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The Hottest Trends for You and Your Home


Trends are a funny thing; they come and go but sometimes they tend to linger just a bit too long. We saw it happen a few years back with chevron, a classic pattern in its own right. So I thought I’d ask a few of my designer friends what trends they hope will hit the road in 2017 or at least take a break for a few years.


City Farmhouse blogger Jennifer O’Brien suggests that the typography sign trend is probably going to stick around in 2017 but that we’ll see them used more sparingly and in a more urban, intentional way. “Organically weathered with patina? Absolutely,” she said. “But chippy paint is a big no.”


juju hat

The Juju hat with its big, fluffy, and frequently colorful feathers is an African symbol of prosperity and has been a major trend throughout the past few years. They’ve popped up everywhere from entryways to bedrooms, but designer Amanda Gates is ready to bid them adieu. “They’re everywhere in Nashville,” said Amanda Gates. “I want them gone!”

Instead, check out textured prints of bird feathers to bring in the color and texture of the Juju hat but in a new way.


A fun and sometimes functional trend for the past decade, chalkboard paint has now overtaken everything from walls to doors to furniture. I’m ready to see this particular trend fade out for awhile, plus the dust from all that chalk surely won’t be missed.

Oh Happy Day

Instead, why not try a modern acrylic wall calendar? Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day created a chic DIY office calendar.


One thing that all the designers could agree on was the macrame trend. “There are so many things that are better than a macrame plant holder or lampshade,” says Lisa Mende. “As much as I love using plants in home decor, I would be happy to see anything macrame for home decor disappear in 2017.”

Knitted plant holderGrey living room

Instead, natural textures can be used in a myriad of ways, from chunky knit throws to burlap and other natural fabric window treatments.


I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree! And as always, trends linger longer in certain parts of the country. I for one hope we never see the end of vintage furniture being repurposed in new ways as well as anything Palm Beach inspired. Jana Bek agrees: “I will always love brass, lucite and palm trees!” Comment away – what are you sick of? What do you want to hang on to forever?

You’ve probably heard the news by now that Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 is a cheery shade of green called Greenery. Reminiscent of bright palm fronds with a hint of yellow, it’s undoubtedly an optimistic hue and it conjures up images of springtime.

I’ll be honest — it wasn’t the color I would’ve landed on for 2017. I feel like a richer, earthier emerald green would’ve been more of-the-moment. But it’s a classic color nonetheless, and there are so many fun ways to integrate it into your home.

If you’re colorphobic or want to create visual interest, go with something small and inexpensive to bring this hue into your rooms. A throw blanket or a few pillows can be the perfect thing to jazz things up a bit. Or even a bit of velvet ribbon as trim as shown on the bed below — it’s unexpected and it looks so chic.



Don’t feel like you have to go for the exact shade of green at 100% intensity. It can be diluted a bit; just look for the same hue but in a paler version, such as the green fabric on the classic ottoman in this cozy living room.


However, if you’re not afraid of color, then go bold with a brightly painted wall and pops of aqua. White trim feels so fresh and cheerful against all that color and it gives your eyes a place to rest.


Aqua is a Greenery’s BFF undoubtedly!


Another example of “colorful but muted” is this bedroom, which features several different values of the same color green. It creates depth in a monochromatic space.


This living room is unexpected with its interesting pairing of neutral beige tones with bold green walls. Green is naturally an organic hue, and nature, as always, provides the most perfect color schemes from which to be inspired.


I adore this velvet upholstered bed. How sumptuous! Overall the room still feels neutral but sophisticated.


Try color in new ways: painted doors and ceilings are a great way to jazz up a long stretch of hallway and create visual drama.


This bright green grasscloth accent wall has a rich sheen but white accents prevent it from overwhelming the room. Sloping ceilings and a bamboo bed painted in a snowy hue allow the pops of color to be bold and statement-making without going overboard.


Finally, if you’re so crazy in love with this color that you’re willing to commit in a major way, invest in glossy subway tile in this happy hue. I adore the Roman shades that continue the color scheme. It all feels chic and sophisticated thanks to the white cabinets and pops of brass hardware.


What do you think? Are you on board with Greenery for 2017? I’d love to hear if you’re in or out on this particular trend!

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