What’s Hot: Geology!

There are a lot of home accessories appearing in stores that are making one subject of science popular again and that’s geology.  Geology is the study of the rocks of the Earth and what they reveal about its history and while some might consider it that uninteresting subject you skipped in college, one thing is true, geological rocks make stunning “jewelry” for the home!

The hottest rock right now is agate, a microcrystalline form of silica found in various forms of volcanic rock.  It’s formed when cavities in the volcanic rock are penetrated with gasses and/or water that contains silica, and over time the layers and bands are produced inside the rock. One form of agate appears as layers of chalcedony on the outside with crystalline quartz on the inside.  Another form is known as banded agate, and when cut transversely, it reveals a succession of dramatic lines in a variety of colors.  But did you know that those saturated hues in brightly colored agate come from a unique dyeing process? 

Petrified wood is another geologically formed fossil appearing in home décor.  It’s formed when the organic stem tissue of a tree or plant has been replaced by mineral deposits but it still retains the appearance of its original structure. Quartz is another abundant mineral which comes in shades from rose to milky to smoky, and while often used for jewelry, can make a stunning home accent as well.

A few weeks ago I was shopping a popular discount store for designer goods and stumbled across two agate bookends that were so striking, I brought them home for my bookshelves.  At $20 for the pair, they became the perfect piece of “jewelry” for my own home.     


blue agate bookends



If you’re a lover of geology as jewelry for your home, take a peek at a few of these accessories:whats hot geology


From top left:  Eclipse Chandelier, Emporium Home; Silk Pillow Cover, West Elm, $20; Gavin Table, Mathew Studios, Agate Clock, Vivre, $85, Agate Stacking Boxes, Lille, $95-140, Petrified Wood Bookends, Anthropologie, $148, Quartz Lamp, Shades of Light, $499, Azure Spreaders, Vivre, $60, Decorative Finial, Chic Shop LA, $65; Green Agate Bookends, Phoenix Orion, $42; Pedra Coasters, Rablabs, 4 for $68; Carina Box, RabLabs, $168-260; Whorled Felt Rug, Anthropologie, $698


What about you?  Got any geological formations posing as accents in your home too? 





11 Responses to “ What’s Hot: Geology! ”

  1. Kate, I actually have two of these at home and they were bought at HomeGoods a few months back. How silly am I, I didn’t use them as bookends, but each rock is on top of a bunch of books instead. ;) The little things you just don’t think of sometimes. haha

    Love the trend and it’s something I was able to put into our home that my husband loves. They were actually bought for him in mind. He loves geology. Great post.

    I have a subject for you, Kitchen Island Vinnettes. I never know what to put on my very large island. It’s part of our Great Room, so the island is not just in the Kitchen. I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks! :)

  2. I didn’t skip geology in college. I have an M.S. in Geology and I am very excited with this new trend (even though I’ll still have my stuff displayed when it’s no longer in fashion). I did want to point out that it’s not “geology” that you are putting out as home decor, but rather rocks, minerals and fossils. These are just a part of what makes geology so cool. But, thank you for letting people know that those bright pink and blue bookends are dyed! ;-) Have a nice day and rock on! He he.

  3. Did you come to my house and steal my motif? Ok, ok I’ll admit to being a geologist. Along with agate bookends in my home and office, my brown marble coffee table has a host of agate slices-turned-coasters.

    Question about those coasters: when iced drinks are placed on them the condensation will cause the coasters to stick to the drinks and inevitably fall to the floor. Anything I can seal the coasters with to prevent this?

  4. Wow that’s so interesting Emily, didn’t know that about the condensation! I’d try those mini felt stickers you place under furniture to keep them from harming floors, they might help!

  5. Ha, thanks for the clarification Marcia!

  6. Thanks Kate, I’ve been reading your blog for the last year and you have great ideas. It just so happens that my boss (geologist) will retire this summer and I was not sure what to get him. Thanks for the ideas.

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