Creative Ways to Display Your Jewelry

Ladies, how many of us have collections of jewelry hidden away in a box or drawer somewhere?  Have you considered displaying them out in the open for your own enjoyment or creating attractive zones for storing your commonly worn pieces? 

Placing your jewelry on display not only reminds you of what you have (I tend to forget…) but also can make a decorative statement in your home.  Vignettes of jewelry bring femininity and personality to your vanity or dressing zone, so instead of burying your baubles in a box, consider these lovely alternatives for displaying your jewelry at home.  


An antique brass tiered stand holds bracelets while a handmade frame jewelry holder displays favorite earrings and necklaces on a dresser.


framed jewelry holder bhg


Simple knobs secured to a wall suspend statement necklaces creating instant art above a modern Lucite vanity tucked in a corner of this bedroom.


jewelry on hooks bhg


Eclectic frames that house pretty knobs come together to create a salon gallery display and make an artistic statement on the wall.  


framed jewelry bhg


Mini wooden bowls on a tray hold pretty earrings, rings, and bracelets for grab and go style.


jewelry in bowls bhg


A white ceramic urn paired with a glowing silver tray becomes an instant drop zone for end of the day removal.


jewelry in urn and tray bhg


These two ideas are definitely "outside the (jewelry) box”.  Kitchen pulls and knobs are secured to a fabric covered board to suspend favorite pieces, and a shadow box on the wall displays stylish jewelry as art.  

pulls and shadow box jewelry holder


Metal tins keep rings and earrings organized inside an armoire drawer assigned to scarves and jewelry.


small bowls for jewelry bhg


There’s no need for framed art in a bathroom if you cover your walls with your favorite necklaces making them easy to choose from when dressing for the day.


jewelry in bathroom bhg


Butterfly broaches “framed” with paper on a wall and bangles casually clinging to candles are two creative ways to use jewelry as decor. The next time you entertain, consider sachets as parting gifts secured with costume broaches, or bracelets casually wrapped around cloth napkins on your dining table.

jewelry as decor bhg


How do you store or display your jewelry? In a pretty bowl, on a tray, in a special box, cabinet or drawer?  Do share. 



23 Responses to “ Creative Ways to Display Your Jewelry ”

  1. Thats funny cause I just did a post on this! I do the hang as art tactic and I use small open containers on the bathroom countertop for rings.

    Ive considered hanging the necklaces from knobs, but I cant find a decent priced knob that I love.

  2. I’ve always loved the antique tea cups in drawers. I created a whole level in my closet for my jewelry

  3. Great collection of jewelry displays, Kate. It was so refreshing to see ideas that I haven’t seen before! xo Jenna

  4. Okay I am so going out to buy a tier for my Jewelry! What awesome ideas, this is something that’s been driving me crazy lately! Seriously so awesome to find this post!

  5. I have my jewelry in a old wooden tool box . Inside the box I have old bottles of different sizes and the bracelets and necklaces go around them!

  6. i have an old buffet and the 2 silverware drawers are for my jewelry storage-that way i have a row of pins,bracelets and such-makes them easy to find

  7. I repurposed a candle holder into a jewelry tree- and it worked so well that part of me wonders if it was never really meant to be a candle holder in the 1st place.
    See what I mean?

  8. What is used inside the frame to hold earrings in the first picture? Love the out of the box ideas

  9. Hi Hannah, I believe that’s a radiator grill cut to fit the frame! Pretty right?

  10. I’d love to be able to set my wife up with something stylish like this, but I fear it would give far too easy access for the 2-year old (boy) who LOVES mama’s make-up and jewelry. So, for now, it’s all a jumbled mess in a jewelry box.

  11. Great post and love the concept of using vintage/antique holders for the jewellery to add more flare. I have a very similar post, where I used an everyday pastry platter as a jewellery holder! Check it out at

  12. Thanks for sharing creative ways to keeping jewelry IN STYLE, Kate! Truly love your ideas!! One of many frequently asked questions from my beloved subscribers is about displaying jewelry in their boutique shops. I’d definitely recommend them your idea (your site).

    P.S: Your photos are amazing too! Everlin

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  14. Try using a frame of whatever size you wish, and cut heavy cardboard to the appropriate size to fit inside the frame. Cover cardboard w/ black felt and glue in place. Using heavy-duty sewing pins, hang up earrings, necklaces, bracelets, whatever. Looks good, works well!

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