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3 easy ways to refresh your home decor for Spring
[photo from BHG]

Our weather in Oregon can’t decide if it wants to be cold and rainy or warm and sunny. But regardless of the fickle weather, Spring is definitely here! Our cherry tree blossoms have already come and gone, and one of my peonies–which I tried my best to kill with neglect–has five buds on it that are ready to pop. Now we just need to make the inside of our house feel as fresh and ready for Spring as the outside does. While it’s true that our holiday decor has long since been taken down and packed away, our living areas could use a purposeful refresh to make them look ready for the season. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to add some natural Spring touches to our house without breaking the bank.

1. Add fresh flowers or greenery

Fresh flowers add such a nice, natural burst of color and texture to any room. Whether you buy a bunch, cut some from your garden, or trim a few long branches of blooms from flowering trees, fresh flowers (or greenery) will make a room come alive. I started treating myself to a bouquet of fresh flowers every week right around Valentine’s Day. That might sound extravagant, but they’re just simple bouquets or bunches of flowers from the floral department of our local grocery store. I put them in a vase or jar on a rustic wooden tray along with some pretty candles on our kitchen table, and it brightens up the whole kitchen! Add some fresh (or even realistic-looking faux) flowers or greenery to every room that you want to freshen up.

fresh flowers help bring a touch of Spring to your home
[photo from Kindred Vintage Co]

fresh flowers help bring a touch of Spring to your home
[photo from Just a Girl and her Blog]

fresh greenery helps add a touch of Spring to your home
[photo from Maison de Pax]

2. Add some Spring touches to your mantel, bookshelves, or console tables

Adding a few thoughtful, Spring-themed pieces of decor to your mantel, table tops, or bookshelves is a breeze, and helps your house look fresh and bright. I have basically 3 sets of decor for my house: Fall decor, Christmas decor, and then the rest of the year. For 8 to 9 months every year, I have pretty neutral decor up, and it would be really easy to add a few Spring touches–fresh flowers, moss, lots of white–to brighten everything up.

add a few Spring touches to your regular decor
[photo from Jenna Sue Design]

add a few touches of Spring to your regular decor
[photo from The Lettered Cottage]

add a few touches of Spring to your regular decor
[photo from Rooms For Rent]

3. Swap out your throw pillows

Throw pillows are just about the easiest things in the world to switch out seasonally. They aren’t expensive, and you can literally just throw the old ones in a storage tub or garbage bag and put them in the attic or basement until their season rolls around again. I think all the time about getting new couches in the family room, but what would help the room look different immediately and for a lot less money is just replacing our tired, boring throw pillows. There are so many cute ones available in bright, pretty Spring colors.

Swap out your throw pillows for a Spring decor refresh!
[photo from House of Turquoise]

Swap out your throw pillows for an easy Spring decor refresh!
[photo from Sarah Hearts]

BHG-5 Reasons to Love Leather

Last year, while on an impromptu thrifting excursion one rainy Friday morning, I found “it.” There it was, crammed behind floor lamps and an eclectic mix of old stuff, the perfect leather chair. I had been dreaming about finding one like this for a while, it was large, comfortable and the perfect shade of worn caramel, so you can imagine how excited I was! But, when I took a look at the price, my delight turned to decision, it was way more than I wanted to spend. I went back & forth for a while, pacing the store, hoping it would just come to me. Like I said it was a rainy, cold day and my car was already packed with groceries so I decided to walk away. I know, bad decision, right?! I haven’t found anything close to that leather chair since but I am hopefully optimistic. Since my boys have gone back to school I have been on the hunt, I have come close a few times and will continue to look because I am so smitten with leather these days. Here are 5 reasons I am loving leather and why I think adding it to your space makes sense….

1.Leather is easy to clean. If you have pets, children or maybe a messy loved one, then leather may for you. It is family & pet friendly, it can be vacuumed easily and messes can be simply wiped away. I love that it is practical and pretty at the same time.

Leather Love-Emily Henderson Living Room


Leather Love-House Seven


2. The styling options with leather are endless! If leather has the right patina, I like a light cognac or caramel tone, then you can mix it with just about any style, mid-century modern, cottage, coastal, farmhouse and traditional. You can also add pattern and color or you can keep things neutral.

Leather Love-BHG


Leather Love-Going Traditional


Leather Love-Studio McGee



3. Leather has an organic patina that adds a natural texture. Layers of texture and natural elements can make a space feel warm & inviting. Leather also has an ability to ground a space and act as a neutral. Adding texture can change the entire look of a space, don’t be afraid to start small by bringing in a footstool, some accessories, a rug or an ottoman, it is a good way to see how it feels in your room before committing to a larger piece.

Leather Love-Looks great with ntaural tones


Leather Love-Vintage Revivals


Leather Love-Works with any style


4. A vintage leather piece will add a ton of personal style. You know when you walk into a room and it feels authentic and stylish but not overly staged. There is something so casually wonderful & edgy at the same time about leather. It feels hip and original & has an ability to say “designer” in a quiet way.

Leather Love-Hi Sugerplum


5. Leather can be a happy medium for 2 different design aesthetics. Most days my husband gives me free range to decorate and add items I love to our home but often a space has more than one interested person in the design process and function of a room. Leather is such a great option for appealing to both a feminine and masculine aesthetic. It can blend 2 design ideas gracefully and make for space everyone can enjoy.

