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Kids Rooms-10 Great Ways to Add Vintage

It has been 5 years since we moved into our home and still, our home is in a constant state of evolution. With fresh experiences and more places we travel always comes new pieces I want to add to our home. Being a creative person my mind is always going, moving, seeking and when I create a space I like to connect the dots and bring meaning & often that takes time. I think that is why I have waited SO long to design & decorate my boys rooms. They are 6 & almost 11 and beautifully evolving every day into these curious creatives who love science, history, nature & sports. So when I finally began creating spaces that felt like them and fostered their imagination I knew there must also be a connection to the past. Mixing and matching vintage elements in with your new items can bring a well-balanced look that feels warm, intentional and the best part-can save you money. Here are 10 great ways to bring vintage style to your little ones rooms…..

Storage-Large & Small: We all know how important storage is in a kid’s room. Aside from the bed, it is the most essential part of the room, in my humble opinion:). It can add functionality and give the space visual charm. It also gives us a way to tuck those toys away and create organization. From large to small, there are many options when it comes to storage. You can use vintage trunks, as well as small crates & boxes to give additional stowage. A great idea with these vintage pieces is the go vertical, adding them to your walls gives dimension and purpose.



Storage Boxes Cozy Cute Cottage

Cozy Cottage Cute

Vintage Letters: You can find antique letters easily at your local flea markets, thrift & antique shops so why not create a focal point. Creating a word or wall with a repeated initial is a great way to add a vintage touch to your little one’s space. Finding mismatched sizes and patinas makes it feel more authentic, so picking up a few here and there is always a good idea.

Mom's Best Little Girls Room-Vintage Letters

Mom’s Best

Art Supplies: If you are like me then you always need good storage solutions for crayons & markers or art supplies in general. An old tool box or wooden caddy with a handle makes for ideal organization. This can also be perfect for Lego’s or keeping small toys together, plus it is easy to transport.

Magnolia Market-Vintage Crayon Box

Magnolia Market

Painted Dresser: Incorporating vintage furniture to your child’s space can not only save you a ton of money but also give character that not everyone else has. I bought 2 antique dressers I painted in shades of navy for my boys rooms, for the most part older pieces are better made than newer. One thing to be aware of is led paint, be sure to have it tested especially if you are not painting or sealing it.

Nesting With Grace-Vintage Storage

Nesting With Grace

Bed Linens: You can give a vintage touch to your child’s room by adding vintage bed linens. There are a few ways to do this, you can find vintage coverlets, bedspreads & shams and use them as is or you can find old needlepoint, brocade or tapestry and DIY a few bed pillows. Either way be sure to clean these fabrics thoroughly.

Amber Interiors - Before + After- Client Double Thumbs-Up. Photos by Tessa Neustadt

Amber Interiors

Bed Frames: Using a vintage bed frame can add a classic touch to any space. You can find twin and full bed frames easily at your local salvage shops and flea markets. Again, be sure to check for led paint to keep it safe for your little ones.

Lay Baby Lay Girls Room Reveal

Lay Baby Lay

Vintage Art: Who doesn’t love a good gallery wall?! It can be overwhelming to think about finding items that work and feel balanced. A good tip is to find a theme, like nature, oils, coastal and keep it broad & just begin collecting. Once you have a good variety of sizes, shapes and dimension you can begin. Tracing these pieces onto craft paper and taping them to the wall is a great way to create a gallery wall plan.

Wailing City Cottage-Vintage Boys Room

Whaling City Cottage

Miss Mustard Seed-Vintage Boys Room

Mustard Seed Interiors

Dimensional Pieces: Using old toys, wooden & metal objects as well as vintage books can bring a timeless touch to a youthful space. Anchoring these pieces to the wall, ceiling or displaying them in open shelving is a great way to add a connection to the past and bring in a personal touch.

the boo and the boy- eclectic kids' rooms

The Boo & The Boy

Upholstered Furniture: Stools and chairs can be found inexpensively at yard sales and thrift stores & when cleaned up or re-upholstered can give you a custom look for a lot less. Not only will this save you money but it will insure an original look your neighbors will not have.

Kindred Vintage-Vintage Girls Room

Kindred Vintage

Clipboards: You can find old clipboards with fantastic patinas just about everywhere these days, Etsy is a great resource if you are unable to find them locally. They are great for displaying traditional art, photographs, prints and it can also be a great organizational tool. When displayed together in a group with a set purpose in mind it can become a functional, focal point in any space.

Cottage in The City-Clip Board Idea For Kids Room

Cottage In The City

Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

You don’t need a big, beautiful library (like the one shown in the movie, Beauty & The Beast) as a reason to strut a ladder in your home decor. Check out these stylish decorating ideas to see how you can repurpose ladders in more ways than one.



