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wall hanging

Perhaps your landlord says you can’t paint over those boring beige walls, or you don’t want the hassle of having to repaint your room again when you change your mind about that “perfect” color. Thankfully, there are solutions to add interest to your walls without picking up a paint brush.

1. Textiles

If you’re craving a boho-chic vibe, add texture through textiles like tapestries and other woven wonders. A rope wall hanging added above the bed gives the perfect touch to this elegant and worldly room.

Via One Kings Lane

2.  Wallpaper

The fact that wallpaper is back in vogue makes me extremely happy. Just look at how this large-scale floral wallpaper completely transforms the room! The juxtaposition of industrial design and femininity is strikingly beautiful.

Via Murals Wallpaper

3. Washi Tape

Washi tape is amazing because it can be removed SO easily without damaging your walls. Plus, these days you can find washi tape in just about any color or pattern you could ever want.

I love this look of scattered washi tape pieces in bright colors. It reminds me of confetti, and the look doesn’t require strict measurements or complicated calculations.

Via IDA Interior Lifestyle

Anything with black and white stripes immediately catches my eye: so simple, sleek, and mod! This striped wall adds the perfect amount of pattern to a small bathroom. Can you believe these chic stripes are simply made with black washi tape?

Via Unusually Lovely

4. Gallery Walls

There’s no better way to add infinite interest to your walls than to fill them with gorgeous art. Stick to one color palette, but vary shapes and textures when choosing artworks.

Via Emily Henderson

5. Mirrors

Mirrors have the power to reflect the interest of one wall onto another. That means twice the decorating power with half the work, which is pretty amazing.

Although the tile on this wall is gorgeous as is, I love the way the mirror adds a dark accent from across the room.

Via Sarah Sherman Samuel

With a little creativity, you can transform the look of your room without a drop of paint. Make your home look unique with solutions that add interest to your walls in unexpected ways.

Are you loving all the beautifully painted and wallpapered walls as much as I am? The texture and bright colors are right up my alley. But, if you live in an apartment and cannot paint (or just don’t like to paint walls… like myself), I think I have a project for you. It’s a quick and easy way to add color to your walls without actually painting them. Yup! How? Fabric covered foam boards. Simple as that. I made a miniature panel to share with you, hopefully this DIY can get you on your way!


- 1/2 inch thick foam board (you can find these at craft stores, or larger sheets at a home supply store).

- Enough fabric to cover the boards you choose, plus an extra 2 inches to staple behind the board.

- Staple gun

- Wall putty or plate hangers (depending on the weight of your panel)


- Decide what size you’d like the panel to be. Maybe you want more than one panel?

- Once you’ve purchased all your materials, you can get started! Lay your fabric out on a flat surface. Place the foam panel on top of that. It’s best to have about 2 inches around the edge of extra fabric.

- Fold the fabric over the first edge, and staple it down. I’d suggest a staple at each corner of the foam, plus a staple every 5 – 10 inches. When your first edge is stapled, move to the side directly opposite your freshly stapled side. Pull the fabric taut and staple it down.

- It’s time to fold down the corners. Sort of like wrapping a present. Fold down the corners , fold over, and staple (see image below). Repeat on the opposite side.

- You’re almost done! Time to decide how you’d like to hang your panels. If it’s light, adhesive putty would probably work very well. If the panel is heavy, I’d look into using one of these Invisible English Plate Hangers.

 Here are a couple of my favorite examples I’ve found while wandering the internet. Maybe this will give you some inspiration?

{Photo: Upholstered Wall Hanging from The New England Southerner}

{Photo: Wall Fabric Panels from Bella Dia}

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Hello friends! A favorite trend I’m enjoying right now: “Museums” on the wall. In fact, I have quite a few butterflies already on my walls at home. I photographed these butterflies from my collection to share with you. Now you can make your very own butterfly wall art! Just print the images out to your desired size, and put your butterflies in a favorite set of frames!

I’m really enjoying this shadow box styled Ribba frame, from IKEA. It’s already matted with a 4″ x 4″ opening, a perfect size for the butterfly prints I’ve made for you. Just trim the extra paper, pop it in the frame, hang, and enjoy!

Another idea: If you want to get a little more creative, how about cutting the butterfly out, bending it a little (for a 3D look), then glue onto white paper?

 To print, just click on the links below and right-click save. All butterfly images are for personal-use only.

- Butterfly 1

- Butterfly 2

- Butterfly 3

- Butterfly 4

- Butterfly 5

- Butterfly 6

- Butterfly 7

- Butterfly 8

Enjoy! And, please let us know if you create this for yourself.

