most common struggles in home decorating is how to incorporate color with confidence!   With so many paint colors and fabric samples to choose from, decorating in color can quickly become overwhelming, and the tendency is to go with a “safe tan”.  Great news!  There’s an inspiring new 250+ page book filled with tips, tricks, and inspiration on the topic, featuring the very best spaces that have appeared on the pages of Better Homes & Gardens publications for the past few years. 

Seeking the tools to pull together color schemes to express your personal style?  

Introducing Color: The Complete Guide for Your Home! 

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This inspiring guide is broken down into six parts, beginning in section one with where we all start, color inspiration!  It addresses overcoming color phobia and starting the process of pulling color into you home by beginning with whatever catches your eye, whether it’s an image, a piece of cloth or jewelry, or a collection of favorite treasures.  Included are tips for finding color palettes from unlikely places to favorite ones such as the seaside or farmer’s market.


floral window panels bhg


Section two offers an analysis on color from a mood perspective, taking an in depth look at every hue, what each one communicates, and how they work together.  You’ll find helpful tips from interior designers that give you options for freshening a lackluster spaces with suggested color pairings.


taupe cabinets orange accents bhg


Section Three begins a discussion about using color in every room and common space related challenges.  Mixed throughout this room-by-room chapter are suggested combinations of fabric, paint, trim, and decorative elements, and also useful tips on layering prints, textiles, and furniture silhouettes in entries, living rooms, dining rooms, kids rooms, kitchens, and more. 


yellow and white breakfast nook bhg


Section four breaks down the step-by-step approach to decorating with color, and how to incrementally layer your spaces over time.


blue and green family room bhg


Section five teaches how to unite color throughout your home, creating a connection through rooms as they flow together by repeating various colors or elements room by room.  


warm tones living room bhg


Finally, section six provides and in depth primer on color analysis, breaking down the complexities by starting with the basic color wheel and defining analogous, complementary, triad and tertiary colors and how they work together to make a successful space! 

Look for Color: The Complete Guide for Your Home at you local bookstore, or pick it up online for less than $20, it will be a handy resource for years to come and a worthy addition to your bookshelves. 

Happy decorating, with color!  

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  1. Nice magazine, this is one of the best, you can find very good products on it, it is very fancy and cheap, if you need help how to make your home better you need this magazine, this will help you a lot. Don’t think just buy it, you will be very satisfied with it, it helped me a lot, thanks.

  2. This looks like a fantastic resource ~ thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you once again for a great review. You allowed me to not only get a review, but bc of the visuals, I could really make an informed decision about the book. Plus I got several great pointers free from you. You are sensational

  4. Thanks Karen, I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

  5. This does look like a great book. Thanks for the information. I really like the picture posted with the cafe shutters in the kitchen area. Beautiful.

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