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Flea Market Chic-Clever Ways To Use A Trunk

I have a new found respect for trunks since writing my last post about adding vintage character to your little ones spaces. I wrote the piece with the intent of sharing ideas and ways to make a kids room feel complete {since I was in the midst of making over my boys rooms}. But, what I was left with was a fascination with trunks, especially after seeing this room reveal below. I knew a trip to my favorite local salvage shop was in order, as they have a huge selection of vintage trunks. Jackpot, I found a beautifully weathered piece with a green patina, it was used in WW2 to hold electrical supplies. It is perfect to house all the sports equipment in my oldest son’s bedroom. In addition to using vintage trunks in kids spaces, there are many other clever ways to use them, here are some fun ideas to incorporate them into your home or for a special event….



Entry way & mudroom storage, who doesn’t need more space to hide items away?! I struggle with this all the time & the great thing about trunks is the size, add some casters to the bottom and you now have a piece that is accessible and functional. Imagine all the things you can store here, from shoes to hats & gloves to even coats. Just be sure to clean the inside thoroughly.

BHG-Hallway Storage-Use a Vintage Trunk


What a conversation piece to use a vintage trunk in your living room as a table, with a bonus of extra storage. Another ideal quality of a piece like this is the top, once it is closed you can layer your accessories or flowers on top but still be able to retrieve what is tucked away inside, maybe it’s your BHG magazine collection:).

Jillian Harris-Living Room Trunk, Great For Added Storage

Jillian Harris

Target-Vintage Trunk Turned Into Coffee Tabke


Bedroom side table/storage all in one, now that is a win-win. My side table is stacked with books & magazines, so this clever idea is super useful. If extra height is needed you can always add legs to the bottom to give your piece an added boost. Also, placing one at the bottom of your bed is pretty & practical, now have a place to store all of those blankets {& pillows} and sit for a bit.

Jenna Sue Co. Trunk Bed Side Table

Jenna Sue Design Co.

Liz Marie Blog-What a Beautiful Trunk Used as a Bedroom Side Table

Liz Marie Blog

The Picket Fence-Using A Trunk For Added Bedroom Storage

The Picket Fence Projects

As summer approaches and we begin to entertain again why not use an old trunk as a place to serve drinks. I love this idea of placing one on a luggage rack and adding a tray to the top. You can also layer a few for added height and even bring this great idea outdoors for your next event.

My Sweet Savannah-Trunk Bar

My Sweet Savannah

Pottery Barn Trunk Bar

Pottery Barn

Lets continue with the outdoor theme and entertaining, why not use a variety of perfectly worn trunks to set the stage for an outside wedding. They can be used as tables, extra seating and even to hold keepsakes & cards. They add a layer of charm and character with their rich patina, plus they are easy to transport and store items for the big day.

Style Me Pretty-Long Island Wedding-Using Trucks to Create a Vintage Inspired Wedding

Style Me Pretty

The Wedding Chicks-Using Old Trunks for Wedding Cards

The Wedding Chicks

I hope after this post you will never pass by a good trunk again:). Thanks for stopping by!

Jen-City Farmhouse

Mudroom storage with cubbies, hooks, and shelving on a plank wall

Now that we’ve hit the cold, rainy season in Oregon, we decided that it was high time we finished the mudroom storage wall we started back in May. Coats, scarves, rain jackets, hats, gloves, mittens, boots, and more have been strewn all over for months, and we just couldn’t take it anymore!

Back in May, we installed the planks using the back side of tongue and groove bead board that we had left over from a previous project. We cut the planks to fit in between the left side wall and the door frame on the right. We started at the bottom and nailed them in with a nail gun. It all went really quickly, but we didn’t have any of the materials to finish the wall–caulk, paint, a shelf, brackets, hooks, etc. And we got busy with summer vacations and school starting and whatnot, and didn’t finish it.

baskets and shelving above a plank wall

Once we decided to finish this wall, it was a very quick project–it only took two days, and most of that was waiting time! We started by filling in the nail holes with putty, letting them dry, and sanding them down. We caulked the seams down both sides of the planks, taped off the trim, and painted the planks once everything was dry and ready. We also painted the shelf, which is just a 12″-wide piece of wood from the hardware store. After the paint dried, we installed the shelf with black brackets and put in two rows of double hooks, one for backpacks, purses, and bags, and one for coats, hats, and scarves.

