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We Heart It: Flowery Looks

It seems fitting that a post about how to wear florals would happen in the spring. So this week I rounded up some of my favorite flowery looks for you to indulge in this year! Read on to see how you can find the perfect outfit inspiration to have you looking fabulous all season long.


For a bold look, floral pants bring big patterns and bright colors to the table. I love this look I found on Work Outfits–it just goes to show that a little bit of fabulous flower goes a long way!



For a more eye-catching ensemble, this yellow floral dress from Merrick’s Art takes the cake. I love the print, and pairing it with stripes not only pulls the outfit together, it opens up a world of possibilities for you to experiment with!



Statement necklaces and flowery blouses are a match made in heaven. Anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong. I love the look of this eccentric spring outfit from Pop Of Style!



If you appreciate a more subtle approach to spring fashion, this floral embroidered dress from Class Is Internal may be more your speed. Elegant, sophisticated and delicate, this dress is perfect for a day on the town.



And lastly, because I love any outfit that even slightly reminds me of a hippie, take a look at this high-waisted floral beauty from A House In The Hills. What I wouldn’t give to be able to pull of those pants! Those of you with long legs–just know, the rest of us are so very jealous.



And there you have it. If you have any floral photos to share with me, I’d love to see them!


Have a wonderful week, Style Spotters!


We Heart It: Fab Eggs Ideas

Decorating Easter eggs has always been one of my favorite things. Something about the smell of the dyed vinegar and the gaudy neon colors just gets me. As a little girl, I experimented decorating with crayons, ribbons, paper, glitter–you name it, I did it. As an almost-22-year-old grown up, not much has changed. This week, take a look at some of my favorite Easter egg inspiration!


Glamorous and gold, these gilded eggs from Pencil Shavings Studio are a perfect table-topper for Easter this year. Plus, you need candy wrappers, so you can indulge your sweet tooth in the name of cute creativity!



If candy isn’t your thing, these pretty watercolor eggs from Spoon Fork Bacon will do in a pinch! It might dye your hands a smorgasbord of color for a few days, but the results are definitely worth it!



Decoupage is a surefire way to get intricate patterns directly onto your eggshells. This tutorial from DizzyMaidens Foodies & Craftsters uses a decorative napkin and some glue to make elegant eggs that stand out!



If you’re looking for something a little more unique, these Easter egg totem poles I spotted on Mr. P bring your egg game to new heights (pun intended).



And for a return to old-school roots, A Daily Something shared these eggs paired with plant stems for a great way to bring the outdoors in for the afternoon.



And there you have it! I hope you leave with some inspired ideas for your Easter eggs this year! Happy weekend, enjoy the sunshine!



PS–for all the designers out there: I LOVE THESE. Thanks to How About Orange for the fabulous Pantone Egg DIY!


front porch urn planter

We were on Spring break last week, and one of the big things on my to-do list was replanting the urns on our front porch. I love lush, colorful container gardens flanking a front door, and ours have been in serious need of a Spring makeover. It’s still a little early here for container gardens, but the warm weather all through March gives me hope that our new, beautiful plants will live a long and happy life.

For my last Style Spotters post, I rounded up a dozen gorgeous pictures of urns, planters, and window boxes filled with cascading blooms and vibrant color, so when I headed off to the local nursery last week, I knew what I was looking for. I’m not always good at improvising, but I’m great at following a recipe. As luck would have it, there’s a tried and true recipe for creating knock-your-socks-off planters and containers for your front porch, and it can be summed up in three little words: thrill, fill, and spill.

front porch urn planters

First, we start with the “thrill.” That’s the tall plant in the middle of the planter. If you look at those inspiration photos from my last post, you’ll notice the thrill in most of them. Sometimes it’s a little tree, sometimes a tall flowering plant, sometimes a shrub. They key is that it is tall and gives the planter a focal point. I spotted some cute Lemon Cypress at the nursery that would be perfect for the thrill in a planter. They didn’t happen to work with my color scheme, but it was hard to walk away from them! For my urns, I chose a perennial Feather Reed Grass. I’m now wondering if that was a good idea long-term because grasses don’t look great all year. They turn yellow and have to be cut back in the winter, so maybe an evergreen would have been a better idea. Time will tell! I certainly think they look great for now.

front porch urn planters

We’re going to skip the middle section (the “fill”) for a second and talk about the “spill.” The spill is my favorite part of any good planter: the vines and cascading bits that tumble down the sides and look romantic, lush, and dreamy. They go on the outermost edge of the planter and spill over the sides and down toward the ground. Creeping Jenny and Sweet Potato Vine are two show-stopping spills…which I didn’t end up getting. Creeping Jenny needs some shade (our porch faces South, so that’s a no-go), and it’s too early in the season for Sweet Potato Vines. But I found some really lovely twiners that I’m excited about. Thunbergia is a beautiful vine with long tendrils. I’ve used it before in planters in our old backyard and loved its look. I picked out some deep orange ones and can’t wait to see them blossom! I also used magenta Bacopa, which is a little bushier than Thunbergia. I really like to use lots of different textures to make the containers interesting. Variety is the spice of life, folks!

front porch urn planters

Now we can go back to the “fill.” The fill is basically all of the stuff between the thrill and the spill. This is the spot for your usual annuals–the things you plant for seasonal color in your garden borders. Geraniums, violets, pansies, etc. Nothing too tall, and nothing viney. I went with Coleus for color and Alyssum for fragrance. The Coleus I chose has beautiful texture, and chartreuse leaves with deep purple veining. It’s really amazing and gives the planters some variety. The Alyssum is also deep purple and should fill in all of the nooks and crannies of the urns quite nicely.

So now you know the secret to beautiful container gardens: thrill, fill, and spill. Go forth and garden! I’m so excited to have these newly-beautified containers flanking my door, and can’t wait to see how they fill in throughout the Spring and Summer!

front porch urn planter

Friday Finds 3.27

Besides being full of blooming flowers, green grass and the promise that summer is fast approaching, spring brings with it a broadening of wardrobe choices. Skirts, blazers, tiny dresses and strappy sandals quickly become closet staples–and statement necklaces are an accessory that can add a whole lot of punch with little effort. Check out these five tips and tricks for wearing your favorite statement pieces this spring!


If you read regularly, you know I love bold patterns and bright colors. Mix the two together in one accessory with this wonderfully green statement necklace from Pop of Style. And yes, you’d look good in those polka dots, too.



If you’re worried about looking too flashy for the office–don’t. This elegant ensemble from Stylishly Me proves that fashion and business really do mix.



If simple is more your style, you can still make statement pieces work for you. Check out how the blogger behind Create Bake Celebrate wore a pop of color with her necklace for a weekend away. Chic, classic and clean, this look is great for any event.



Floral never really goes out of style–and you can jump on the bandwagon with this fabulous rose statement necklace I spotted on SHY Boutique. The best part? You can choose a color that’s as bright or as subtle as you want.



If casual is more for you, spice up any comfy outfit with this metallic beauty from Camp Patton. I won’t even try to hide how much I absolutely LOVE those Oxfords!



Feeling ready to get some staple statement pieces now?

Happy spring!


front porch urn planter reds blacks lavender, coral bells

I know it’s not warm and sunny everywhere right now, but in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had quite a stretch of beautiful Spring weather lately. It’s been a very welcome departure from our usual cold, Winter drizzle. The sunshine and balmy weather are inspiring thoughts of gardens and flowers, and there’s no better or quicker way to welcome Spring to your house than with lush containers overflowing with greenery and gorgeous flowers on your front porch. I bought some black fiberglass urns filled with fall foliage the week we moved into the Dream House. One of them still looks great, but the other has been completely taken over by midnight purple coral bells, and it looks like something straight out of the Haunted Mansion line at Disneyland! I think it’s high time they both had a Spring-worthy makeover. Here are some container garden looks I’m loving (click on the link beneath each photo for details)…

front porch urn planter hot pink chartreuse greenphoto from Pocket Full of Posies Design

large urn planter hot pink purple container gardenphoto from Serendipity Refined

front porch planter container garden greenphoto from One Hundred Dollars a Month

front porch planter purple black chartreuse greenphoto from Pocket Full of Posies Design

front porch urn planter geraniums pink red greenphoto from Tundra Monkey Gardening

 front porch urn planter red geranium creeping jennyphoto from Kasey’s Korner

window boxes geraniumsphoto from Dirt Simple–Technically, these are window boxes, not urns on a front porch. But WOW!

front porch urn planters white green chartreusephoto from Dirt Simple

patio garden chartreuse purple hot pinkphoto from Dirt Simple

patio garden front porch urn planter white purple chartreusephoto from Dirt Simple–This website is a goldmine!! Truly, such beautiful designs.

front porch urn planter patio garden hot pink chartreusephoto from Power Flowers

front porch urn planter springphoto from–BHG has lots of great container garden ideas, and they’re all labeled! Each photo tells you exactly what plants you need, so there’s no guesswork.

Friday Finds 3.13

Spring is upon us, and with that comes the season of tanned legs and cute dresses. This week I rounded up some of my favorite dresses and skirts from the Internet to share with you all. Because nothing welcomes spring like an adorable addition to your closet!


I love the look of this flowy maxi skirt from Hello Copeland. Perfect for a day out and about, this pastel beauty will leave you looking gorgeous from the moment you step out the door.



If Southwestern is more your look, check out this gorgeous dress from Wedding Party. Wear with your favorite boots or sleek pair of pumps and you’ve got a style that will wow!



Simplicity can never be overrated. Pure white–although it can be intimidating for those of us who are prone to slips and spills–creates a timeless, chic look. This white wonder from The VivaLuxury is absolutely flawless.



Bright colors are a natural segue into spring–and this vibrant green and white dress from Fashion Ekstrax proves it. And those heels are to die for!



For a bolder look, try this turquoise patterned dress from Living In Yellow. The rope belt and jewelry ties (you see what I did there?) the outfit together with flying colors!



So what do you think? Are these dresses the perfect fit for spring?


Go forth and look pretty!


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