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Hello there! I’m Jenna, Interior Designer + Blogger of SAS Interiors, a design blog and interactive website dedicated to sharing + inspiring through Do It Yourself projects, decorating tips + ideas, and interior design inspiration. Being featured in the “I Did It” section of Better Homes and Gardens magazine has been an incredibly amazing and rewarding opportunity; an unimaginable experience actually that has exceeded hopes and dreams. A real ‘pinch me’ moment!






Better Homes and Gardens I Did It feature - Central Command Center created by @Jenna_Burger of

The opportunity to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens presented itself after having several other spaces in my home and clients homes photographed for BHG specialty magazines. I had been working with the incredibly talented Donna Talley, Stylist and Producer for Meredith Corporation, for a few months when she mentioned the idea of submitting a project for the I Did It section. We both thought my central command center would be the perfect project and after review, the BHG team loved it’s incredible function and ease for any homeowner to implement. They thought it was perfect for their get organized-theme January 2014 issue.

It was A-GO! Yippie!!

From that point, a date for shooting took place, which was in mid-June, and the rest was history. O wait… I failed to mention one important detail. My kids were also asked to be in the feature with me. Yikes. That news alone made the pressure (pressure I put on to myself) for perfection that much more. Not only did I have to look good, but I had to worry about how my kids would look (not too big of a deal) and how they would act (sometimes a challenge).

In the end, all the details came together to create an effortless and engaging feature!

BHG feature - Behind the Scenes

So let me take you through the nitty-gritty details of my Central Command Center and share with you why this 30″ wide wall works + functions so well…

1. The smaller the better.

Often when given more space, it becomes overwhelming, cluttered, and non-functional. When you have a smaller space to work within, you’re left with only the true necessities. The wall of my central command center is about 30″ wide, yet it’s extremely functional filled with elements that suit our family needs – a customized calendar, small storage boxes (for keys, glasses, and other every day needs), kids charts, pen/pencil holders, and of course important inspirational words all on top of a chalkboard wall. Each element is used. Each element serves a purpose.

Better Homes and Gardens I Did It feature - Central Command Center created by @Jenna_Burger of

Better Homes and Gardens I Did It feature - Central Command Center created by @Jenna_Burger of

2. Location. Location. Location.

Choosing a central location in the home is important for making the most use out of a central command center. This small, but uber-functional wall in my home is located near the foyer and close to the kitchen. It’s a spot that is in the ‘hub of the home’ and can easily be seen / accessed.

3. Change it up often.

Since I created this command center 2 years ago, it’s had multiple updates (check out where it started). Even from the time of the photoshoot, the 30″ sliver of wall space has changed. Why? Because our family needs have changed. We still have the calendar (that’s a must to keep us on track), but other elements of the wall have been updated. Being open to making adjustments either seasonally or yearly is important. By simply making a few needed changes, it keeps the space fresh, new, and always 24/7 functional.

Better Homes and Gardens I Did It feature - Central Command Center created by @Jenna_Burger of

4. Make it fun.

Anything that has a sense of whimsy, color, and/or a bit of personalization is sure to be fun and usable. The most important part of creating a CCC is to use it. And as with anything, it takes time to get used to. When creating a command center, make it a must to look at and use every day. After a few weeks / months you will see how much you depend on the space to keep your family on track so you know where you are going when!

Being featured in Better Homes and Gardens has been a wonderful experience. I am so grateful to the entire BHG team that I’ve had the pleasure of working and interacting with. Opening up my home to share ideas and projects that I’ve created, brings me great happiness. I’m so lucky to have been given a gift to inspire others. I hope you come visit me at SAS Interiors and across the web!

Jen Jones

Organize This: Bathroom Vanity

Trend: Painted Bathroom Vanities!


Painting your vanity will give you a beautiful look on the outside, but how do you conceal, stash and organize your belongings on the inside?

Gain access to the backs of the cabinets by using a lazy susan, which will spin items in the back, to the front.  Old metal tool boxes can be given new life with pretty paint, and be used to store hair supplies or first aid products {minus medications as they should never be stored in the bathroom}.  Bonus points for utilizing the back of the cabinet door to hold a roll of paper towels, a rack for smaller toiletries or even hanging extra hand towels.


If your vanity wasn’t blessed with built in shelves, you can always DIY or purchase some after.  Another super simple and effective option is stackable drawers.  Once labeled, they keep it easy to find any bathroom tool in a jiff!

If an open look is what you are after {and to give yourself quicker access to your everyday items}, try removing your vanity doors and using a few color-happy bins and trays to corral all of your bathroom necessities.

Bathrooms are probably one of the most frequently cleaned rooms in the home.  Make it easier on yourself by tossing a basket within the vanity, to corral all of the cleaning goodies.

Caddies with dividers not only keep your drawers organized, they also allow for portable storage of beauty supplies, such as nail care products.

Don’t forget the area above the vanity!  Installing a wall unit behind the mirror will double your bathroom storage capacity.

Open vanities give you instant access to everyday personal care.  Wire and woven baskets are the perfect mix and match solution for bath supplies, towels and paper products.

No vanity?  Add a tall and slender etagere.  They can tuck behind the loo or in-between sinks, which makes them space saving.  They offer open or concealed storage and are great for decorative objects mixed with everyday personal care items.


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Nicole Balch

Get the Look: Expedit Chic

The IKEA Expedit shelving unit can probably be considered a modern classic by now, and I continue to see them pop up all over the place. It takes a bit of ingenuity to get one to catch your eye, but that’s what this home office has going for it in spades.

