What’s Hot? Faceted Lighting!

Geometrics have reigned on the interior design scene for several years with the popularity of trellis and chevron surging to the top of the list, but there’s a new kid in town popping up everywhere and that is the polygonal shape. It’s especially prominent in lighting choices this year, and several retailers are offering unique chandeliers, pendants, and lamps in these polygonal shapes.

The word “polygon” comes from the Latin ‘polygoumn’  meaning “many angled” and the definition can include hexagon (6 sided), octagon (8 sided), or dodecagon (12 sided) from a planar perspective.  Turn them all into three dimensional figures like the ones seen below and now we’re looking at works of art that put sharp angles in the interior design spotlight once again.



faceted chandelier bhg



faceted orange lamp bhg

The polygonal trend is not just in light fixtures, this geometric sensation is making it’s way into home accessories too.   Here are some style picks I’ve spied in recent weeks!


faceted collection bhg

From top left:  Hexagon Wallpaper, Cole & Son; Squares Wallpaper, Ferm Living; Dustin Wood Pendant, Circa Lighting, $506; Aspect Pendant, Bobbie Berk Home, $430; Rock Pendant, ABC Home, $752; Capiz Pendant, Furbish, $545; Lauren Honeycomb, Shades of Light, $569; Delta Lamp by Robert Abbey, Candelabra Home, $106;  Faceted Terrarium, Shop Griege, $68; Candleholder, Haus Interior, $110; Faceted Bookends, Hinge Design Studio, $60; Glacier Vase, Wayfair, $140; Lauren Dodecahedron Lamp, Harbinger LA;  Hoshi Table Lamp, Home Decorators, $209; Crinkle Tissue Dispenser, Switch Modern, $32; Senet Stool, The Cross Design, $840; Origami Table, West Elm, $399; Euklides ChairWood Veneer Vase, Supermarket, $30;  8’ x 10’ Odeon Dhurrie Rug, Z Gallerie, $500; 8’ x 10’ Facet Rug, Loft Home, $935.


What’s your opinion of this latest design trend?  Would you include any faceted fixtures or other polygonal shape accessories in your home?




3 Responses to “ What’s Hot? Faceted Lighting! ”

  1. I like everything that you have pictured in this post, but I also know that recently (in the last year) I have seen people talking about their “ugly” lights that are faceted. Usually they are el cheapo gold and more rectangular but I wonder, will we all be snapping these early 2000s fixtures up, spray painting them, adding an Edison bulb, then calling it stylish? I just feel like I can’t keep up with the trends. I LOVE reading blogs and using pinterest but sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up. I try to be happy with my decor choices, but I’m sure you understand how hard it is to hear (and see) how off trend or “so yesterday” your home decor is. Especially when you aren’t in a financial position to make any changes. Blah. That turned into a rant and I didn’t mean for it to. Sorry! Love your blog and I think these features for BHG are great, too.

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