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Paint Project

Hi, I’m Ursula from Home Made by Carmona, and I’m excited to be here today to share one of the most versatile and high-end projects you can execute for your own home —  rug painting! Yes, you read right. Instead of shelling out the big bucks for that really edgy rug you’ve been eyeing, consider making your own at a fraction of the cost. I am honored to have my painted rugs featured in the “I Did It!” section of the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and now you can create your own stunning painted rugs! By the way, it doesn’t just stop at rug design. The same techniques you use to create the rug of your dreams can be used to craft stellar throw pillows, curtain designs, cloth napkins, and more. But more on that later…

Today I’m giving you five tips to help you achieve the professional high-end rug you crave.

Tip #1: Create bold geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are in, and, lucky for us, they are the easiest designs to DIY. Lay tape down randomly for a modern application, or strategically imitate a favorite design.

Tips to make DIY geometric painted rugs

Tip #2: Use a great painters tape

Start with a really good painters tape to keep sharp lines and prevent bleeding. The green FrogTape is my personal favorite and works incredibly well on fabric. Make sure you take your time pressing along the edges of your tape for perfectly clean lines, then remove the tape as soon as the paint has been applied. The faster you remove the tape, the better.

Get the template for this rug here!

Tip #3: Go with sisal or flat weave rugs

From a decorative perspective, we love a flat weave or sisal rug, but from a paint-it-yourself perspective, we really adore it! Sisal has a texture that makes painting simple and generally bleed-free, and a flat weave rug (with the emphasis on flat) or any cotton-based rug that doesn’t have large woven bumps ensures tape can be applied flat and secure.

Tip #4:  Use stencils or other creative templates

Tape may be the go-to for creating designs, but don’t stop there! A simple cookie cutter can be used to create a popular polka dot design, and stencils are perfect for more intricate designs. Be creative, and think outside the box!

Tip#5: Go off script and apply designs to other mediums

Apply your newfound skill to curtains and throw pillows for decor that complements your beautiful new rug design. Learn how to make these trendy designs using tape at Home Made by Carmona.

By painting a rug or other decor item, you’ll add a posh, custom feel to your space, as if you shop only high-end decorator designs. Not to mention, you’ll save a ton of money and obtain some serious bragging rights!


New Years is in just a few days. With that comes spring cleaning, organizing and throwing away those things that just don’t matter anymore. I love removing things from my decor that are adding clutter instead of adding beauty. A lovely palette that can take your space from too much stuff to being minimalist awesome is black, white and silver. Of course color is the best and can always be introduced but if you are craving a more simple space, this is your color palette! Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Dining Table 2. Table Lamp 3. Candle Holder 4. Teapot 5. Candlestick Holders 6. Tray 7. Bowl 8. Dining Chair  For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Jacket
Introduce Samovar Silver in accessories and even wood furniture pieces.

Color Inspiration: Pants
I’m all for black accent walls. Domino creates the perfect dramatic wall to showcase your whites, silvers and other tones.

Color Inspiration: Shirt
Extra White is a great bright white that looks awesome on the walls, furniture and accessories.

Outfit Photo via Sincerely Jules. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

We a see a stylish, minimalist space below using the black, white and silver color palette.

Image: VT Wonen

Hey guys, I’m Sandra Powell of Sawdust Girl. I’m thrilled to be here to tell you about my “I did it” photo shoot experience and tell you a little bit more about myself.

I spend most of my days remodeling my home; tearing out walls, building new ones and designing and building custom built-ins.

 When I received an email from Kit at Better Homes and Gardens saying something to the effect of, “We’d love to feature one of your projects in an upcoming magazine” — I was ecstatic! I’m pretty sure I either squealed and/or jumped up and did a happy dance.







Master closet in my current home.




While reading Kit’s email, I naturally assumed she was going to say she wanted to feature one of my built-in projects because that’s what I’m known for…it’s kind of my thing.


 Library in current house


I’ve been building built-ins for myself for about 12 years and recently started designing custom plans for others and offer “Build it Yourself” Coaching services, so I had to giggle when Kit said, “the project we’d like to feature just involves paint.” She wanted to feature my daughter’s map wall. I was surprised but just as thrilled. Madison and I were both really excited!


About the map Art wall.


This wall is in NO WAY meant to portray an accurate map of the world. It’s simply subway art with names of places that Madison wants to visit. We decided it would be cool to put a map of the world behind the words.



The map wall is the backdrop for Madison’s bed.  It’s a tiny, tiny room.



There isn’t room for much more than the bed. The opposite wall is covered in chalkboard vinyl and has a little recessed area that is just big enough for a hutch.



A couple projects I built for her room are these three storage benches and this beachy mirror.


The day of the photo shoot Madison got to skip school. She was soooo sad about that. :-) The adjacent room was accosted by the team for storing all the supplies and equipment.



The bedroom is pretty tiny, so they had to get creative and set up the camera equipment in the hallway and adjacent room. It was an adventure squeezing around the camera equipment to get in and out of the room.


The team was incredible. Jessica set everything up and staged the room. Edmund was a hoot! He tried to make us laugh while Jessica gave directions for me to try to look natural. Then they shot and examined lots and lots of photos.



My face was sore from smiling after the shoot, but it was a great experience. It was fun and exciting for both Madison and me, and I’m so happy that Kit’s email didn’t get lost in the black hole that some of my emails end up in. That would have been a missed opportunity of a lifetime!


Madison and I were so excited to get our August copy of Better Homes and Gardens and open up to the “I Did It” section to see HER bedroom (and us in it). What a thrill!


Come by and visit me at Sawdust Girl or say hello on my Facebook page any time.


A big thank you to Better Homes and Gardens for the great feature and to Jennifer Lawrence Photography for my closet/tool photo.


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