A mudroom plank wall with hooks

We should probably caulk the edges of the shelf and the seam between the shelf and wall at some point. But knowing our track record, that might happen next July! The last part of our plank wall storage system is a little cubby bench for shoes, gloves, etc. My husband built it a few years ago for the entryway in our old house, when we only had 3 kids. At some point in the near future, we’ll need to replace it with a new one that has six cubbies, one for each person in our family. We’re trying to decide if we want to keep it black, which hides dirt but looks really dark, or white, which will be nice and bright and absolutely filthy! It looks like a tight squeeze, and it will be, but we’ve measured, and there’s just enough room for a bench with six cubbies, each holding one of these little woven milk crates.

a mudroom storage bench with cubbies and baskets

I can’t tell you how much well love this new organization system, and what a huge difference it has made in our mudroom. We still get the occasionally jacket tossed on the floor, but everybody is pretty good and putting things away. And it makes the room look great!

a family command center by @luluthebaker for Style Spotters

Before we moved into the Dream House, one of the things I looked forward to most was having a very organized house. I’m a firm believer in the old adage “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” I think that if you have a designated spot for things to go, life just goes more smoothly, and in our old house, our lack of storage space drove me crazy. I’m also a firm believer in calendars. Being a pen-and-paper list maker, our family calendar is a must. Events and activities literally live and die by the calendar. If lessons or parties or appointments don’t make it on there, there’s a 99% chance that they’re not going to happen. At least without some tears, major confusion, and crazy hustling!

We’ve been wanting to put up a “family command center” ever since we moved in, but because it wasn’t a top priority, it’s taken us a whole year to do. We’ve gotten by with a free calendar and important papers stuck on the front of our washing machine with magnets! We finally ordered all of the pieces last month and installed our family command center over the weekend. And it makes my organization-loving heart happy and fills my nerdy soul with peace. Seriously. We decided on the Build Your Own Daily System from Pottery Barn for 3/4 of the items in our command center. They are beautiful, functional, and well made. We have a different place for boots, jackets, and backpacks, but we needed a place for bills, important papers like school lunch calendars and daily reading log sheets, and somewhere to hang keys. We also needed a magnetic surface for our weekly menu notepad (which, if you don’t have one, you REALLY need to get!), grocery list, etc. We could have gotten a magnetic whiteboard, but I think the magnetic chalkboard looks a million times nicer. I like the contrast of the white frame and the black surface, and since the chalkboard and whiteboard were the same price, it was a no brainer. The last and possibly most important component of our family command center is the blank paper calendar. Again, we could have gotten the dry erase calendar component that matches the rest of our set, but I need to be able to put events and activities on the calendar months in advance. Things like doctor’s appointments for the kids, big vacations, and out-of-town guests get scheduled several months before they happen, and I needed to be able have them on the calendar early. I did a little research and found a blank paper calendar from The Container Store that I really liked and that was roughly the same size as framed chalkboard (I like symmetry as much as I like being organized!). The calendar has a clean, simple design with boxes that are large enough for lots of family activities to be written in. We hung it up with 3M Command Strips, and it looks great. And it has 36 pages–that’s 3 years of calendar pages! I’m giddy just thinking about how far in advance I can put things on that calendar.

Interested in putting a family command center in your house? Here’s some inspiration from around the web:

family command center from Pottery Barn
photo from Pottery Barn

small space family command center from BHG
photo from BHG

family command center from Simple as That
photo from Simple as That

family command center from Sweet Aprils
photo from Sweetaprils

family command center from The Caldwell Project
photo from The Caldwell Project

family command center
photo from Hi Sugarplum!

small space family command center from BHG
photo from BHG

Work. Work. Work.


Think about it…You probably spend 8 hours a day working at the office. So why shouldn’t your work space be as welcoming as your home? If you’re ready to upgrade your desktop, then take a peek at these 5 quick and easy ways to brighten up your space.


1. Maybe it’s time to take the kids’ toys out of storage! Repurpose old animal figurines as desktop decor! All you need is a bit of gold spray paint, super glue and a few glass jars.

Photo Courtesy of The Office Stylist



2. Transform drab desktop supplies into fab accessories. Another Glorious Day‘s DIY Desktop Items are oh-so-chic!



3. You really can have it all! My Fabuless Life‘s Mini Command Center organizes and simplifies life in style.



4. See your favorite Kate Spade pattern every day at the office with 204 Park‘s easy DIY Kate Spade Inspired Magazine Holders tutorial.



