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15 Fabulous Ideas To Give Your Walls Instant Vintage Charm

Every year come early spring {after a long winter of being cooped up inside} I am so ready to hit any outdoor sale that will yield amazing vintage finds. It is so much fun to comb through years of history to discover a piece or 2 that you fancy & feel connected to. This summer I began bringing my 9 year old with me, who already has a well defined love of history. He has become my little sidekick and it has been incredibly exciting to unearth really cool old things together. The hunt & capture is the fun part, often there is an uncertainty of where to put these treasures when you get them home. The thing I adore about vintage styling is that there are no real rules just ways to find balance. So here are 15 fabulous ideas to incorporate vintage items to your walls that will give them instant charm…..

15 Fabulous ideas to give your walls vintage charm-BHG Style Spotters

1. Mix & match different genres of art with texture

BHG-Adding vintage charm to an office space


2. Use unexpected pieces as a focal point

My Fabulous Life-Vintage Printers Tray & Art


3. Layer vintage maps to add visual interest

Adding Vintage Maps to Give Interest to the Walls-the Inspired Room{via}

4. Use weathered materials to give that one of a kind look

Barn Door Headboard Guest House Photos via Knick of Time


5. Frame large vintage maps or documents

Better Homes & Gardens Geography Lesson-using vintage maps to decorate


6. Layer vintage & traditional forms of art

BHG Vintage Charm


7. Mix vintage with modern art

Casey DeBois's New York City Apartment Tour #theeverygirl


8. Use a variety of vintage items to tell a story

Finding Home Cottage-Walls Layered in Vintage Details{via}

9. Add an instrument & other vintage items to create a unique gallery wall Jeanne Oliver Vintage Hallway Wall Gallery{via}

10. Bring vintage details into to your kitchen shelving & walls

The White Buffalo Styling Co.-Love the vintage details in kitchen


11. Mix a variety of the same genre of art to bring continuity

Vintage Oil Paintings Line the Walls of This Cute Kitchen Nook-BHG{BHG}

12. Use salvaged items to bring character to your walls

BHG add salvaged pieces {BHG}

13. Add simple shelving to display vintage collections

BHG-add rustic shelves & layer vintage details


14. Timeworn photos in a grouping adds a ton of visual curiosity.BHG-add vintage photos


15. Balance your vintage gallery wall with similar frame tones

BHG- adding vintage oil paintings


Happy treasure hunting!

Jen-City Farmhouse

Chelsey Andrews

Photo Canvas DIY: 2 Ways

Do you love photo canvases, but don’t really have the budget to buy them? Well today I’m going to share 2 ways you can make these neat creations without breaking the bank. The first way we’ll use iron-on transfer paper to transfer an image to fabric, then print onto tissue paper and Mod Podge the image! Trust me, it’s easy. They are great gifts, or just keep them for yourself to decorate your home.

Iron-on Fabric Photo Canvas DIY


  • 8 x 8 canvas
  • 1/2 yard of white fabric
  • fabric iron-on paper
  • iron
  • high quality photo
  • scissors
  • staple gun and staples


- Let’s start with printing our photo onto the iron-on transfer paper. Set up your photo on your computer. Flip it horizontal so the image is “backwards”. The image will iron-on the correct way when transferred to fabric. Note: if you don’t have a printer, you can take an image to a local print shop. I’ve brought my iron-on transfer paper to a local printer in the past and they printed on it for me. Just call them and ask. You can also ask them to flip the image for you, if you’re not sure how.

- Iron-on the image onto the fabric (following your iron-on transfer paper instructions). Let cool and peel back paper. Trim the fabric to an 11 x 11 square.

- Center the image on the front of the canvas. Carefully flip over and staple the fabric onto the back of the frame. Fold fabric corners on the top and bottom of the frame. Note: if you mess up and the image isn’t even over the canvas, just pull out a staples and start over.

- You are done! The cool thing about this project is you can use an old canvas frame. Have a painting you don’t like anymore? You can just staple this fabric over the painting. Just pull the fabric off if you get tired of the image.

Total cost: under $15

Mod Podge Tissue Photo Canvas Diy

  • 8 x 8 canvas
  • 8.5 x 11 printer paper
  • 8 x 8 image
  • white tissue paper
  • painters tape
  • acrylic sealer spray
  • Mod Podge
  • paintbrush
  • white acrylic paint
  • printer


- Let’s prep the picture. Carefully smooth out and tape the white tissue paper onto the printer paper (you’re printing onto the tissue paper). Put it into the printer and print your 8 x 8 image. Let the printed image dry completely. Note: while taping the tissue paper onto the printer paper, make sure the tissue is very smooth. If it’s too wrinkly it will print weird.

- In a well ventilated area wearing a mask and eye protection, spay a very light layer of acrylic sealer spray onto the printed tissue image. Let dry for an hour. Carefully remove the printed tissue paper from the printer paper. Trim the sides of the tissue paper (leave a 1/4 inch border around the image).

- Grab your canvas and apply a very light layer of Mod Podge. Very carefully place the printed tissue image onto the mod podged canvas. Carefully smooth out the image from the center out. Apply one more coat of Mod Podge over the tissue image to seal the picture. Let dry for a couple of hours.

- Use the white acrylic paint to cover the side of the canvas (to cover any excess tissue that folded over the side). Apply 2 – 3 coats of the paint.

- When the paint is dry, you’re done!

Total cost: around $10

I hope you enjoy! Let me know how this Photo Canvas creating goes!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama 

Michael Wurm, Jr.

