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Florals are a huge trend for spring, and naturally so – what’s a better way to celebrate the season than bringing the outdoors inside? But these aren’t your typical traditional granny chintzes. Florals are surprisingly versatile and thoroughly modern when used in unexpected ways. I’ve pulled together some great inspiration shots from IKEA to help you get the look as we transition to spring.

Look for color inspiration in a palette inspired by nature. Pantone’s Color of the Year Dusty Quartz pairs beautifully with deeper emerald green shades for an unexpectedly modern spin on a classic look. Balance the feminine look of a floral pillow with solid colors and natural wood accents in accessories or furniture.

Make a modern centerpiece out of a stainless steel bowl in a floral design – isn’t the contrast beautiful against the nesting wood tables? This is a great way to integrate the floral trend into your home, especially if your style is more streamlined or masculine.


A great floral plays well with many other patterns. Try pairing floral pillows with stripes, solids, and plaids for extra texture and visual interest. Look for smaller-scale prints to allow the floral pattern to really shine.

Floral bedding in a handpainted botanical illustration print is the perfect inspiration for the overall design of your bedroom. Pull the colors used in the print to create repetition and a harmonious design: warm, inviting whites with pale spring green and pops of daffodil yellow would feel fresh and bright. But if your aesthetic leans more towards the industrial, go more dramatic by pairing florals with darker hues like black and deep mossy green. Think high contrast to get an edgier, moody vibe: industrial-inspired cabinets and lighting are stunning when paired opposite the flowing lines of floral bedding. Bring in solid pillows in differing shades of green to create depth and repetition.

floral 5

If green isn’t your thing, don’t fret. Try monochromatic floral patterns in greys and black like the Alvine Kvist duvet cover. Tailored and subdued, you could easily pair any print or solid with it to create a one-of-a-kind look for your room.

floral 6

Here’s to the warmer months ahead. Will you be decorating with florals? Share in the comments!


For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

Season after season, painterly finishes are making a splash in a big way! Colorfully painted patterns can frequently be spotted on the catwalk in the world of fashion, on windows, sofas and beds through textiles, on canvases displayed on the walls of our homes and inside of the finest galleries, and even in the storage and organization market.

Colorfully Painted Header - Trendy Storage Solutions

images sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Whether you prefer dip dyed, brushstrokes, watercolor or painterly; these prints are creating playful and bold statements in homes all around the world. Even when used in small doses as a throw pillow on a side chair, a notebook on the desk or salad plates at the dinner table, these prints create a grand moment. What I love most is that they are promoting creativity within designers, and the patterns can provide instant impact in either large or small scales, single or multiple colorways and in either flowing or geometric patterns. The ability to use such forgiving and abstract patterns is also taking the DIY world by storm, as many individuals are feeling confident to grab a paint brush and bring bold life to their creations.

Today I am rounding up my favorite products to inject bold color into your daily organizing projects. So whether you have laundry to sort or notes to jot down, your work will give you something colorful to smile about.

Painterly Storage Product Picks

gift wrap | laundry sorter | cosmetic case | daily planner | page flags | canvas bin | dish | storage box | personalized notebook | mini binder | lucite tray | desk calendar | woven basket | ring dish | canvas tote | market tote | zippered pouch | decorative tape


How have you been splashing these prints around your home lately? Any additional favorite prints or storage product sources you would like to share?

Vintage Style-Decorating With Demijohns BHG Style Spotters

Ahh,the sound of spring is in the air and I for one couldn’t be happier. After a long winter I am ready for a style overhaul & living coastally I seem to embrace this idea a little early, I tend to skip over spring & head right for summer. One decorating element I can never seem to get enough of this time of year is glass. Whether old or new, it’s transparency gives a worn, causal layer to any space without it feeling large or heavy. Demijohns and glass bottles have become a hot trend, if you walk into any home décor store you will have a variety to choose from. They come in an assortment or sizes & colors and can be used as pure decoration or for purpose. Here are some of my favorite vintage style inspirations using demijohns and glass…

A variety of glass containers in different sizes and hues make this mantle feel cohesive and fun, a perfect look for spring or summer.BHG Centsational Style{BHG}

This vignette feels organic and unified with the turquoise tones and warm worn textures.

VIBEKE DESIGN-White, wood, aqua glass, greenery {via}

Varying size and scale can make any stylized area feel effortless.

VIBEKE DESIGN great grouping with vintage posters, basket and demijohns{via}

Decorating a built-in or hutch is a perfect place to mix and match your collection and give yourself some creative freedom. Layering height, color and odd number assortments are a few things to keep in mind when trying to achieve this look.

summer hutch craftberrybush {via}

Adding or interchanging just a few glass elements into a space will instantly give you a casual, coastal look without redecorating the entire room.

Rooms for Rent Printers Cabinet With Demijohn{via}

Varying sizes, heights and colors gives this collection a casual, cohesive look.

Perfectly Imperfect - A Seasonal Refresh Using Demijohns {via}

Glass bottles and demijohns on a woven tray gives a casual coffee table look, ideal for this time of year.Life On Virginia St-Coffee Table Styling With Glass Jars{via}

Adding a few worn bottles to open kitchen shelving makes this space feel stylish, original & uncluttered.

