Window Treatments: No Sew Ribbon Trim!

Inexpensive window panels or shades are available at many home stores but sometimes the plain fabric can leave you wanting more.  An easy way to dress up store bought panels and and make them chic is to attach colorful ribbon or trim to the edges.  


ribboned roman bhg


Choose colors that complement the other accessories in the space, or get creative with a pattern that draws attention to the window, like this elegant criss-cross pattern.


rick rack panels bhg


If you love the idea of adding ribbon trim to your existing window panels or shades, there’s a way to do it yourself, no sewing required!   I made my own fixed flat fold roman shade in a bright floral pattern for our laundry room window, and chose deep blue grosgrain ribbon to add that extra decorative detail. 

cg flat fold shade


Here’s the simplest way to attach ribbon or trim without ever using a sewing machine.  Pick up some fabric glue at your local fabric or sewing store, apply it generously to your ribbon then smooth it out with your finger (not shown) so that it’s evenly distributed across the back of the ribbon.  Use stacks of magazines or books to weigh down the ribbon after you’ve placed it where you want it on your fabric. 


fabric glue


To make turns or angles, crease the ribbon as shown, secure with glue, and press flat. 

fold ribbon

fold ribbon 2


With fabric glue and ribbon, be it velvet or grosgrain, you can create unique window panels personalized for your home and give your simple window treatments a dash of panache. 


grosgrain ribbn trim bhg


Fabric glue dries clear within an hour and holds up in a gentle wash cycle.  It’s the perfect DIY tool for dressing up store bought panels and changing up your space in an afternoon! 



7 Responses to “ Window Treatments: No Sew Ribbon Trim! ”

  1. Great tutorial Kate!!!!

  2. The ribbon would look great “mitered” on the corners too!

  3. great idea, I like how these examples all looks elegant, not too crafted…. plus the ribbon tie idea adds some length to panels… awesome!!!
    you can also use iron heated Stitch Witchery to attach ribbon/trim, just used some for another project yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised how strong the bond was!!!!!

  4. These ribbons will surely add up appeal to the windows. Thanks for such a creative post.

  5. These ribbons will surely add up a little appeal to the windows. Thanks for such a creative post.

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