1. Design Sponge shows us how to give any old wooden ladder a chic makeover.



























2. Functional and practical, this Ladder Laundry Rack by Little Lucy Lu is one for the books!



3. Nightstands are overrated anyway! For a more unconventional look, take a peek at Funky Junk Interiors’ unique Stepladder Side Table.



4. If sliding ladders are more your thing, check out The Markerista‘s custom built-in ladder tutorial. Simply Stunning!!



5. Lights, Camera, Action! Spruce up your ladder with lights (no paint necessary)! Alex’s Closet shows us how it’s done.



Happy ladder hunting!



xx Madison


Say goodbye to summer in style by throwing a late-summer soiree. Think about it: One last chance to show off your tan and catch up on some much-needed girl time before the temperature drops and the kids go back to school. Let’s get this party (pardon me, soiree) started, shall we?


First thing’s first. Decor. Decorations are a key component to throwing a successful summer soiree. Summer-inspired centerpieces, floral decor, colorful tabletops and elegant place settings will set your soiree apart from other sunny season extravaganzas. I’ve put together 10 easy decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


1. I’m officially in LOVE with these DIY Oversized Tissue Paper Flowers from A Blissful Nest. They’re beautiful, dramatic and oh-so-chic!



2. Check out Making Home Base‘s  Citrus Stamped Tea Towels for a quick, colorful and cheap update to any white linen.



3. Songbird‘s Easy Summer Arrangement is a refreshing take on a classic centerpiece.



4. How stunning are these DIY String Chandeliers by Ruffled?! With balloons, glue and twine you can make these beauties yourself.



5. Dessert anyone? Let your candy creations shine with a DIY Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop. See Project Nursery for step-by-step instructions.



6. Stylize your dishware with Sugar and Cloth‘s DIY Pineapple Plates tutorial.



7. Instead of flowers, opt for a succulent/cactus centerpiece. Add a burst of color to your table with these DIY Gold Dipped Plant Pots from The Style House.



8. Add instant fragrance to drinks with Petal Ice Cubes courtesy of Express – O.



9. I didn’t know this was possible! DIY Decoupage Palm Frond Balloons ?! Get the deets at Balloon Time.


photos courtesy of Studio DIY


10. Fruit made pretty! 100 Layer Cake does a Spray-Painted Pineapple Centerpiece flawlessly.



Happy Summer!


xx madison

I always seem to have one too many frames. Whether they’re on sale at Target or marked with a 50 cent sticker at a garage sale, for some reason I continually feel the need to purchase more and more picture frames. Maybe it’s an addiction…who knows?

If you’re like me and have 10+ picture frames laying around the house at any given time, it’s time for a change. Say goodbye to the forgotten frames bought at a thrift store far, far away and say hello to refreshing DIY projects of the here and now.


Little Inspiration gives her favorite Instagram photos a more permanent home with an old frame, floral wire, clips and a glue stick.


Don’t throw out the old, rusty silverware just yet! Instead, repurpose it with white spray paint. Spunky Junky shows us how to transform ordinary silverware into one-of-a-kind artwork with frames and upholstery (found at a thrift store btw).


While They Snooze transforms cheap-looking file cabinets into personalized (and more expensive!) cabinetry. You’re only a fresh set of hardware and a few white frames away!


Save money on paper by making your own dry erase board out of an 8 x 10 picture frame, scotch expressions masking tape and a white piece of cardstock. Two Twenty One shows us how it’s done.


One-of-a-kind artwork doesn’t have to break the bank! Apartment Therapy creates something exciting and new out of an ordinary piece of thrift store art by dipping its canvas and frame in paint.


Learn how to make your own pin cushion with Craftaholics Anonymous‘ easy tutorial! All you need is a frame, paint, fabric and batting.


Who says that picture frames belong on the wall? Instead, use them as magnets on your refrigerator for chore lists, weekly schedules, the kids’ artwork and more! Props to Vintage Glamorous for the idea.

Oh Crafts serves desserts on recycled frames. Convert any old frame into a tray like Lindy’s with a coat of spray paint and textured paper placed between the frame and glass.


Provide function for frames and style for shelves by combining the two. See Shanty Chic for a quick and easy tutorial.

Photo via

Frames are fun! You’ll be surprised at all the cool things you can do.

If you’re a Mad Men fanatic like myself, then you still haven’t come to terms with the show’s sign-off in May. After religiously watching the show for several years, I quickly became fascinated over the costumes. Lucky for me, right now ’60s inspired clothing is one of the hottest trends in women’s fashion.


In celebration of the season finale, I’ve put together four retro looks inspired by Mad Men’s leading women.


1. Peggy Olson



Peggy is first and foremost a business woman, and her wardrobe matches her go-getter personality. Her dress is modest, functional and practical. Think textured fabrics like gingham, tweed, wool and plaid, and warm colors like mustard, orange, red and brown.


