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Armoires have been around for generations; yet continue to impress me in the world of storage. They offer an endless variety of functions, making them a prime candidate to be used in just about every room in the home.

An armoire is best described as a large wardrobe or cupboard with doors and/or drawers. Today I am going to share examples of how this amazing piece of furniture can work some organizing magic in most common home spaces.


Armoire - Entryway

Unfortunately, many homes are not designed with a large entryway or coat closet. Yet this space can ultimately become one of the highest traffic areas in the abode. Tame the coat, handbag, boot and shoe clutter with an armoire cabinet. A rail manages the hanging items while drawers and shelves manage footwear and outdoor accessories.

Living Room:

Armoire - Living Room

(via Ballard Designs)

Growing up, I always remember visiting homes where families utilized armoires to hold their televisions. They still work great for that purpose today, however, they can also be used in the space to store folded blankets, stacks of board games and glossy magazines waiting to be read.

Home Office:

Armoire - Home Office

Because so many armoires are designed to hold televisions, they also can jump in and act as a place to setup a computer workstation. Take advantage of the doors for a place to keep important notes, papers and reminders, while the drawers work overtime to store smaller office supplies that come in handy during a good homework session or late night conference call.


Armoire - Kitchen

No pantry? No problem! An armoire acts as the perfect “stand-in” pantry, with an abundance of concealed shelving it is ready to hold dry goods and small appliances.

Dining Room:

Armoire - Dining Room

One of my personal favorite places to utilize an armoire, is in the dining room. Armoires are ideal for holding delicate china (and the doors can be removed to display your favorites!), as well as creating a small and personal bar area or serving station. The lower portion of the cabinet offers space for organizing party and entertaining supplies.


Armoire - Bathroom

(via Young House Love)

In the bathroom or bedroom, utilize wardrobes to hold extra linen and toiletry products. They are perfect for over-sized quilts, pillows, towels and bath robes. Add a few decorative trays or boxes to hold bathroom products such as bath salts and personal care items and you have created a handy linen closet where there once was none.


Armoire - Bedroom

Although many bedrooms are designed with a closet, often times there is a larger storage demand that the closet just can’t keep up with. If that is the case, the armoire saves the day again! Many are designed to act as a clothing closet, coming equipped with a rod and shelving, however, they can also hold off-season items, bedroom and bath linens and your growing shoe and accessory collection.

Laundry Room:

Armoire - Laundry Room

In the laundry room, an armoire can offer a place to hang clothing to dry (just be sure to leave the doors open or remove them all together). It also can hold laundry baskets and conceal everyday laundering and cleaning supply clutter.

Final Armoire Tips:

Armoire - Wallpaper

(via The Handmade Home)

Don’t be afraid to search for armoires at flea markets, thrift stores and on your local Craigslist site. Old armoires are often times the best built and have beautiful detailing, and are just in need of a little love. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware can do wonders for dated pieces. And to really make it special, consider lining the back with a beautiful paper.

Have you invested in one of the most versatile pieces of furniture on the market? How would you put one of these beauties to work in your own home?

There are endless reasons why black and white creates a winning combination.  Together they become a classic yet bold medley that continuously thrives within the home decor and fashion worlds.


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When it comes to selecting products for organizing, you can’t go wrong with this dynamic duo.  The classic combination will ensure the storage you are investing in remains timeless for years.  The best part is that black and white pairs beautifully with an endless variety of colors and patterns, so although your tastes may change, your storage doesn’t have to.

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