Leather Love-Emily Henderson


Leather Love-Emily Henderson 2


Thank you for stopping by, have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse



So nice to meet you! I’m Darlene Weir, the principal interior designer for Fieldstone Hill Design, an eDesign and interiors firm. I am also an interiors and style blogger, and I am delighted to be sharing design tips again here at the BHG Style Spotters Blog. Some of my top tips for styling bookcases are being featured in the November 2013 Better Homes and Gardens issue, and I am thrilled to share some additional thoughts with you on how to create a stunning bookcase display, starting with the basics.





1.  It’s About the Books

I truly believe that bookshelves should be filled with books. Other items do help to make for a beautiful bookshelf, but they should be the ‘icing on the Book Cake.’ So, start with your books!

{design by Fieldstone Hill Design}


Books can be organized and displayed in a variety of beautiful ways. Try grouping your books by color, depth and/or height. Play with symmetrical displays or graduating heights. Or try an ombre color display. Either way, pack in the books!


Don’t have a lot of books? Another idea is to use your magazine collection. Or, scour for books via flea markets, yard sales, library sales, or help clear out your friends’ basements! I think it is worth the effort to have book-filled shelves… and a book-filled life for that matter.


2. Think Horizontally and Vertically

Once you have your books in, and looking pretty, allow for some breathing room, or gaps, between your books.  Fill in the minor/smaller gaps by using horizontal, stacked books topped with beautiful décor items. Then, fill in any major gaps with larger, vertical décor items. I recommend selecting several large items that all have a common color scheme, since the books themselves will offer a lot of visual busyness.

{design by Fieldstone Hill Design}

3. Add Lovely Fillers

Bookshelves provide the perfect backdrop for displaying favorite décor items among your book collection. Large and small vases, trays, platters, framed family photos, and framed art all make beautiful additions as you “fill in the gaps” between your books. Also, décor items that are simply there for beauty’s sake, are perfect additions as well.

This is an opportunity to display some of the lovelier things in your home, as well as display beautiful pictures of your family. So dig through your cabinets! Hunt around the house for items that have been buried behind closed doors, but are worthy of display, and add them to your bookshelf display.


4. Add Useful Fillers

Let’s face it. Sometimes storage space is at a premium. That is why I love the idea of using the extra bookshelf space between books for additional sneaky storage. My favorite tricks?

a) Stacked nesting boxes filled with family photos.



 b) Beautiful, matching baskets filled with…. Just about anything! This is one of my favorite ways to sneak extra storage out of a room.

 c) Adding a mini-bar or water bar on a tray. This is an artful and practical addition to a bookshelf. The water bar idea is my new favorite! It is so nice to have a display of sparkling Italian waters to offer to any of your guests.


5. Think outside of the box

This is a simple trick that truly elevates your bookshelf beauty to another level: Hang some gorgeous art onto the outside of your bookshelves! Layering in this way adds depth and texture {not to mention pretty art!} to your bookshelf design.


Ultimately, have fun with your bookshelves. Remember that decorating rules are meant to be broken. And always, decorate with what you LOVE! Who has time for “like?” Basic bookshelves never need to be boring!


For more bookshelf inspiration and design tips, I would love to have you join me over at Fieldstone Hill Design!

TREND: Bar Carts

Whether it’s a vintage find or a fabulous new piece, bar carts are popping up everywhere. Their versatility and  style make them a perfect addition to any dining room or kitchen space.

A few years ago I found an old metal school cart at a local thrift shop for $10. It has since become one of my favorite things to style in my home. It has classic ingredients like glasses, a cocktail shaker, and a basket or two. Then for special parties or occasions, I get to have fun incorporating different cocktail napkins, straws and colorful glassware. Not only does my bar cart serve as a functional piece in my room, it becomes a beautiful and eclectic statement piece of my own personal style.


Today, I put together a fun collection of some of my personal favorite accessories to create a really special bar cart. From a pig corkscrew to birch paper straws, this bar cart is serving up function and style.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13


Cheers and Happy Decorating!

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm


You’ve seen them. Etageres, those amazingly organized and decorated shelving units, are showing up everywhere. Whether it’s in the pages of your favorite magazine, on a DIY/decor blog, or even on Pinterest, the etagere is quickly becoming a must-have piece of furniture.


While the word, etagere may sound fancy, it’s basically a series of open shelves to store and hold your beautiful belongings and treasures. Maybe you need a place to store your beloved books in your office or your special serveware in your dining room, an etagere can be perfect for any space. Not only does an etagere offer additional storage, when decorated, it can make a lovely, unique, and interesting statement in your home.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9  // 10


Wanting to add an etagere to my nest, I searched Shop BHG and found some that I thought you’d also want to see. Whether you like traditional or modern, one of these pieces will certainly work to create a delightful display in one of your spaces.


Happy decorating,

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

When you work at a fabulous magazine like Better Homes and Gardens, people assume your home is beautifully decorated and filled with clever projects and great ideas. Confession: That’s not true. At least not for me! I have problem spots, not enough closets, really boring white walls (and I’m the color editor!), and bad layouts. But when I’m ready to tackle a project, I know exactly where to turn for inspiration.


On my fall must-do list is figuring out what to put on top of my small console piano. This photo shows it at its best with leftover flowers and veggies from this fun shoot.


But they wilted and now I need something more permanent. Here’s a little roundup of inspiration photos. I’m trying to find a style that feels “me.”


My sweet spot is a cross between the graphic modern stuff in number 1 and the sweet charm of number 3. (And I love the idea of putting a table lamp on the piano. For an amateur player like me that’s about right!)


If you have a piano, what do you have on it?


–Joanna Linberg, Associate Home Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

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