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navy and white master bedroom with a sunburst mirror

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we are done with our master bedroom makeover! At least the first part of it. That’s how it goes with home projects around here: we celebrate the small victories. When we decided to redo our master bedroom decor a few months ago, I did something a little different from what I usually do: I actually started buying new things. Usually, I spend months and months and months planning before I actually do anything. I like to have everything firmly planned out in my mind and on paper before I make purchases. But I think what worked for us this time and helped us get this makeover finished quickly was that I just started buying things–new bed linens, throw pillows, a mirror–as I found them. I didn’t wait for the whole room to be planned out. And instead of taking longer, the room came together really quickly. I think this might be a new winning strategy for me!

A few weeks after we decided to redo our bed linens in white and navy, I spotted this cute and really inexpensive quilt and matching shams in a catalog at my in-laws’ house. The navy print on a white background is reminiscent of traditional Hawaiian quilts, which I love. We knew we wanted to bring some blue into the foot of the bed with a quilt folded across the area, and both the color and low cost of this quilt made it a perfect candidate. So instead of thinking about it for a month, I went ahead and ordered it that day. All we really needed was a starting point, and the rest of the makeover was a cinch.

navy and white quilt and matching shams

We’ve never had cute throw pillows on our bed before, but with this makeover, I was determined to find some good ones. I met Hannah, the owner of Mae Woven and maker of beautiful African mud cloth pillows over the summer. She is just as cute and stylish as you would imagine. A pair of indigo pillow covers was next on our list of purchases. I also found and fell in love with a pillow from Schoolhouse Electric when I was researching navy throw pillows for a Style Spotters post a few months ago, and bought it on a recent trip to their Portland, OR flagship store.

indigo african mudcloth throw pillow from mae woven

navy mayan throw pillow from schoolhouse electric

We knew we wanted a simple white quilt and shams to balance out all that navy, and found this understated set at Pottery Barn. After having lower quality bed linens for a long time, we were ready for something significantly nicer, something that would last and look great for years. We love the quality of this quilt, and thanks to a 20% off coupon, were able to get it for less than full price.

white pick-stitch quilt from pottery barn

Having done lots of research on navy rooms over the past few months, I’ve noticed an accessory that nearly every navy room has: a gold sunburst mirror. The gold looks so beautiful and warm paired with the deep blue, and the shape is eye-catching. I’ve seen really cheap-looking ones that are affordable and really spectacular ones that cost substantially more. I spotted a lovely one on social media at the beginning of September, but was discouraged by the nearly $500 price tag. And then out of the blue, Domino Magazine posted a picture of this one on Instagram as their featured sale item, and I jumped right on my computer and bought it for less than half the price of the more expensive mirror. We were so excited to hang it up last weekend. It really pulled the whole room together and gave it quite a spectacular focal point.

gold sun flair mirror from domino magazine

So, is our master bedroom completely finished? Not really. We have two enormous dressers in there right now that provide surprisingly little storage for their gigantic sizes, and we’d love to find some smarter, sleeker storage solutions. And I already have a gallery wall taking shape in my mind whenever we get the storage situation sorted out. But for now, the room looks great, and we are so happy we finally jumped in and gave our room a much-needed facelift. It’s actually a room we enjoy spending time in now, and with the master bedroom on the main floor right off the family room, it’s nice to be able to leave teh door open and be confident that if guests wander that direction, they’ll see a beautiful, thoughtfully decorated room.



Looking for a fresh neutral alternative to gray and brown?  Of course black is hot, hot, hot right now and black and white is even hotter! Psst! If you want to know what is coming just around the corner, stay right here and get your pinning trigger finger ready!  Get ready for an influx of navy and indigo in your life.  Yes!  Navy is not just for nautical beach looks.  It is truly one of the most versatile, user friendly neutrals out there.  Bonus! It pairs great with all other neutral players like black, brown, gray, and beige, so blending it right into your current look will be seamless.

Navy in the living roomimage via Room & Board


John Robshaw at Room & Boardimage via John Robshaw at Room & Board

Navy has the power to be the great equalizer.  It pairs so well with both masculine and feminine accent colors that it has the power to make a room feel eclectic and gender neutral. Paired with blush pink it feels moody and sophisticated.  When navy teams up with yellow, whites, and grays it instantly feels contemporary and fresh.