From My Home to Yours: Plates

I’m not sure why, but I have the hardest time deciding what to put on the walls of my home. So much so, that it took me over a year to complete the gallery wall in my hallway. Last year I painted my office / living room, and there are still several blank walls in that space. I’m not sure where my hesitation comes from. Maybe it’s about putting holes in a freshly painted wall or spending the money and time trying to find the perfect piece, I just don’t know. However, I am trying to get past these fears and get some things on my walls.

Despite my lack of motivation to tackle certain walls in my home, my dining room is a different story. My dining room was one of the first rooms I painted when I bought my home (however now it’s a different color), and my collection of plates was one of the first things I ever hung. I still love it. Even though design trends come and go, a collection of plates artfully hung on a wall never seems to get old.

That’s why today I’m sharing my favorite plate finds with you. Whether you’re buying new or vintage, plates are a great way to add color, pattern, and style to your home. Mix them up, have fun, and show off your style with this timeless wall decor idea.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Oh, and while you’re at it, pick up some of these adhesive discs. They are an excellent way to hang plates.

Do you have a collection of plates hung anywhere on your walls?

Michael Wurm, Jr – Inspired by Charm

Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Harvest Garland

Trend: Beautiful garlands! 

Everywhere I look I see leaves covering the ground, but here and there I’ll spy a flower holding onto it’s bloom for just a little bit longer. The last little bits of summer are still here, mixed with fall. That’s what inspired this sweet thing. Here’s how you can make it for yourself…


- 2 felt sheets of each color you use (I used 3 colors)

- 1 sheet of red felt

- 3 yards of baker’s twine or yarn

- hot glue

- scissors


- Choose a main color and cut out 1.5 – 2″ diameter circles (no worries about making the circles perfectly even). For the last two colors cut out 1″ diameter circles from one sheet and 1.5 – 2″ diameter circles from the other sheet.

- To make the first flower type, glue one felt circle in half. Fold again and glue. Glue the corners of about 5 to 8 folded circles together. Glue the flowers onto the baker’s twine as you go along. Repeat.

- To make the second flower type cut little strips into one side of 8 – 10 circles. Glue the uncut ends together. Glue onto the twine as you go along.

- Grab your red felt and cut tiny 1/2 inch circles. Glue onto baker’s twine as you go along.

- Hang and enjoy!


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Air Plant Wall Hanger


Don’t have a green thumb? Well, I have the perfect thing for you: air plants. Yeah, air plants. No dirt, just the air. They require VERY little maintenance. Just a random spritz of water, or a soak in a cup of water every week or two. Even if you forget the random watering part: they still seem to live.


Today I’d love to share a fun DIY for hanging your air plants: Air Plant Wall Hanger. This little wall hanger is low cost and simple to create. It also makes it look like your plants are floating on the wall. Want to make one for yourself? Here you go:



Supplies to make 1 hanger:
- Three: 3 – 4 inch nails

- Sculpey (or whatever oven baked clay you prefer

- Picture hanger

- E6000 Adhesive

- Clear Acrylic Spray

- Wire (I used 18 gauge)

- Wire cutter

- Pliers


-  Grab your wire and 3 nails. Cut a 10ish inch piece of wire. Secure the wire near the head of one nail. Add a second nail, at an angle, and tie it on. Add the third nail and tie it on. The nail tips should be spaced 1/2 – 1 inch apart. No need to be perfect. If needed, cut another 10 inch piece of wire to better secure the nails.



- Use your Sculpey to completely cover the nails and wire. Press the base of the piece on a flat surface, to prep it for hanging on a flat wall.



- When the piece is covered, follow the Sculpey baking instructions to bake it. Let your plant hanger completely cool.



- When the plant hanger is cool, use the E6000 adhesive to glue on the picture hanger. I used a triangle hanger (since it was smaller), but you can use whatever you prefer. To keep the triangle a bit more secure, I glued the actual triangle to the base of the hanger. I made sure to leave an 1/8 inch space between the top of the triangle and the base. Let the glue dry for an hour.



- Since you’ll be misting your air plants every few days, apply a coat of Acrylic Clear Spray to seal the hanger. Let the hanger(s) dry for 24 hours before you hang. P.S. You may notice the hangers look a LOT like chicken feet, ha! You wont notice that once they’re on the wall.



- Find a special place to hang your newly created Air Plant Wall Hangers and add your air plants. Since I had smaller plants, I put 2 plants per hanger up.



- Enjoy!



If you enjoyed this DIY, please feel free to share!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama


Michael Wurm, Jr.

Pin it. Get it!: Gold Mirrors


I can remember just a few years ago when everyone was throwing away, covering up, or painting things in their home that resembled gold or brass. Admittedly, I fell prey to the trend and turned my nose up at anything gold. Well, as is the way of the decorating world, gold is making a glorious comeback, and it’s more beautiful than ever.

Whether in a chandelier, picture frame, or mirror, touches of gold are popping up everywhere in today’s interiors, and I couldn’t be more head-over-heels excited about it. Not only does gold add a touch of sparkle and interest, but it gives a nod to things of the past, to tradition. It has a way of making a space look lived in and loved.


Inspired by a vignette from this gorgeous living room, I found a collection of gold mirrors to help you create this stylish look in your own home. I think a mirror is a fun and easy way to bring back the gold.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9


What are your thoughts about incorporating gold into your space?


Happy Decorating!

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm