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vintage living: modern take on macrame

I am not sure if you’ve heard the news, but the 70′s influence is making its way back into home décor this year, in a big way. In my last article I shared one of my favorite design elements of this era, you can find it HERE. Growing up in the 70′s our home was a healthy mix of 70′s décor, sprinkled in with some traditional & family pieces. My mom, who always loved home design had a way of making it all work and feel stylish. We had autumn gold appliances, dark wood cabinets & floors and plenty of bold, floral wallpaper to go around. Among these typical trends were also an abundance of rattan, wicker, shag and macramé in our home. I have fond memories of our macramé owl that hung in our family room and the hanging macramé plant holder in our kitchen, oh how I wish I held onto these! Whether or not you are lucky enough to find authentic, vintage macramé you can still get this look. Here are some ways to incorporate a modern take on macramé into your home….

DIY & macramé are a hot combo these days, just search Pinterest & blogland and you will find a variety of original ideas. If you like this look then why not tackle a project yourself. These DIY’s are totally unexpected and fun, plus they add a stylish element to any space. Another positive to creating a piece yourself is the personal satisfaction & pride you will get from your hard work, along with a good monetary savings as well. These DIY’s below all have fantastic tutorials, just click the link below each image.


Easy DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Make + Haus


Homey Oh My-Macrame Wall Art


Oleander & Palm- DIY Gold Macrame


Classy Clutter-Macrame Planters


Another option to bring this bohemian aesthetic into your space is buying handcrafted from a local artisan. You can shop ETSY and other online shops for textile art, these items are handmade so you will pay a bit of a premium but what an incredible statement piece it will be. Each one is original, so no one else will have that same piece in their home, which is nice.

Handmade macrame wall hanging-Etsy


macrame wall hanging by Ranran Design on Etsy


WALL ART by Ranrandesign


All Roads-Macrame shop



If all else fails search your favorite on trend, home décor shops such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and even Target. You can find a variety of beautiful & stylish macramé accessories and art for the home and some won’t even break the bank:).

Urban Outfitters-Macrame Folding Screen


Whatever your style preference, macramé brings a handcrafted, organic element that adds style and fun to any space.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

The 70′s called and it wants macrame back. That’s not going to happen because I love a cute macrame plant hanger. They are so cute and I love them. You can put flowers or succulents in your hangers, or how about some herbs? Wouldn’t these be cute with a mini oregano hanging out in there? A little grouping of herbs hanging in your kitchen window?


  • Colorful yarn
  • Cute mini planter
  • Plant (I used a succulent)
  • Scissors


Step 1: 

Cut out eight 36 inch long pieces of yarn.

Step 2: 

Tie a big knot to keep all your yarn pieces together. This knot will also be the center of the bottom of the hanger.

Step 3: 

Split up the yarn into four sections (2 pieces per section).

Step 4: 

Tie a knot in each section. The spacing from the main center knot to the first section knot is up to you. Since my planter is tiny, I tied my first knot about 1/2 inch from the center. These set of knots should be somewhere under the planter base. Repeat this step with all four sections (the first set of knots are highlighted in pink).

Tip: feel free to test the planter in the yarn as you go along. This will help you place the knots properly.

Step 5:

Next, grab a piece of yarn from one section and match it with a piece of yarn from it’s neighboring yarn section. Check the image above for help. Repeat with all four sections. Again, the length from one knot to the next will depend on the size of your planter. These knots should be located in the bottom 1/2 of your planter (the second set of knots are highlighted in yellow).

Step 6:

Repeat step 5 to make another set of knots. These knots should be located around the top 1/2 of the planter. Repeat with all 4 sections (the third set of knots are highlighted in blue).

Step 7:

The last set of knots should be located somewhere above the planter (see image for reference). Tie all the yarn pieces into a final knot a couple inches above the last set of knots (you’ll see the fourth set of knots above the plant).

Step 8:

Tie a loop above that fourth knot. From here you can braid the remaining yarn, put some beads on, or just plain tie a loop. It’s completely up to you.

These items would also be SO cute as little gifts and/or party favors!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. I made this cute little planter for my ebook: Make Your Day

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