In the Kitchen with Skye Gyngell, London's Chef du Jour - Glass Jars on Display{via}

Decorating your open shelving with large purposeful glass bottles & jars brings function to your space and by balancing that with whites and organic textures it gives a stylish & rustic look.

Ella Claire Bathroom Makeover Using Open Shelving & Glass Jars {via}

Layering moody tones in with your vintage demijohn collection makes the space feel grounded and unified. This rustic, coastal look is timeless and be worn all year long.

Eclectically Vintage Assorted Demijohn Mantle{via}

Using your glass bottles and demijohns as a purposeful collection is a fantastic styling idea. Whether its cut flowers or branches, using them as vases brings function & beauty together and also makes for a great conversation piece.

BHG Adding Texture & Vintage Style With These Demijohns{BHG}

Another example of how a collection can seem organic and have flow by simply repeating color and texture. BHG Cottage in the Minimalist White soft blue sideboard + blue glass vases{BHG}

This is the perfect time of year to keep your eyes peeled for glass bottles, you may even want to start a collection{smile}. I hope this inspired you to see beauty in imperfection.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Don’t worry – I know spring is all we can think about so what gives?  Go on and go full on light, airy and sweet this spring and summer.  Pastels, metallics and plenty of white are still having their moments in the sun.  If you are like me, you are always looking for what is coming around the bend.  I expressed my total love affair (ok borderline obsession) with navy here.  My thing for navy and its status as an important color du jour are both still going strong.  This year gorgeous navy is getting some rich and moody friends.  Look for deep merlot, olive green, saturated true reds, and rich deep teals as a couple of the key colors for this year.  Yummy camel toned leather items will also be great pops of color and texture.






There are endless reasons why black and white creates a winning combination.  Together they become a classic yet bold medley that continuously thrives within the home decor and fashion worlds.


{image sources: kitchen, bathroom, dress, hallway}


When it comes to selecting products for organizing, you can’t go wrong with this dynamic duo.  The classic combination will ensure the storage you are investing in remains timeless for years.  The best part is that black and white pairs beautifully with an endless variety of colors and patterns, so although your tastes may change, your storage doesn’t have to.

{ one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve }




Hi everyone!  My name’s Lauren Liess and I write the blog Pure Style Home.  I’m a decorator with a shop in Great Falls, Virginia and today, I’d love to share a few tips with you on mixing patterns effectively.








1. Vary the scale of the patterns:  To keep a mix of patterns from feeling busy, use patterns of different scales together.  Multiple large patterns will compete with one another, but combining large, medium and small patterns allows the patterns to work together instead of competing.  If you do use patterns of the same scale, try to vary the pattern itself.  (I.e. an oversized ikat with an oversized floral can work well together.)

The large-scale botanicals on the wall mix with the smaller-scaled green leaf-print and even smaller-scaled blockprint paisley.


2. Mix different types of patterns:  I love to combine different types of patterns to keep things interesting and relaxed-feeling.  A floral, a stripe and a graphic pattern, for example, can work together beautifully, whereas three florals might feel like flower-power overkill or three graphic patterns or stripes might feel a bit intense and repetitive.

In my clients’ family room, I mixed a variety of patterns in the pillows on the sofa and in the rug


3. Be aware of your pattern to solid ratio:  We all have different preferences for how much pattern we like in a room.  Figure out your pattern to solid ratio by looking at photos of rooms you love and seeing what’s been done in those rooms.  If the sofas and chairs are typically solid in the rooms you love, and the curtains are patterned and the pillows are a mix of solid and patterns, you can create a similar feeling in your own home.  You’ll notice right away whether you’re drawn to rooms with more solids or patterns or those with an equal balance.  (My personal pattern to solid ratio changes with my moods so it’s easy to add more pattern in accents like pillows and/or throw blankets… but I do typically like an airy and relaxed-feeling room which typically has some large solid elements to keep things from feeling too noisy. )

The living room in my previous home. Photo by Helen Norman.


4. Don’t forget about walls, artwork and rugs:  Every element in a room can read as pattern, whether it’s an actual textile or not.  Patterned rugs and wallpapers are usually on the radar when mixing patterns, but artwork is often overlooked.  It can calm a room down or wake it up just like patterns.  Having more or less movement and a mix of colors causes it to read as a pattern and have an effect on a space just like a pattern would.  If you want to add more pattern to a room, and have done all you can with fabrics, consider your artwork.  Add pieces in with more movement and energy to make it feel like there is more going on in the room, or add a solid piece to calm it down.  Treat artwork like another pattern and consider your desired solid to pattern ratio when selecting it.

In my shop, the botanical specimens above the sofa create a grid that adds another patterned element to the room. Photo by Helen Norman.


5. Don’t be afraid to break any rules.  If you love something and it goes against conventional design wisdom, do it anyway.  (For example, maybe you feel you can never mix too many florals and that there’s no such things as flower-power overkill, then go for it.  Do what makes you smile when you come home.  Tips and “rules” are just guidelines for you and the very best homes are those that surprise and are extremely personal, which always requires a little rule-breaking.

A window seat I did with a lively mix of patterns that ordinarily might be thought of as “too much” ended up feeling relaxed and charming. Photo by Helen Norman.


Thanks so much to BHG for inviting me to be a part of their blog.  It’s been fun!!  Have a great day & take care,



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