What’s Hot: Ikat!

It’s hard to ignore the popularity of Ikat textiles in home decor and interior design this year, and this global pattern is appearing everywhere in large and small scale, from rugs to furniture to accessories.

The word Ikat (pronounced “ee-cot”) means “to tie” or “to bind” and comes from the unique method of weaving that creates the iconic pattern.  It requires first tying off the threads in bundles before dyeing them, and then later weaving the cloth together on the loom using a weft, warp, or double Ikat method.  In modern times, the motif is created through either woven or printing methods, and is readily available in any color palette of choice.


ikat chair bhg


The characteristic markings of Ikat introduce a global vibe into the home.  The trademark motifs were brought over from the east centuries ago and they’ve been embraced by westerners ever since.

Many retails now offer furnishings upholstered in Ikat such as sofas, slipper chairs, and ottomans.  For custom work, there are dozens of textile designers that offer their own unique patterns and colorways, and it plays well with other fabrics, especially stripes and solids.


ikat red chairs bhg


If you’re feeling bold, introduce Ikat into your home with an upholstered headboard, sofa, or chair, and if not, it’s equally fabulous used in smaller doses, including pillows, trays, and dishes.


ikat pillows

Here are a few of my favorite pieces large and small now available for the home!


centsational style ikat for the home

From top left: Island Ikat Wallpaper, Thibaut; Green Plug In Chandelier, Lamps Plus, $130; Robert Allen Raspberry Ikat, Fabric.com, $23/yd; Annette Tatum Diamond Teal, Fabric.com, $9/yd; Raspberry Ikat Pillow, Sheridan French, $198; Nesting Bowls, C Wonder, $58; Window Panel, Urban Outfitters, $20; Adler Melamine Tray, Macy’s, $48; Eco Blanket, Wayfair, $115; Kenza Dinnerware, Z Gallerie, $48 (four plates); Ikat Boxes, Wayfair, $150; Citrine PIllow, Dwell Studio, $80;  Ikat Chair, World Market, $180; Photo Frames, Layla Grace, $30;  Glass Tray World Market, $5; Set of Four Placemats, Williams-Sonoma, $49; Rebecca Sofette, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, $1,495; Bliss Ottoman, West Elm, $549; ‘6 x 9’ Safaveih, Lamps Plus, $649; 7’ x 9’ Light Blue Rug, Rugs USA, $492

Are you a fan of the Ikat pattern, and have you used it in your home?


14 Responses to “ What’s Hot: Ikat! ”

  1. I’m obsessed with Ikat right now. I feel like every great space I see has a small touch of this. Do you have any recommendations of where to find grey, white and yellow/golden Ikat? Fabric.com? When I actually can find it, it’s special order from a store and it’s $50-$81/yard which is a bit much for my little budget. Thanks!

  2. I’m a huge fan of Ikat, but I haven’t used it in my home yet. I’d love to start with some pillows, and I love that blue and green fabric that you showed. But I’ll have to say that those 2 chairs covered in the red Ikat are just gorgeous!

  3. Etsy.com is a great source for Ikat pillows, tons of choices on fabric (every color combination) and very reasonably priced…..Pillows covers run $25.00 to $80. 00….but generally most of it is in the lower to mid range……..I have not purchased any yet but have spend a great amount of time “shopping” on the site…..too many to choose from, hard to commit!

  4. @agela Joann’s has a fabric that is an off white with grey and yellow ikat. Bought it for an ottoman I’m redoing. It’s really pretty.

  5. Where can I find the red and white ikat armchairs?

  6. Sadly I don’t have the souce Kim. I’m sorry!

  7. Hi, can you please tell me where i can buy the fabric in the turquoise and white chair at the very top?

  8. Hello,
    I had precious 4 cushion chairs that were gifted to me by someone dear to me in my wedding about 6 years ago . It were quite new but I wanted to give it a whole different look and feel. It is an accepted fact that Ikat is the right fabric choice for any upholstery like drapes, curtains, pillow covers, etc.

    I googled around a lot and finally stumbled upon a few good fabric shops. I bought 15 yards of beautiful unique ikat fabric for not only my chairs but for other future home decor projects- as I could not resist the choice that was offered to me…:-)

    If you know how to sew then you can save a lot instead of buying expensive designer chairs. I suggest you buy good quality upholstery fabric and do it all yourself..it is worth your time and saves you a lot.

    By the way, below is the website store from where I bought ikat fabric:

    MamtaMotiyani [dot] com

    and the owners’ name is Mamta. She is a helpful and friendly person. I do not know if they still have free shipping offer, it was about a month ago. Check it out!

  9. A little Ikat goes a LONG way and, well, I WAY over ee-cotted and no doubt my husband will boycott a new rug to counter this overwhelming effect. Covered a Quatrine sectional (chaise and one-armed loveseat) in Ikat (colors are teal with fuscia and lime green accents). It’s the exact same pattern shown in your red loveseat but w/zany colors. I know, I know. You don’t even have to say it.

    Anyway the existing rug is an understated darker celery green (which looked great w/sectional when it was white linen w/celery green piping). Now the room looks like Pippi Longstocking had her way with it while smoking weed.

    Any ideas, other than a foot-hurting neutral jute? The room has been literally taken over by the Ikat teal, like psychedelic kudzu. Have lime-green chevron pillows on the way but somehow I don’t think they’re going to help mute the teal quite enough.

    Other than getting a new rug (which has to be cheap to override a husband veto), my option is to go with bare hardwoods … a decent but noisy, and not terribly warm, option. So if a new rug, any non-budget-busting kid-friendly-to-spills suggestions?

    Many thanks.

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