Frames: RIBBA Frames, from IKEA, $9.99

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Chip and I recently went out to see the Avengers, and it was every bit the summer blockbuster I was hoping for.  Below are some ideas for a nursery inspired by this motley gang of superheroes (among a few others as well).   I’m certain there are more than a few little boys who would love to have an Avengers inspired bedroom or playroom, and this could easily be turned into a toddler/big boy room (maybe a man cave?) with just a few updates, by adding some more storage and a big bed.  That shield is a bit pricey, but could be a fun DIY project.superhero baby room ideas

Sources: (1) Tiered Brass Shade; (2) the Hulk; (3) Gold Wings; (4) Iron Giant; (5) Thor Illustration; (6) Fortune Favors the Brave; (7) Captain America’s Shield; (8) Space Ghost; (9) Captain America Baby Hat; (10) Captain America Diaper;  (11) Joya Rocker; (12) Gamma Gun; (13) White Sparrow Crib; (14) Custom Comic Book Letter;  (15) Shiny Sphere Lamp; (16) Red Star Crib Sheet; (17) Yellow Spirit Cushion; (18) Mid Century Dresser;  (19) Super Star Rug; (20) Herringbone Curtain;  (21)  Captain America Close-Up;  (22) Thor Silhouette

Hope you love it!  ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

Our little home was built back in 1920. It isn’t fancy, has all the simple necessities, and nothing more. It needs a lot of love, which requires a bit of cash. Since we’re not rolling in the dough, we try our best to decorate and update our home on a small budget. This means many DIY’s and thrift shopping. One of my favorite little wall decorations: my wall of plates in the kitchen. I’m continually adding to this wall. Each time I’m out thrifting and spy a sweet little plate that I love, I buy it and add it to my wall.

Inspired by this BHG plate wall (see below), I created a wonderful chalkboard plate. Before I had my daughter, I used to make and sell these things online. Even if you don’t have a plate wall, it’s cute to have this chalkboard plate to write love notes to your family.

Supplies needed:

- Primer

- Chalkboard paint

- Paintbrush

- A plate of your choice

- Painter’s tape

- Pencil

- Blade

- Plate hanger


- Clean up your plate, make sure you don’t have any dirt or oil on it.

- Use your painter’s tape, to tape off the whole section where you’d like your chalkboard to be. Don’t worry about making a perfect circle, that’s what the blade is for.

- Use your pencil to mark where you’d like to cut the circle. I did this free hand (just following the shape of the plate), but you can use a small dessert plate or something else to trace. Trim the marked circle with your blade, peel back the tape, and you should now have a taped off circle.

- Paint a layer of primer, and let dry 24 hours (or, whatever your primer directions say).

- Now, it’s time to paint the chalkboard! My plate took 3 coats of the chalkboard paint (2 hour waiting periods in between).

- Let dry for 1-2 days before using any chalk on the plate.

- Enjoy!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Have you ever wondered how to create your own digital silhouette? I absolutely love this Better Homes and Gardens version of a family tree, and I want to share how you can create a silhouette family of your own, using photoshop!

There are many ways to make a silhouette (tracing a shadow on paper or using tracing paper to trace around a photo shape being the most popular). BUT, I prefer to make mine using photoshop. With the right adjustments and lighting in your photo, you can create a silhouette with any photo edit program (free edit programs can be found online).

1. First things first: you need to actually take a side view photo of each person and animal you’d like in your family tree. For my family: that’s my two cats, chihuahua, and daughter. My children.

How to take a silhouette photo: take your photo in front of a window or a white background (flash turned off). Unlike a normal photo, for a silhouette you light the background of your subject, rather than the front.

P.S. When photographing a 2-year-old, a little candy bribery may help.

2. Using a photo editing software, turn the image black and white.

3. Use the levels layer (or brightness and contrast) in your photo editing program to adjust your image. I needed my subjects to be a little darker and the background lighter. You can sharpen up the edges of your silhouette using a pen tool set to a black color.

4. Optional: Use the liquify tool to smooth out your silhouette. I had a hard time getting a photo of my 2-year-old. And, the image I chose cut out her pigtails. So, using the liquify tool you can add to and adjust your silhouette. I added a little hair curl flip back in.

5. Using the select tool, select and delete the background behind the silhouette.

6. Set a new layer behind the silhouette, and pick whatever background color you’d like. I went with a lovely teal.

7. Optional: if you’d like a white silhouette instead of black, set a clipping mask layer just above your original silhouette. Set that layer color to white.

8. Save and print your image out. I prefer to use acid free heavy card stock paper. I printed my images at home, but you can also head to any print shop to get your images printed for a low price.

9. Put your images into frames, and arrange on your wall.

10. Enjoy!

A little penny saver tip: instead of putting all your money into the frames, save a bit of cash by finding your frames at a thrift shop. You can keep them the way you find them, or spray paint them all the same color for a cohesive look. I spent $11 on 5 frames, plus $10 for spray primer and paint. My total cost: $21. Pretty darn awesome.

See, easy and fun. A unique piece of artwork to celebrate your family. I hope you create your own! I love mine. Let us know if you try this out for yourself, in the comments below.

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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