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My husband and I recently returned home from a fun and relaxing vacation to the beautiful beaches of Florida…

While we were away, we managed to collect some special shells, take all sorts of photos and explore some places we that we hope revisit someday in the future.  It got me thinking about some creative ways to organize our vacation souvenirs and memories to be sure those amazing moments are never forgotten.



1.  Create a vacation memory box:

Dedicate an acid-free box as your vacation time capsule.  The box is a great place to add ticket stubs, souvenirs, brochures and maps from your favorite vacation destinations.


2.  Create a keepsake album:

Slide bulkier memorabilia into plastic zipper bags and hole punch them so they can be included within a vacation photo album.


3.  Create a vacation collage:

Collect postcards from your favorite destinations and keep them all on display in your home in the form of a lovely gallery wall.


4.  Put your memories on display:

Use clear mason jars and vases to display your vacation findings on bookshelves and table tops.


5.  Create a collage:


Print off your favorite photographs and decoupage them onto over-sized craft letters to create a custom wall hanging of your most cherished moments.

{memory keeper, fabric album, paper mache letter, hurricane vase, gallery frame}



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