Welcome to Centsational Style!

Welcome and hello everyone! I’m Kate Riley, better known around the blogosphere as Centsational Girl I’m a self-professed incurable DIYer who loves to paint and design anything from small crafts to large spaces, and I’m delighted to be part of the Better Homes & Gardens team!  I’m a just simple gal with a simple dream: transforming the drab into the fab with an arsenal of paintbrushes, primer, and power tools, and I’m here to share my tips and techniques with all of you.

I’ve been passionate about design, décor, and do-it-yourself projects for as long as I can remember and I’ve been an avid reader of Better Homes & Gardens publications for over a decade.  This blog is where I’ll be sharing my unique perspectives on design and do-it-yourself decorating.  You can look forward to all kinds of topics from What’s Hot in design to Perspectives on Color, and other tried and true techniques for creating style on a budget!  I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work featured in various Better Homes & Gardens publications, and now I have a voice right here online at Centsational Style.  Come on over to say hello, pay a visit to my Project Gallery or wander through the Style Files  where you’re sure to find something to inspire you!  


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13 Responses to “ Welcome to Centsational Style! ”

  1. Excited for this blog! I notice that your personal style includes a lot of bright, white interiors. I love that style too but live in a house with a ton of gorgeous natural woodwork. I would love to see some examples of natural woodwork in your posts if possible!

  2. Hi Whitney, that’s a great idea for a post, I’ll try to work up a ‘decorating with woodwork’ post soon!

  3. I’ve long admired your style and follow your blog.

    Now I get a double dose of your great style. So happy for you, Kate.

  4. Love your sense of beautiful spaces and so happy BHG has you! I love the magazine and your blog and look forward to reading from this site too!

  5. Congratulations Kate. I hopped over from your blog which I look at every day. It has become part of my morning routine. Love your style, look forward to more of it here too.

  6. Congratulations Kate! I love your blog and now two is even better! To top it all off I can find you and my favorite magazine in the same place!

  7. I am so excited over this new partnership. I love Better Home & Gardens and I love your blog, Centsational Girl. This is a dream come true. I get so many wonderful ideas and tips from both the blog and the magazine. Congratulations, we all win!

  8. I am so excited for you and your new endeavor! I have enjoyed your blog and looked forward to your fresh ideas…a perfect match with BH&G. Best wishes to you and look forward to popping over to see what you have for us to be inspired by.

  9. You are such an inspiration for design…love your blog & love that your talent is recognized by BH&G! Congrats!

  10. So excited to see Centsational Style! I love BH&G and your Centsational Girl Blog…now I can get a double dose! Good choice BH&G!

  11. Kate,

    Congratulations! What a great collaboration of two of my favorite things: your blog & the BHG website.

    One thing I love about your blog/website is that your post your sources. I know this isn’t always possible, but I hope you will be able to do this with your BHG posts too.

    I have spent an embarassing amount of time stalking a rug feature on BHG, and other items… to no avail.

    Love your style, and happy for you and your success!

  12. Hi Karen, thanks! If you spy something you love, let me know I can try to track it down!

  13. congratulations and well deserved!!!!!

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