Nine Ways to Display Photos

A home filled with photographs is much more personal than one without, wouldn’t you agree?  Adding pictures of friends, family, and favorite places to your home brings that feeling of warmth and comfort to a space, but how you choose to display them is up to you!  Here are nine creative ways to display your photographs at home.

Coordinated Collection.  A long empty wall lends itself well to a collection of photographs. Notice how the frames are different in size and style but united by the uniformity of their black frames, white mats, and black and white photos.

wall of family photos


Who says the mats need to all be white?  Inject variety into your photo display with a few colorful mats, but keep the frame color and style the same for a clean presentation.


family gallery ledge bhg


Half & Half.  Blending a medley of photographs and art above floating ledges makes the display feel collected over time.  Hang a few frames on the wall then layer other frames next to each other to add interest to your walls in your office or living spaces.

open shelf display


open shelving mixed frames bhg


High & Mighty.  Skip the window treatments in a space that craves light and hang photographs above the window sills for big impact.

family wall pictures bhg


Shelve It.  Both built in and free standing bookshelves offer ledges for displaying multiple photographs of family and friends which is sure to bring all those memories flooding back.

family photos on bookshelves


Grow a Family Tree.  A tree painted on the wall or applied with a premade vinyl transfer offers a unique opportunity to display the different branches of people in your family.

family tree bhg


Get Crafty.  Decoupage medium is your best friend if you want to create any one of these displays.  Charm visitors with these four crafty ideas, including mounting photographs on decorative plates, making a homemade clock, spotlighting a family gathering inside a shadow box, or displaying your favorite photos on silver platters.

creative way to display photographs


There are endless options when it comes to displaying photography in your home.  Choose symmetrically hung frames or sophisticated black and white pictures for a more formal look, or be casual about your display, mixing in whimsy and creativity.  Anything goes these days, so have fun, enjoy the process, and most importantly, fill your home with images of your favorite people and places!



14 Responses to “ Nine Ways to Display Photos ”

  1. I did something similar to the family tree! I actually got the wall applique and frames at the dollar store so it was so cheap, yet I got so many compliments on it!

  2. I have been planning to do something with the empty wall we have here similar to the one you have in coordinated collection. Same color but different sizes and frame styles is what I have in mind.

  3. Nice ideas. Liked the whole room concept in the 3rd photo.

  4. I just took all our family photos down last week and was looking for inspiration for how to make them look better. This is just what I needed. Love the shelf idea!!

  5. I love this article, and it’s great for those of us who want something fresh to look at on our walls. Shared it with my clients and I hope they take as much away from it as I do!

  6. Displaying multiple family photos can really be a challenge but your post has such nice ideas. We just came out with a special frame for displaying multiple photos in a unique way, it’s called the Photo Deco Board:

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