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Pin it. Get it! Wood Accents

TREND: Natural Wood

I will be the first to admit that I love painted wood. When it comes to wood, whether it’s furniture, moldings, accessories, or what have you, I typically prefer it painted. If you had the chance to visit my house, you’d see that all of my molding is a crisp white. You’d also notice that a lot of my furnishings are vintage and painted. I really can’t explain why I’m drawn to these types of pieces.

Lately, however, I have been inspired by natural wood. I especially like it when it’s a little roughed up and vintage looking. It’s as if the wood grain tells a story. Whether it’s a lamp with natural wood legs or something as simple as a cutting board, I’m attracted to the uniqueness of the piece. Like a fingerprint, the wood grain of each is different. I love this because even if the style or craftsmanship is the same, every piece is unique.

This week, I was inspired by this eclectic nook in this fabulous living room. Beyond all of the wonderful and personal accessories in this room, I was immediately attracted to the natural wood doors on the built-in cabinets. They add such character, warmth and life to the this little corner of the room. There’s no doubt that these doors have a rich history. Pulling inspiration from these, I compiled a collection of some of my favorite natural wood pieces to help you add warmth, character, and history to your space.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

I’m pushing myself to incorporate more natural woods into my home, Through this process, I’m learning that a mix of painted and natural wood creates a really beautiful and collected look. What are you thoughts on natural wood accents?

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

get the look: hunger games & revolution inspired nursery

I’m so excited for fall, and the cooler air means lots of outside time, and it’s always nice to get a fresh start.  The new TV season will be starting soon, too, and Chip and I are interested in checking out the new Revolution show, a post-apocalyptic story that sort of brings to mind Hunger Games with the skilled archer heroine.  With that around the corner, and the recent release of The Hunger Games to watch, here is a nursery inspired by the outdoors, archery, and courage:

hunger games baby room ideas

(1) Wooden Pendants; (2) Mountain Landscape; (3) Handmade Arrows; (4) Arrowhead Collection; (5) Mockingbird; (6) Berries Botanical Chart; (7) Arizona Landscape; (8) Home Is . . . Print; (9) Be Brave Print; (10) Triangles Pillow; (11) Natural Sparrow Crib; (12) Triangles Print; (13) Triangles Pillow; (14) Vintage Tree Print; (15) Mid-Century Dresser; (16) Gold Lamp; (17) Agate Bookends; (18) Beetle Chart; (19) Souk Rug; (20) Meloni Chair

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

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