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Are you sick of subway tile yet? It’s easily one of the most popular surface tiles out there right now and for good reason: it’s stylish, classic, a perfect in-between for those who favor both modern and traditional, and it’s affordable.

But subway tile is highly versatile which means that designers are having some fun getting creative. Here are 7 ways to think outside the box (or line, if you will).



Most of the subway tile you encounter is of the flat variety. But if you’re wanting to stick with the traditional look and placement, why not experiment with the depth? Beveled subway tile brings in a little extra French bistro flair. (See more here)


apt therapy subway tile different shower

Make those lines go some place interesting by experimenting with new ways to lay the tile. This could’ve been a fairly boring and straightforward shower, but that little abrupt jaunt to the right makes everything suddenly more interesting. (via)


blakes london tile in cabinets

Here’s a new one to me: subway tile used inside kitchen cabinetry (via). It’s a lovely and unexpected backdrop for contrasting dishes. Plus it’s another way to bring texture in a creative way.


ml interior design mirrored subway tile bar

Why not go for glam with a mirrored subway tile? If you love a little dash of something fabulous, mirrored subway tile could be a good fit. The traditional shaker style of the cabinetry keeps it grounded and not too contemporary. Plus the mirrored finish is perfect for any place where you might need a little more light to bounce around. (via)


bhg colorful subway tile

Get beyond the traditional white subway tile with a bold hue like this orange accent wall above. By keeping it contained to one wall, it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room, nor does it feel like it’s an orange kitchen, per se. White woodwork contrasts nicely and lends a cottage charm.


smitten bathroom

Mark off an area and make it pop with an accent wall from top to bottom. Subway tile laid in a basketweave pattern provides texture and a pretty backdrop to this all-white modern bathroom. I love the faucets mounted directly to the wall too. (via)


glossy black subway tile

I am obsessed with this black subway tile laid with black grout. Insanely chic, but also visually interesting against all the rustic wood and stone pieces. But it doesn’t go too dark or moody thanks to the contrasting white walls and hanging pendants over the dining table. A bold gamble, for sure, but one that definitely paid off. (via)

Are you over subway tile? Or are you still loving it? I admit, I’m still head over heels for it, but I’m definitely looking to push the envelope in some upcoming projects! Stay tuned.


Playing with Pattern above and below


We talk a lot about simple ways to add some color, pattern, and texture into your space. Throw pillows are always a great go-to for adding a little depth, texture, and life into your space. However, I actually love letting a bold choice in a rug or tile lead the way and set the tone. The rug game is so good right now and there are such a great range of super affordable options to choose from. It is fun to start with an exciting piece as the foundation of the room and pull colors, and textures within the rug as inspiration for the rest of the room.

Playing with Pattern above and below


And the tiles right now…can we talk about the tiles for a moment please?! So many stunning choices and patterns that really have the ability to completely set the tone and lead the story in a space. I love this strong choice of tile and the layering and mixing of rich brown tones and blacks.

Playing with Pattern above and below


More stunning tile! The patterns are just so beautiful and intriguing. You can see how a pattern like this will become the star or the room. If you are ready to go big with pattern take the tile right up off the floor and onto the back splash of a kitchen for really high impact!

Playing with Pattern above and below


Playing with Pattern above and below


This is a great way to go if you prefer a more conservative approach to pattern. The impact is just as high however! This rich saturated hue and energetic stripe sets the tone for the whole room. The great thing about this approach is it is easy to refresh this space by changing out just the rug and pillows. This room could have a totally different look overnight because the major furnishings are so neutral.

Playing with Pattern above and below


We cannot forget about the ceiling which is the final layer that makes your space look finished and completely pulled together. You can keep everything else simple in your space if you want to make a big statement from above. It is also nice to add a little texture if you want to go a little more subtle. Super simple additions like ceiling medallions are great for adding interest and texture to the “fifth wall”. Love the texture under foot and visual interest above in this image. What a perfect blend of romantic, cozy and organic

Playing with Pattern above and below


Wallpaper on the ceiling is such an amazing way to add the final bit of life into the room! It really is the icing on the cake and I love how the color is repeated in the pillows.

Playing with Pattern above and below


I cannot get enough of this bold graphic statement from above!

Editor Karman Hotchkiss here!

I’m Style Spotting this time from Bologna, Italy, the epicenter of the tile industry, where the annual CERSAIE title show is held each fall. Acres and acres of showrooms displayed the latest tile trends, which I’m happy to share with you.

Trend #1: Tile that looks like wood
It’s not brand new, but it was everywhere at the show. And in heavy Italian accents the showroom staffers told us these designs are very popular in American markets. Look for tile in just about every wood finish, grain, and plank size imaginable. It’s easier to clean and maintain than the real thing!


Trend #2: High gloss
Super-glossy finishes showed up on everything from marble lookalikes to solid-color tiles. It’s a glitzy counterpoint to all those wood looks.


Trend #3: Thin tile

Super-thin tiles are easy to install and less expensive to ship. Mounted to the front of a fireplace, for instance, they can create a wood-look surface that’s fire resistant. I also saw thin tiles installed on the fronts of bath vanities to create the look of wood, marble, or other stone.

Trend #4: Three-dimensional applications

No word on whether it’s easy to clean, but I saw many surprising and stunning applications of tile that juts out—like faux clapboard or to create the effect of irregular bricks. After the show, I saw a kitchen backsplash that used this irregular 3-D tile for a redo. Amazing.

Trend #5: Trapezoids

These not-quite-triangles showed up at the show in everything from wood-look tiles to colorful, glossy applications. I predict the shape will be big in fabric, rugs, and other home decor accessories soon.



If you’re thinking about new tile, don’t miss these fun trends in a tile showroom near you.


-Karman Hotchkiss


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