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One of the simplest improvements you can make to any room is to add new lighting. Easily said, and, these days, easily done. With a glorious price range, string lights can fit into anyone’s budget and are so simple to use — they can be adapted for a variety of projects, both indoor and out. Though typically used in holiday settings, string lights have recently been trending across the Internet as wedding backdrops, bed canopies, and the ever-popular dorm room decoration. Check out these other unique purposes for string lights, and see how much you can impress your guests with your new decor.

1. Frameless Photos

Personalize classic string lights by hanging your favorite photos off them like Urban Outfitter’s Instax-Inspired String Lights. Wrap the wire around nails or thumbtacks to suspend the lights. When you’ve found your desired shape, hang the images where you please by clipping mini clothespins over the wire.

Image via: UO Blog

2. Light Every Inch

Planning a big outdoor shindig? Don’t compromise your backyard’s beauty with your patio’s floodlights. Instead, completely encompass your pergola with string icicle lights. Check out this and other special occasion tips from Noah Interiors’ blog.

Image via: Noah Interiors

3. Starry, Starry Night Light

If you’re fond of the old Lite Brite pegboards, you’ll love this project. This fun DIY comes to us from Heidi, the creator of Happiness is Homemade. Her tutorial for a Constellation Canvas Nightlight is a great weekend project with just a few supplies. Choose any combination of favorite constellations, or make up your own!

Image via: Happiness is Homemade

4. Hammock Happiness

If you have two trees close together in your backyard, you have to try this DIY Backyard Getaway. Stephanie Lynn of Under the Table and Dreaming decided to add a little something to her backyard and created a summertime oasis in the the process. The finishing touch was the two sets of string lights. Her trick? She purchased one clear and one frosted set, then combined them by alternating the bulbs.

Backyard Hammock

Image via: Under the Table and Dreaming

5. Cheap and Chic

Update your porch, patio, or sitting room with this DIY Hula-Hoop Chandelier. Why? Because you can do it for just a couple bucks. Sarah created this light fixture with a couple of dollar store items and last year’s Christmas lights. Use a hot-glue gun to adhere lace ribbon around a hula-hoop. Wrap icicle string lights around the hoop, then use more lace ribbon to hang and mount the chandelier.

Image via: Sarah On the Blog

6. Party-Light Placement

Bethany has four ways to light up an outdoor party. Her first — and my favorite– idea is to use string lights to create a faux canopy across the deck by zig-zagging the wires back and forth. She also mounted a set of string lights to the underside of the patio table umbrella, shining light directly onto the table. You could also use the lights around the perimeter of the deck for guests to easily identify where the entrances and exits are in the dark. 

Image via: Kirkland’s Home Decor Blog

7. Biking Beauty

Pick up a few sets of battery operated LED string lights for this fun project. Cars can’t miss you riding your bike with Eleanor’s tutorial on Lights On a Bicycle. Don’t be afraid to get them in a few colors! Be sure to test for range of motion with the handlebars, brakes, and pedals as you zip-tie the lights into place.  

Image via: Eleanor’s

String lights can be used for a multitude of purposes; some of them surprising and a few I can’t believe I’ve never thought of before. What other ways have you used string lights in your home or yard? Let me know, or try one of these projects and tell us how you did!

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Refresh Your Art Collection

It’s a common known fact that summer is traditionally the perfect time to refresh just about all the areas of our lives—from our outfit staples and gardens, to our organization routines and hair dos. After months of living under winter’s blustery shadow and thawing out throughout spring, there’s nothing quite so invigorating as summer’s timely excuse to ignore our obligations in lieu of quality rest and relaxation under the sun’s warming rays.

While you’re kicking back this season, why not spend a bit of time considering ways to add a little life and personality to your walls with brand new art arrangements? Although it may sound like a small change, refreshing your gallery walls and framed prints has the power to completely transform a space into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Scroll on for a few seasonal tips that will have you feeling like a professional curator in no time!


Before even thinking about your art, first while away some time wondering about frames. A cohesive collection of all-white (or all-black, or all-pink) frames will make your collection feel united and intentional. Anything from children’s art to black and white portraits will look natural alongside one another when set inside matching frames.

Are you a renter or chronic rearranger? There’s hope for you yet as an at-home art collector and stylist! Instead of peppering your walls with semi-permanent nail holes, try leaning your summer artwork on top of a surface, such as a buffet table or nightstand.


Choose a variety of frame sizes to maximize this layered look, and don’t shy away from the idea of including an empty frame or two to turn the collection into an eye-catching focal point. Leaning the art rather than hanging it allows you to rearrange the look and prints in a flash all throughout summer as you make new memories.

In case the idea of a gallery wall is a little too chaotic for your contemporary, minimalist taste, try incorporating a single statement piece of art or just a pair of prints. This modern look allows you to put your absolute favorite piece or two front and center in your home, and really sets the scene for the colors and patterns in the rest of the room.


As you think about your summertime space, consider choosing a light, bright, and airy piece of art that will bring the outdoors in and encourage a bit of longing for adventure. A vintage inspired city map or whimsical winged portrait, for example, gives you a visual excuse to venture out and properly celebrate the season.

For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to get your back patio ready for outside entertaining. Al fresco dinners, lazy Sunday brunches, and afternoons hanging out with great friends and ice cold beverages are a delight when your patio has all the essentials. So what does a backyard patio need to be a success? I’ve thought of 5 things that are key to having a patio that is comfortable and well-appointed, and ready to tackle all of your outdoor entertaining needs this Spring and Summer.

Make sure your patio is outfitted for the summer season with these 5 essentials...

#1: Light

Good lighting is important for every room in your house, and it’s equally important outside of your house as well. Nothing kills a good backyard BBQ faster than pitch black darkness. But you don’t need flood lights to make a backyard patio fun and inviting. Some beautiful string lights, hanging paper lanterns, a collection of candles, and even a cute fire pit provide plenty of mood lighting for your backyard soiree, and add to the decor and ambiance too.

Every backyard patio needs pretty lighting!

SOLVINDEN Light Chain Globes
BORRBY Lantern
SOLVINDEN LED Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp
BROKÖ Fire Pit

#2: Seating

Comfortable seating is a must for any backyard patio. Whether you have a whole dining set complete with matching chairs and tables, or just lots of cute outdoor seats, a place for you and your guests to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery is essential.

Comfortable seating is essentail for your backyard patio

ÄNGSÖ Table with Arm Chairs and a Bench
ÄPPLARÖ Drop-Leaf Table and Reclining Chairs

#3: Greenery

If you aren’t blessed to have acres of rolling, green lawn and gorgeous trees, a touch of greenery is still important to make your backyard patio look lush and natural. And thanks to potted plants, you can add beautiful greenery regardless of your patio size. If you want plants that can live permanently on your patio, make sure you get outdoor plants that are appropriate for your climate. But even your potted houseplants will enjoy a little time in the fresh air. Just make sure you treat them gently–no direct sun, no extreme temperatures, regular watering.

Every back patio, large or small, needs beautiful greenery. Try adding some beautiful potted plants to your patio for a lush, natural touch.

PACHIRA AQUATICA Potted Guinea Chestnut
REVENEA Potted Majesty Palm

#4: Shade

No one likes sitting outside in the sun on a sweltering day, or trying to enjoy a drink and a nice conversation while the sunset is blinding them. A little shade is an important component for any backyard patio. Cute patio umbrellas and canopies can help you create shady spots in your yard that will help you enjoy your yard all day.

Every backyard patio needs a little shade. Canopies and umbrellas are great ways to add some easy shade.

SAMSÖ Umbrella
BAGGÖN / SVARTÖ Hanging Umbrella

#5: Serveware

Well-appointed back patios are tailor made for entertaining, but most people don’t have a full-scale kitchen in their yard. Instead, make sure you have cute serving trays on hand so that you can easily carry drinks and snacks outside. Don’t rely on your stash of old cookie sheets! Get some cute serveware, and let the festivities begin!

Stock up on cute serving trays for this year

KVITTERA 3-Tiered Serving Platter
PROPPMÄTT Chopping Board
APTITLIG Chopping Board
SOMMAR 2016 Tray
ARV BRÖLLOP Cake Stand with Lid

Is your backyard patio ready for summer entertaining? Find out what 5 essentials every backyard patio needs!

For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

I have fond memories of summer break as a child; trips to the pool, park and the beach, vacations, activities with our babysitter, sipping on ice cold lemonaid and eating popsicles at super sonic speeds before they melted down our hands and swimsuits. Summer is all about creating memories and soaking up some fun in the sun.

However, having the kids home full-time can be quite the adjustment to many of us. Before the kids are out of school, I like to take a look at a few areas of our home and begin summer break preparations. By creating a few organized zones, the kids are set up for success and have a lot of activity options to select from each day. Here are a few tips for easing into summer break with the kids.

Organized Calendar

Of course we all love our lazy summer days, but summer is also filled with endless commitments and activities. Keep everything and everyone on the same page by hanging a schedule or monthly calendar in a central location. It is a great way to remind the kids about their weekly swimming lessons and keep track of babysitters and play dates.


Organized Outdoor Toys

I know my boys would prefer to spend their days outside, and honestly, I am right there with them. Create an area in your garage our backyard to store organized bins prepped and ready for hours of outdoor enjoyment.


Organized Beach Bag


I also recommend pre-packing a mesh bag with swim gear and toys for any last minute trips to the pool or beach.

Organized Auto Kits

Not only does a pre-packed beach bag come in handy on pool and beach days, pre-packing small kits of snacks, travel games, sprays and first aid supplies will also be a sanity saver for frequent car rides and day trips.


Organized Snack and Lunch Drawer


Whether we have plans to head to the park, or decide to stay home for sandwiches and fruit, keeping a drawer or cabinet stocked with pre-made snacks and lunch making supplies ensures the kids are eating healthy and can easily help out during food prep sessions.


Organized Toys

For those rainy days, create play baskets for each child filled with a variety of special toys and activities. Swap out the contents of the baskets every couple of days or weeks to keep excitement and surprises for the youngsters.


Summer days are also a great opportunity to let imaginations run wild through outdoor explorations and indoor crafting sessions. Set up a small art supply station that encourages your child to grab some clay or paints whenever the mood strikes.


Organized Reading Nook


With creativity and constant play, it is always nice to have a quiet place to curl up with a book. Look for a small nook in your home that could be cozied up with some cushions and a basket or shelves of your child’s favorite reading materials.

I would love to hear if you are doing any additional prior planning and organizing to survive and enjoy the beautiful summer months ahead. Are there certain areas of the home you prep for the kids to prevent boredom and encourage creative play?

Say goodbye to summer in style by throwing a late-summer soiree. Think about it: One last chance to show off your tan and catch up on some much-needed girl time before the temperature drops and the kids go back to school. Let’s get this party (pardon me, soiree) started, shall we?


First thing’s first. Decor. Decorations are a key component to throwing a successful summer soiree. Summer-inspired centerpieces, floral decor, colorful tabletops and elegant place settings will set your soiree apart from other sunny season extravaganzas. I’ve put together 10 easy decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


1. I’m officially in LOVE with these DIY Oversized Tissue Paper Flowers from A Blissful Nest. They’re beautiful, dramatic and oh-so-chic!



2. Check out Making Home Base‘s  Citrus Stamped Tea Towels for a quick, colorful and cheap update to any white linen.



3. Songbird‘s Easy Summer Arrangement is a refreshing take on a classic centerpiece.



4. How stunning are these DIY String Chandeliers by Ruffled?! With balloons, glue and twine you can make these beauties yourself.



5. Dessert anyone? Let your candy creations shine with a DIY Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop. See Project Nursery for step-by-step instructions.



6. Stylize your dishware with Sugar and Cloth‘s DIY Pineapple Plates tutorial.



7. Instead of flowers, opt for a succulent/cactus centerpiece. Add a burst of color to your table with these DIY Gold Dipped Plant Pots from The Style House.



8. Add instant fragrance to drinks with Petal Ice Cubes courtesy of Express – O.



9. I didn’t know this was possible! DIY Decoupage Palm Frond Balloons ?! Get the deets at Balloon Time.


photos courtesy of Studio DIY


10. Fruit made pretty! 100 Layer Cake does a Spray-Painted Pineapple Centerpiece flawlessly.



Happy Summer!


xx madison

Hi! I’m Camille Styles, founder of and author of Camille Styles Entertaining.

I would definitely call myself a “summer girl” — it’s the season I most look forward to all year long. Growing up, my end-of-May birthday usually fell during the last week of school, and even now the day represents freedom in my mind: the time to lighten up and have some fun! There’s nothing like that first dip in the pool that recalls sunny childhood memories and gets me in the mood to ditch work early for a picnic in the park complete with cold fried chicken, juicy strawberries and fresh-squeezed lemonade. This is the season for unfussy, effortless entertaining; fine china and perfectly-arranged flowers just don’t feel right at this time of year! Here’s how I set a table fit for a dinner party that captures the carefree vibe of summer.

1. Dress the table in summery textures. In the same way I might throw on shirts in fabrics like linen when it’s hot outside, think in terms of light, breathable materials like cotton and linen when dressing your table for a dinner party. I have a collection of light blankets from India and Mexico that I repurpose as the most gorgeous tablecloths — their vibrant colors and textures feel festive without trying too hard, and are bold enough to set the tone for an entire celebration.2. Incorporate elements that feel like summer vacation. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than at the beach, and since my home in Austin is pretty landlocked, I’ve always been obsessed with collecting textures and shapes that recall marine life: the wild shapes of sea coral, spiral patterns of shells and roughness of sand are all so beautiful. I place elements I’ve scavenged from past beach vacations around the house to instantly take me away, and place them on the center of the table for a simple, 2-minute centerpiece.

3. Celebrate color! Summer is when I really embrace color on the table. I usually choose either all cool shades (blues, greens, lavender), or all warm shades (pinks, reds, oranges), and then go to town! Layer different patterns like florals and stripes in striking color combinations for a bold look, then pile on vibrant dishes, mismatched napkins and colorful cocktails. I love pieces that incorporate textural or exotic touches like woven Guatemalan patterns or Indian-inspired tassels to satisfy the wanderlust that strikes more frequently in the summertime. If the minimalist in you is cringing at the thought of all that color, try sticking with a neutral palette and adding one vibrant pop. My bright teal tablecloth always makes a statement in our dining room that’s otherwise cream, white and light wood.

4. Let summer produce take center stage. Summer is a constant reminder of the earth’s generosity: just take a stroll past farmers market stalls brimming with juicy peaches, heirloom tomatoes in every shade, and summer squash begging to be tossed on the grill and devoured. Set out a big platter of your market haul – a colorful salad or sweet slices of watermelon sprinkled with sea salt – and let it play double-duty as family-style feast and beautiful centerpiece.

5. Create a glowing ambiance. As the sun sets, create a magical glow with some strategically-placed candles and lights. For my husband’s birthday party a couple years ago, we surrounded the pool with tons of votive candles that lit up the night in such an unforgettable way. String up white café lights overhead, place a few lanterns with candles inside around the patio or scatter bamboo torches filled with citronella oil along the perimeter of the yard. They’ll ward off bugs while adding light!

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