Get Peggy’s Look:

1. ’70s Belted Duster Coat – Topshop

2. Large Scale Checked Shirt – Topshop

3. Etched Medallion Pendant Necklace – Urban Outfitters

4. Floppy Brim Fedora – Rag & Bone

5. ‘Baker’ Leather Strap Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs

6. T-Logo Huggie Hoop Earrings – Tory Burch

7. Debutante Perforated Hobo Messenger – Henri Bendel

8. Miranda Nile Crocodile Continental Wallet – Michael Kors

9. Orange High Waist Straight Wide Leg Palazzo Pants – Moda Wardrobe

10. Mr. Seymour Women’s Toe Cap Oxford – EKOCYCLE


2. Joan Holloway



Everything about Joan screams va-va-voom. Her signature style features figure-flattering garments like Bodycon dresses and wrap tops that perfectly complement her hourglass silhouette. Rich jewel tones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire look absolutely stunning against her fair skin.


Get Joan’s Look:

1. Gramercy Mini – Kate Spade

2. Weekly Write-Up Dress In Navy – ModCloth

3. Horseman Print Scarf – Hermes Vintage

4. Pebble Grain Willa Zip Satchel – Dooney & Bourke

5. Red Stone Gold-Tone Clip-On Earrings – Monet

6. Tassel Lariat Necklace – Vince Camuto

7. Toerless Muse Suede Triple-Strap Pumps – Christian Louboutin


3. Megan Calvet


Everything about Megan is new, young and exciting. As an aspiring actress waiting to be “discovered,” Megan is always eager to sport the latest trend. Groovy, colorful and bold pieces match her lively personality. Her wardrobe consists of psychedelic prints, monochrome ensembles, statement jewelry and mini shift dresses.


Get Megan’s Look:

1. Alexa High Collar Shift Dress – Lilly Pulitzer

2. Straw Hat – H & M

3. Gazebo Chandelier Earrings – Lele Sadoughi

4. Tassel Pearl Bangle – Topshop

5. Twist Wrap Arm Cuff – Topshop

6. Semi Precious Cuff – Topshop

7. Brushed Bangle Pack – Topshop

8. Bel Aire Sunglasses in Pearl White – Wildfox

9. Huey Mule Sandals – Topshop

10. Small Soho Canvas Top Handle Bag – Gucci


Betty Draper 


Betty is the lady your mom always wanted you to be. She’s the perfect hostess and housewife. Her style is feminine, delicate and appropriate — think Grace Kelly. Betty’s makeup consists of subtle, cool tones paired with a bold lip. Her go-to garments are consistently composed of neutrals, soft creams, floral prints and baby blues.


Get Betty’s Look:

1. Mint Green Floral Print Sleeveless Shirt – New Look

2. Pearled Dandelion Drops – Elizabeth Cole

3. Pearl Necklace – Tiffany & Co.

4. Emerson Place Phoebe  - Kate Spade

5. Meet Me At Coral Island Ultimate Nail Lacquer – CATRICE

6. Vegas Volt Lipstick – M.A.C.

7. Redd Lip Pencil – M.A.C.

8. Kiersten Sunglasses in Camel Tortoise – Kate Spade

9. Pigalle Follies Patent-Leather Pumps in Nude – Christian Louboutin

10. Big Star Luna High-Rise Short in Tribe – Big Star


Craving more Mad Men style? Check out these retro-inspired rooms to get your mid-century modern decor fix.

I’ve always been useless when it came to quick sewing fixes for my overflowing closet–I can sew sloppy, haphazard stitches and that’s about it. With winter transitioning into spring in the next few months, I pulled together some cute spring sewing tutorials to help you look fabulous–and keep some money in your pocket doing it.


I am absolutely in love with this adorable color block tank dress on Sweet Verbena. Worn by itself, or paired with a cute cardigan and some strappy heels, this cute outfit will turn heads wherever you go!



I never really understood why people put buttons on the backs of shirts–but I still can’t get enough of the look! Learn how to make your own buttoned boxy top on Cotton and Curls for this classic look.



Remember that cardigan I mentioned earlier? Take a look at this sequin cardi DIY I found on Me Sew Crazy. If you visit the blog often, you know I have an affinity for anything sparkly. The best part? You can pair this jazzy jacket with jeans, dresses and everything in between.



Let’s face it–leggings are in the for the long haul. Give your legs some extra love with this grown-up legging tutorial on I Still Love You. While horizontal stripes look good on a select few, the rest of us can experiment with whatever neutral or crazy patterns we please!



And lastly, look at this sophisticated peplum mini on Mimi G. Style. Dress up a pair of jeans (or those leggings you just learned how to make) with this chic look!



Good luck and happy sewing!


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