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Organize With This: Pegboard in the Kitchen!

It is no secret that pegboard is about as versatile as it gets when it comes to storage and organization. Most commonly found in the garage for storing tools; it typically comes with a reputation of being basic and unnatractive. However, any kitchen can benefit from the endless variety of organizing options that pegboard offers.

painted pan pegboard


Pegboard is slender, can be customized with pegs, hooks and baskets and takes advantage of vertical space. In fact, pegboard is a prime solution for small kitchen spaces and even rental homes. I am here today to convince you that pegboard in the kitchen can be fabulous, beautiful and endlessly functional.

painted pegboard


Paint it! Just because pegboard comes in a white and brown finish, does not mean it has to stay that way. A quick coat of paint and it becomes a shining storage star.

chalkboard peg


Another painting option is to do a chalkboard finish. This allows you to trace the items you are storing to be sure everything finds a way back home.

framed pegboard

Frame it! By adding decorative moulding to the outside of pegboard, it offers a nice finished edge and instantly becomes artwork that doubles as storage.

bookcase pegboard

Don’t be afraid to tuck small pieces of pegboard in small nooks and crannies to truly maximize your storage opportunities. Think about the backs of bookcases, behind shelving, on the sides of cabinets and behind doors.

kids craft pegboard


Bring the kids into the kitchen by installing a wall of pegboard paired with pockets, baskets and organizers to create the ultimate crafting zone.

pegboard coffee station


Are you a big coffee drinker like I am? I love the idea of adding pegboard to display mugs above a kitchen coffee station.

large pegs


Selecting pegboard with larger pegs and holes creates an entirely different feel, yet still offers the same amount of storage and flexibility.

Pegboard Inside Cabinet

If you are still not convinced that you love the look of pegboard out in the open, consider adding small pieces to the interior of your cabinets. This is a great solution for creating hidden memo stations, hanging keys or storing small baking tools.

slide out pegboard


Another way to conceal pegboard is to put it on casters and create a tucked away rolling system. It slides out when you need to access your items, and then hides away in-between uses.

pegboard drawer

Pegboard really does make the most of wall and cabinet space, but did you know it can also maximize your drawer storage? Add pegboard to the floor of the drawer and when paired with pegs, you can create an endless combination of drawer organizers.

cleaning peboard


Cleaning is chore enough! Adding pegboard to your kitchen cleaning closet will keep all of your supplies right within reach each day.

So what do you think, are you ready to add some colorful pegboard storage to your kitchen space?

Organize With This: Pegboard!

Pegboard has been around for ages, however, more and more frequently it is becoming the “go-to” solution for organizing projects.  People love when storage is versatile enough to be used while keeping the end result simple and tidy. This makes pegboard the reigning solution for problematic areas around the home.  Here are a few examples of how pegboard can work hard so you don’t have to.



Never go searching for a that flathead screwdriver again!  Pegboard has been used in garages, workshops and sheds for many years as amazing tool storage.  When working on a project, digging for tools is sure to slow anyone down.  Organizing tools on pegboard will ensure they are visible and easy to find during a household emergency or even a quick DIY.


Garden Tools:

Pegboard isn’t just for building tools; use it to corral all of the tools used for gardening and yard-work by installing a system over a potting bench or in a small nook of the garage.


Craft Supplies:

If pegboards are the perfect solution for building tools, surely they can offer amazing versatility and storage for craft tools as well.  And that they do!  By mixing and matching hooks, pencil cups and even thread organizers, you can keep all of your supplies for your favorite hobbies right within arm’s reach.  Nail the pegboard inside of a decorative frame to hang it above your workspace, or frame out the back of the pegboard to install it on the inside of a cabinet door for concealed storage.  Either way, it is sure to change the way you sew and craft!


Oh Baby:

Wee ones come with a lot of gear.  Prevent rummaging for basic care necessities during late night diaper changes by installing a small pegboard near the changing station.  Because shelves, bins and clips can all be attached, they are an ideal solution for holding lotions, powders, binkies, health care items and even charming photos and mementos.




To manage a plethora of wardrobe accessories, install pegboard on a bedroom wall or within a closet space.  Anything from necklaces to scarves to sunglasses can be stored in this fashion, ensuring getting ready in the morning is easy breezy.  By dressing up the pegboard with your favorite paint color, it will allow the organization to seamlessly blend with your space.


Command Station:

For those with a lot of appointments and schedules to manage, creating a command station can offer a one-stop spot for holding invitations, memos and date cards.  By adding pencil cups and small bins, office supplies can remain right within reach for the entire family.  Pegboard clips allow you to pin up important notes, bills and correspondences.


That’s a Wrap:

Create a small station for organizing the supplies needed for wrapping gifts year round.  Pegboard hooks hold tools like scissors and tape, while bins can be installed to hold markers, pens and embellishments.  Hooks paired with cafe rods or bungee systems can be used for corralling spools of ribbons and tubes of gift wrap.


Cleaning and Maintenance:


A wall or closet filled with pegboard brings together all of the supplies used to care and maintain a home.  Hooks work wonders for holding brooms, dusters, paint brushes, scrubbers and much, much more.


In the Kitchen:


Framing out pegboard in the kitchen provides instant wall storage for daily cookware.  This also offers an alternative solution when cabinet spaces is limited and is also ideal for those who love to cook and want instant access to pots, pans, lids, gadgets and utensils.


If concealed storage is much more appealing to you in the kitchen, add tall pegs to pegboard mounted in the bottom of a drawer.  The pegs can be configured to fit your dishware and prevent them from sliding around or shifting while the drawer is in use.

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