I would not have thought of putting swing-arm sconces above a big shelving unit. Would you? But it works, and it looks fantastic! The rest of the space supports the design too, elevating a fairly standard big box item into something wonderful. Here’s how to achieve a similar look.

  1. Cassidy Indigo Ikat Armless Chair
  2. Classic Gray Binders
  3. Knipsa Seagrass Basket
  4. Braided Storage Basket with Lid
  5. Brass Swing-Arm Sconce
  6. Expedit Shelving Unit
  7. Gramercy Mirrored Desk
  8. Merie Table Lamp

Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Button Earring Holders


A couple of months ago I happened to catch an episode of the Rachel Ray show. I’ve only seen it a couple of times and never actually try to watch it. For some reason… the sparkling lights in the TV mesmerized me and I had to watch. I’m glad I did. I saw the most amazing thing! Ok, not super spectacular, but pretty neat. A designer on the show shared the idea of putting a pair of earrings together ON buttons. Yup. That means they are ALWAYS together.

It’s very simple to do. Pick out a few pretty buttons, poke the stud through the hole and clip the earring backing on the other side. Done.


A couple of tips for the process…

- If you have earring that are a bit bulky and wont fit together on one button: Use a bit of string to tie two buttons together, add your earrings to the buttons and now your earrings are together.

- If you have a button with multiple holes: it’s fun to put more than one set of earrings on a single button.

- Buttons that have a single loop on the back are perfect for wire earrings.


How many times have I fished around for the matching earring pair? How many hours have I lost doing this? Kidding, it’s not that bad. It’s just great to know where my earrings are.



- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Jen Jones

Organize This: Cleaning Closet!

Cleaning comes with all sorts of tasks and products right?  Brooms, mops, vacuums, rags, sponges… the list goes on and on.  Keeping those cleaning goodies all corralled in one happy place is far more effective and time saving than having them spread throughout the home.

Sure, there are absolutely times where it makes sense to store specific cleaning supplies within an individual room, rather than heading back to the cleaning command station each day.  For example, I am a huge fan of keeping cleaning supplies tucked under the bathroom sink, since I tend to wipe up the bathroom on a daily basis.  By keeping the supplies right in the space that I clean each day, I am more apt to grab a sponge and spray.

Speaking of keeping supplies together.  My next cleaning product organization tip is to give yourself a cleaning caddy.  It makes it much easier to take a bucket or basket from room to room to dust, wipe down the glass, scrub a stain or clean the counters, rather than keeping products lined up under the kitchen sink or up on a shelf.

Again, I have found that by keeping my products together and portable, I am much more likely to want to use them.  It just makes things so much easier, and allows me to “work smarter, not harder”.


Back to the cleaning closet.  Closets are a great place to store those larger cleaning supplies, such as vacuums, brooms and mops.  And the smaller caddies and essentials can be tucked into bins and baskets within the same closet.  If your home is limited in closet and storage space, consider purchasing a utility wardrobe to your garage, entry or mudroom.

When planning out your closet, list all the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning tasks that you tackle, and stock your closet accordingly.  Some might find it easier to divide out the cleaning supplies by specific tasks, others may select to divide them out by frequency or portability.

Utilizing the backs of the closet or cabinet doors, along with the interior walls of the closet, is the best way to maximize your storage capacity.  Over the door organizers or pockets are a great way to store extra supplies such as brushes, sponges, disinfecting wipes, gloves, etc… hooks and clips are also wonderful options for handled items such as dust pans and brooms.

If you are like me, and watch for your favorite products to go on sale and stock up on a few extras at that time, keeping a cleaning closet allows you to store your overflow cleaning supplies and products as well.   They are also a great place to stash extra bulky paper products.


A designated area for all of your supplies provides a great starting point to keeping a tidy and clean home.  Sometimes just looking at my cleaning items all nicely corralled, gets me inspired to turn up the music and do a little scrubbing.

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Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Kitchen nook + DIY banquette seating


I’ve said it before: my home is small. We need to take advantage of each and every inch of our home. This is why I’m researching banquette style seating. It can be seating and storage ALL in one. That’s my kind of bench. I found this lovely space and decided I need to recreate it. Banquette seating is usually custom built and installed, but I have seen MANY people use the Expedit Shelving Unit from Ikea as a seat. Add some small furniture legs for height, some cushions to sit on, and some Expedit door inserts. Now you have a little DIY banquette set up! We are SERIOUSLY considering this DIY for our kitchen nook.



1. The Chicken Encyclopedia via William Sonoma 2. Keeping Chickens via William Sonoma 3. Scallop Platter via Bed Bath & Beyond 4. Metal Bell Pendant via World Market 5. Wall Ledge with Metal Brackets via Target 6. Candy Stripe Wave Pillow via Bed Bath and Beyond 7. Red and Blue Accent Pillow via Lamps Plus 8. Rosette Round Pillow via Anthropologie 9. Great White Pitcher via Pottery Barn 10. Expedit Shelving Unit via Ikea 11. Waddell Bun Foot Table Leg via Lowes 12. Lugano Table via World Market 13. Expedit Insert via Ikea 14. Woven Garden Stripe Rug via Wayfair 15. Wood Bowl via Bed Bath and Beyond 16. Swing Bottle via Sur La Table 17. Round Charger Plate via Wayfair


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama