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12 Fabulous Furniture Trends to Inspire Your Next Makeover

Tis the season to score some amazing deals on vintage & gently used furniture. The summer & fall is my favorite time of year on the east coast for a few reasons, one being the plentitude of tag, estate & yard sales, the others being the beautiful coastline & all of the amazing outdoor activities. I have actually managed to make my thrifting excursions an actual outdoor activity in itself. I love to wake up early on a Friday or Saturday and head to the country where beautiful historic homes & farm stands are everywhere you turn, not to mention the best furniture steals and deals on the planet. It is a great way to find unique treasures for your home without breaking your budget. These days with all the incredible inspiration online I can honestly say that anything can be turned into something beautiful. Check out these 12 fabulous furniture trends that will be sure to inspire your next makeover….

12 Fabulous Furniture Trends That Will Inspire Your Next Makeover

1. File Fancy

Makeover Trend-Library Influence-The Pianted Hive


2. Coral Craze

Makeover Trend-A Place for Us Blog- Coral Dresser


3. Overlays & Molding Details

Makeover Trend-Overlays City Farmhouse {Makeover Madness-BHG}


4. The Brighter the Better

Makeover Trend-Bold Colors East Coast Creative Blog


5. Campaign Influence

Makeover Trend-Campaign Desk-Centsational Girl


6. Painted Rattan

Makeover Trend-Painted Rattan BHG


7. Chippy Goodness

Makeover Trend-Chippy Goodness Finding Silver Pennies


8. Dipped Legs

Makeover Trend-Dipped Legs Burlap & Lace


9. Anything Herringbone

Makeover Trend-Herringbone Sarah M. Dorsey Designs


10. Painted Inlays & Details

Makeover Trend-Painted Inlay-The Weathered Door


11. Painted Upholstery

Makeover Trend-Painting Fabric-The Chronicles of Home {via}

12. Two Toned

Makeover Trend-Two Toned-Liz Marie Blog


Hopefully you are all charged up & ready to hit the next flea market or yard sale! Grab some friends or even your partner in crime and have fun, remember everything has potential, especially at the right price.


Mix These: Metal + Wood

A layered space is a well considered one and if there’s anything that makes for great design in a beautifully furnished room it’s layers of color and texture in cool and warm medleys. The combination of metal sheens and warm woods is an effortless way to introduce an organic meets modern vibe to any space in your home. There are several ways to go about it; here are several examples of the successful combinations of cool metal finishes with the warmth of wood.  

When choosing furniture for a family room or gathering space, consider little details like the legs. Instead of skirts, opt for chairs with exposed wood legs and pair them with coffee and end tables with metal bases. 

metal and wood together

There are other opportunities to introduce layers of warm wood to a space – think of accents such as lamp bases or woven shades. Bamboo blinds and a tall floor lamp contrast nicely with the chrome base on the marble top coffee table in this inviting sitting room.

wire chair marble table

Gold leaf and brass are warmer metals but still offer chic contrast when placed next to espresso stained legs or wood accent furniture.

warm gold table wood furniture legs


brass and wood

Don’t be afraid to mix metals, oil rubbed bronze is welcome in a room with brass accents just as polished nickel mixes well with black iron finishes.    

chrome and rustic

The combination of dark iron or oil rubbed bronze with rustic wood is a centuries old pairing. The look is fresh again in modern times since many seek eco-friendly reclaimed or weathered woods as accents in the home for ceilings, beams, cabinets, and shelving. 

metal barstools wood ceiling


metal table wood shelves

You can achieve the desirable textural medley of metal and wood together with one singular piece of furniture. Many retailers now offer coffee and end tables fabricated with iron legs and either salvage or new wood tops. Consider also wood dressers with iron hardware in the bedroom or metal leg barstools with wood seats in the kitchen.

metal and wood coffee table

  rustic wood and metal coffee table

Piece together your own with finds from a salvage yard, or visit a flea market or antique store where you may chance upon a second hand version. 

The combination of wood and metal lends a multilayered feel to a room. As an added bonus the medley is an easy way to introduce a masculine touch to a space that leans feminine with its furniture or fabric choices. Time to get busy mixing!


Ellen Miller

Friday Finds: Herb-Infused Olive Oils & Soaps

Hi my name is Ellen, and I’m a terrible, awful, no good cook. (Don’t worry, I’m just the beauty guru here at Better Homes and Gardens and, for good reason, have absolutely nothing to do with the amazing recipes in the magazine.) I’m working on learning the basics, though, with the help of the new edition of the red plaid cookbook and Senior Deputy Editor Nancy Wall Hopkins, who is always super nice to me when I beg her to help me troubleshoot one of my (frequent!) kitchen mishaps.  One of the very first things I learned from Nancy — though I’m sure it’s not news to all you experts out there — is that you must stock your pantry with high-quality basics like olive oil. A friend who knows about my quest to become semi-competent in the kitchen gifted me some herb-infused oils from Nudo ($13-15 each), which come in insanely attractive tins.


In the happiest of coincidences, the lovely olive oil-based soaps from the same company landed on my desk that week, and now I’m addicted to both. The generously sized sudsers ($9.49 each) make hands so soft you may not even need hand cream. And, they make the world’s prettiest display in a guest bathroom, a great hostess gift, or a nice treat for yourself. Check out to score both products.

BHG Guest Blogger

Thanksgiving Thankfuls Board



Hi there! My name is Carissa Fox. I’m the voice behind the blog brown eyed fox, where I share my thoughts, our home, my love of things simple. And I have to say, I couldn’t be more thrilled to get to guest post here at BHG.








When the air turns crisp and I start to grab for my heavy cardigans, I know the time is coming. We get to start our “thankfuls” tradition.



Cut up paper, colored pencils, and wooden clips await. Every day of November we each jot down a “thankful” for that day.

It might be…

That first sip of coffee in the morning…

The smell of pancakes on the griddle…

The protective roof over our heads.

Some days it’s a single… and others… we might want to jot down lots.

Of course, being grateful is something we wear with us daily — or should.

Seeing and experiencing gifts along the way.

This just takes it a step further.

The purposeful act of actually writing them down has not only become a fun tradition we all look forward to, but a wonderful way of expressing and sharing our thankful thoughts.

For this board I found an open vintage frame, grabbed a roll of garden gate from the home improvement store, then cut the gate/wire to dimensions of the frame and simply nailed it into place on the back side of frame. Voilà. All ready for “thankfuls” or the many other great uses.


 How about an advent calendar? Where treats or messages wait in anticipation.


Have a little artist at home? It’s a neat way to let them showcase their latest creations.

Pin up all those pretty holiday cards that arrive in the mail.

Use it as a reminder and events bulletin board.

Lightweight and easy to move around, you’re sure to find a spot and a use.

- Carissa

Brown Eyed Fox