5. Don’t you just NEED Just A Girl‘s DIY Acrylic Tray in your life?! So cute!



Try adding a little shimmer to your desktop! You might be surprised how much it brightens up your work space.


Happy Friday!



You don’t need a big, beautiful library (like the one shown in the movie, Beauty & The Beast) as a reason to strut a ladder in your home decor. Check out these stylish decorating ideas to see how you can repurpose ladders in more ways than one.



1. Design Sponge shows us how to give any old wooden ladder a chic makeover.



























2. Functional and practical, this Ladder Laundry Rack by Little Lucy Lu is one for the books!



3. Nightstands are overrated anyway! For a more unconventional look, take a peek at Funky Junk Interiors’ unique Stepladder Side Table.



4. If sliding ladders are more your thing, check out The Markerista‘s custom built-in ladder tutorial. Simply Stunning!!



5. Lights, Camera, Action! Spruce up your ladder with lights (no paint necessary)! Alex’s Closet shows us how it’s done.



Happy ladder hunting!



xx Madison


Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

I love baskets. They can help turn a messy storage spot into well organized and pretty space. Baskets can be expensive if you buy them new at the store, so I typically buy mine at thrift shops (I never spend more than $10 on a basket). I’ve been on the search for a lovely little tabletop basket that could hold any items that I am using that day for a project. I had no luck finding exactly what I needed, so I made my own. This easy woven rope basket DIY is exactly what I needed, plus it’s cute.



Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

1) Let’s get started on the base of the basket. Thread about a yard of embroidery floss onto the needle and tie a knot at the end. Important note: don’t cut the sisal rope. It will work out much better if the rope is one continuous piece.

  • a. Grab the sisal rope and twist it into a little roll (about 1.5 inches wide).
  • b. Push the embroidery floss through the side of the rope roll a couple of times to secure the roll.
  • c. Wrap a stitch around one section of rope, and instead of pushing the stitch through the gap in the rope, catch a bit of the rope section next to the piece you’re wrapping the stitch around. Note: catching a bit of rope will make the basket stronger.
  • d. Continue stitching along the rope and adding more coiling to the roll as you stitch. Note: if you’re planning on putting heavy items in this basket, I suggest randomly stitching over TWO sections of rope instead of the one as you go along.

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

2) How to end and add a new piece of embroidery floss.

  • e. When you reach the end of a piece of embroidery floss, thread the needle through the side stitch and knot it onto another stitch.
  • f. Thread the tail from the knot through the side stitches.
  • g. To add another piece of embroidery floss, thread the needle through the side stitches and knot it onto another stitch.
  • h. Continue stitching along with your new embroidery floss piece.

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

3) Continue on with the rope coil. It’s time to stop when you reach the width you’d like your basket to be (since this is the base of your basket). My width is 9.5 inches wide.

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

4) How to create the sides of the basket.

  • j & k. When you’re happy with the width of the base, stack the rope on top of the outside piece of rope and continue with your stitching.

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

5) Add some pops of color with little sections of yarn.

  • l. When you’re ready to add some color, knot a bit of yarn over some rope (before you stitch it onto the basket). Wrap that yarn tightly around the rope until it’s about 1.5 inches wide. Tie the end of that yarn to the rope piece, then continue stitching along the rope OVER the yarn. Keep adding rows of rope until you’re happy with the height of the basket. I stopped at 4 inches (and I used about 75% of the rope I purchased). Note: I created a little pattern with my yarn. I spaced the yarn by 6 stitches, and left a space of one rope coil in between.

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

6) How to add the basket handles and end secure the end of the rope to the basket.

  • m. To add the handle, stitch about 4 wraps of embroidery floss over the rope and secure onto the rope section below.
  • n. Push out the rope a bit to create the handle shape, then secure that end as you did to start the handle. Repeat the handle steps on the opposite side. To secure the end of the rope, roll it into a tiny roll and stitch onto the inside of the basket.

Easy Woven Rope Basket DIY

Total cost: $9 (the only thing I had to buy for this project was the rope, since I had all the other materials).

If you create this DIY, I’d love to see it! You can share a link in the comments below, or tag me in Instagram with a photo (my username is @thepapermama).

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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