Look for shibori dyeing techniques like in these napkins from Anthropologie. Pillows and little accessories like this picture frame by Nate Berkus for Target and tray from yours truly are perfect for blending some fresh navy into your existing color scheme. Go all out and create a lux cozy feeling with navy walls. Or, split the difference by adding a statement investment piece like a clean lined couch or side chairs.

Shibori napkins Anthropologieimage via Anthropologie

Une Femme Tray Khristian Howell, Navy picture frame Nate Berkus for Targetimages: 1 Nate Berkus for Target / 2 Khristian A. Howell


No matter how you play you cannot go wrong with classic neutral that is making its way back to center stage.




I’m not sure why it is, but as of late I’ve been totally taken with anything navy. So much so, that this past week I spray painted my outdoor bistro set the most gorgeous shade of navy. It turned out beautifully, giving me just the look I wanted. In the past, navy was never really a color that came to mind when decorating. However, lately I’ve been introducing touches of it in my spaces and loving the results.

As amazing as it could look, I’m not the type to paint an entire room navy. However, using it as an accent color can be brilliant. I especially love the space in the photo above. In this room, the architecture is the star. The bursts of navy blue in the pillows not only make the space look inviting, but give it a contemporary edge. I think the reason I’m loving navy so much is that depending on how it’s used, it can feel traditional, regal, or even modern.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

Thankfully, I’m not the only one loving navy these days. I’ve been seeing more and more accessories and furnishings in this fabulous shade at so many of my favorite stores. Today, I’ve pulled together a few pieces to inspire you to give navy a try in your own space. What do you think? Have you been bit by the navy bug?

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm



Hi everyone! I am Jessica and our blog is called Four Generations One Roof. We are a crew of four generations all living together under one roof, and I happen to be the ring leader. Our blog is where we share our insane living arrangement (going on six years now living together), DIY home projects, renovations, tutorials, room makeovers and whatever else goes on in our home. There are nine of us total — and yes, it’s crazy that we all live under one roof — and so far, we have all survived! Ha.  I was thrilled when Better Homes and Gardens invited me to share our family room with you as well as fabulous ideas on how you can bring the much-anticipated SPRING into your own family room.





spring family room ideas

This year for spring, I decided to use coral and navy throw pillows along with a coordinated throw blanket to add pops of fun bright color to the room.

spring family room ideas

Pillows are the easiest and most economical way to add color to a room. Many times I will purchase fabric I love and cover old pillows. Don’t worry if you can’t sew; purchase some stitch witchery and iron the fabric together. You will be amazed at how you can change the look with some fun fabric and old pillow inserts. Below, I took an old piece of fabric and covered a canvas dump truck wall hanging that was my son’s when he was a toddler. Paired with a couple of candle stick holders, faux coral and a cute sign, you now have a springy themed vignette for little money.

spring family room ideas

It’s super easy to transform a room from season to season using just a few items.

 Pink flowers + pillows 

I love how they coordinated the pink colorful flowers with the pink throw pillow in both the above and below photo.


blue pattern pillows

What strikes me about this room is the tall greenery in the corner. Anytime you add fresh greens or flowers to a room, it instantly feels springy and fresh.

pink + blue 

 green + orange  

This room is one of my favorites. Chocolate brown and pink add such a huge impact to a room. This color scheme makes the room feel alive, happy and just what is needed after a long winter! You don’t need to have colorful and patterned furniture to achieve this look. You can purchase fabric and recover pillows, create fabric-covered wall art, or recover books and boxes for shelving displays.

Here is another example of layering framed artwork to create a spring-themed vignette. The mantel is simple yet adds a contrast in color as well as ties in the orange color from the throw pillows and blanket.

layered mantel spring family room ideas


There are so many ways to add a spring element to your family room, these are just a few of the easiest and most economical. Of course, you can break out the paint brushes and get busy adding a fresh new paint color to your room. I’m all about that, but for now our family room is sporting some fun new throw pillows, DIY wall art and a colorful throw blanket. Thank you so much, Better Homes Gardens, for inviting me to spend time with your readers. It was fun!

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