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Playing with Pattern: Dots for Grown Ups

It’s not secret how much I love dots. I mean, borderline obsession here friends.  They are graphic, play well with many pattern friends, and add a touch of whimsey to any design.  Dots do not have to be reserved for sweet nurseries or the craft room.  You can easily work dots into the most sophisticated of decor. The trick is to expand the possibilities of what you would traditionally think of as a dot pattern.  Dots that are perfectly round, and evenly spaced may have a more juvenile feeling to them.  However when they have a bit of texture or a not-so-perfect shape they instantly jump up the grown up ladder.  There is not so much of an in between place for me on working them into a room.  Dots are great for those go big or go home moments, and they are equally nice when added for just a little hint of pattern.  No matter your approach your dotted touch will add a bit of movement and play to your space.

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The stunning color of this room screams sophistication and glamour.  This “dot” rug says I’m fun and don’t take myself too seriously.  What a wonderful juxtaposition!


A touch of a dot give this room just the hit of pattern it needs to give it a little lift.


Wall decals are big right now and so easy to work with.  Remember to think outside of your traditional dot box to create a fresh unique look.




DIY-ify: Gold Polka Dots


Trend: Gold Polka Dots

The blogging world has gold dots on the brain. Anything and everything we can get our hands on: add gold dots. I’ve collected a few of my favorite gold polka dot DIY’s and shared them below. This may inspire you to head home and put gold dots on everything you own.

Gold Confetti Dish from Vitamini Handmade

Gold Dot Lampshade from Honest to Nod

Metallic Dotted Vase from Smitten Studios

Suede and Gold Leaf Polka Dot Mouse Pad from Lovely Indeed

Gold Polka Dot Chair from The Paper Mama

Gold Polka Dot Art from Veronika’s Blushing

Gold + White Polka Dot Tray from For Chic Sake

 Polka Dot Mason Jar from With Lovely 

 Gold + White Mugs from The Fox and She

Gold Leaf Polka Dot Pot from A Fashion Gal and a Fireman

 Polka Dot Jewelry Tray from Life Sweet Life

 Happy Thursday!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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