What’s Hot: Wallpaper!

Last week we looked at installing classic beadboard, but today we’re taking a closer look at patterned wallpaper.  One of the design elements that continues to be hot in interior design right now is the use of modern wallpaper in bold prints.   Many who have had to remove the old now have an aversion, but it’s time to take a fresh look at wallpaper again, since today’s patterns are a designer and homeowner’s dream.  Large scale florals, damasks, geometrics, and retro patterns offer one more opportunity to layer playful or sophisticated pattern in your home.

Say goodbye to granny’s miniature pastel florals or wallpaper borders of the past, this century everything from subtle tone-on-tone to textured to larger scale patterns are now available, and it’s the reason why wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years.


bold floral wallpaper bhg


Dining rooms are the perfect place to experiment with elegant wallpaper patterns on an accent wall like this beautiful golden feather pattern on a blue backdrop.


golden feather wallpaper dining room bhg


This blue damask in the entry is modern twist on a traditional pattern and makes a stunning first impression in the entry.


damask blue wallpaper bhg


If your considering the idea of adding pattern to your home with wallpaper, but want to reserve it for a smaller space, the bathroom is the perfect place!  A vintage inspired retro geometric adds panache to this bathroom suite.


mod wallpaper bhg


And a beautiful modern floral in shades of deep pink and lavender adds whimsy and color to this fresh botanical inspired bathroom.


bathroom wallpaper bhg


So perhaps you’re wondering where to begin your search for a pattern that suites your tastes?   Here are 12 retailers to get you started, simply click the image for the wallpaper source!

tthi romo button farrowandball ferm
antrho nama cole and son graham
walnut Aimee kreme york


If you’re afraid you won’t be able to tackle the installation yourself, fear not!  Here’s an informative video tutorial for applying wallpaper that will help you install your favorite.  In one afternoon, you can have a completely reinvented space with an fresh new pattern that’s sure to add plenty of personality to your home.



13 Responses to “ What’s Hot: Wallpaper! ”

  1. I like wallpaper but for some reason I only use it in bathrooms.

  2. I am in love with the wallpaper in “Gigi’s Foyer” on the ABC show, GCB. It is this gorgeous Asian Inspired Print that just makes my heart swoon!! I haven’t been able to find a source for it.

    I was all set to paint my living room grey until I saw that show. Even though the wallpaper might be out of my price range, I am holding off painting in the hopes I can find it.

  3. I love wallpaper! I wish there was an easy way to wallpaper over knockdown. We sanded my sons room to wallpaper and my husband said never again;(

  4. I wish i could wallpaper every room and get a way with it.

    I let people know just do an accent wall. It takes 2-4 doubles depending on the size. For a few hundred dollars it amazing what one wall can do to change the style and atmosphere in your home.

    Great post!!

  5. Thanks for the great sources and link to tutorial! I have textured walls (orange peel), can you wall paper over those?? I can’t stand the textured walls, I just don’t want to replace all of that sheetrock!

  6. Hi Daniella, I have not had much success wallpaper over heavily textured walls like knock down or orange peel, but there is a wallpaper liner product out there (I think Lowes?) that will cover it for you, or yes, you’ll have to retexture the walls.

  7. Great timing Kate on the wallpaper tute! I am going to give it a try very soon in my dining room, I think!? It will be my first time :)

  8. Hi Kate I love that blue wallpaper with the feathers, do you know where I could purchase it from? Thanks!

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  11. I love the large print first paper above. Can anyone share what pattern/company it is?

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