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Living Room

Have you been considering a remodeling project but aren’t sure how to upgrade your room? To class up any room, just add a built-in unit. Unsure about the process? These 8 bloggers have you covered! Check out this compilation of built-ins for every room in the house and details on how to get the job done.

1. Front Room Built-In Bookcase

In need of a makeover for her out-of-date 2008 design, Stephanie used the odd shape of the room off her home’s entryway to her advantage. This DIY built-in bookcase was created by cutting and melding stock IKEA shelves. Give guests a great first impression by following Stephanie’s design process for her built-in, and be sure to check out the full makeover at her blog, Studio 36 Interiors.


Image Via: Studio 36 Interiors

2. Kitchenette Storage Banquette Seat

You can never have enough storage, and — thanks to Kristi of Addicted to Decorating — now you can have more in your kitchenette. The best news? This DIY built-in storage bench is easy to build. At least that’s what Kristi says. See if she’s right, here!

Image Via: Addicted 2 Decorating

3. Office Desk Built-In

Laura and Dana configured this easy DIY built-in desk for their farmhouse office space. Though it may look complicated, the husband-and-wife team say it’s simply the outcome of building a few basic boxes, using a couple stock cabinets, and topping it with plywood. A little more than that goes into the project, and you can see for yourself at their blog Finding Home Farms.

Image Via: Finding Home Farms

4. Living Room Built-in

This built-in unit started as nothing more than a fireplace on a jutted partial wall. Nate and Michelle worked together to create a seamless shelving unit for their living room, complete with a classic molding. See how they did it – and find more cute pictures of their dog, Ike — over at their blog, Decor and the Dog.

Image Via: Decor and the Dog

5. Kids’ Room Bunk Bed Built-In

This blogger and mom of five opted for the logical approach to housing all her children. Extreme bunk beds. She really does go all out. Not only are the beds and stairs built-in, she went as far as giving each bed its own built-in shelving. Head over to the August Fields blog page and see this awesome process in four parts. Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Image Via: August Fields

6. Bathroom Storage Built-In

Ever have a bathroom with no storage? So did Angela — the creator of Unexpected Elegance — until she DIYed her own built-in solution. A “seriously easy” project, she claims, though you will need a space of wall between studs and a tool that can easily cut into drywall. You can find her tutorial on this diy built-in bathroom shelving at her blog.

Image Via: Unexpected Elegance

7. Bedroom Bookshelf Built-In

Take your reading nook to the next level. Try a built-in bedroom bookshelf headboard (say that ten times, fast). Our Humble Abode creator Amanda and husband Bed converted a dimly lit, dark wood room to an inviting, cozy space. They brought new life to an old bookshelf and look good doing it.

Image Via: Our Humble Abode

8. DIY Built-In Closet

Sawdust Girl Sandra admits that this project isn’t for the inexperienced, but she has a lot of tips to help you along the way, just in case. In her guide to plan and design a built-in closet, she’ll walk you through how to assess your closeting needs, measure a room, create a plan, and execute a design. You’ll have a beautiful DIY master closet in no-time!

Image Via: Sawdust Girl

As you prepare for your next remodel, keep these built-in ideas in mind, or even take a stab at executing one of them. You may be surprised in what you can accomplish. Show me your projects when they’re done!

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Hi BHG readers! My name is Katelyn Cheek and I write the lifestyle blog Katalina Girl. My blog is a place where I share all of the things I‘m truly passionate about related to fashion, home, entertaining, travel and of course my fur babies. By day I’m the eCommerce Editor at Better Homes and Gardens and by night, the Design Director for my family’s home building and renovation company called Oakstone Homes. So yes, you guessed it, pretty things are my jam.

I’m super excited to share one of our latest home renovations because what’s better than before and after pictures to inspire your own home makeover? We teamed up with Megan, the homeowner and founder of MB Interior Design to help create her dream home. From cabinets and paint to extending walls and new flooring, this was a complete and total gut job.

Megan and her husband, Matt, purchased this outdated 1980s home for their family of five for a few great reasons. Number one, this house had spectacular bones and tons of square footage. Second, the house was in town and nestled on a nearly 11 acre wooded lot – you just don’t find that every day! As soon as I saw the home I  recognized its endless potential. From the kitchen to the basement, check out how we transformed this dark, builder-grade house into a light, bright, custom home.

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house. As you can see, the old kitchen had honey oak cabinets, a misshaped island, an outdated solarium window, and the world’s smallest pantry! To create a more functional space, we extended the wall with the window out almost six feet to create a bigger space and make room for the oversize island. We also cut back the wall separating the kitchen and dining nook to better connect the spaces. This wall is a support beam so we weren’t able to completely remove it without blowing the budget. Last but not least, the kitchen looks back at their 10+ acres. To create a better view we replaced the old solarium with a triple window. The amount of light it lets provides a clean, airy feel.

Like many older homes, this one had a formal dining room that the family didn’t need. It was a huge room with two openings: one into the kitchen and one into the entryway of the home. To create better use of the space, we split the room to create a large walk-in pantry and an office space.

Another one of my favorite spaces in the house is the pantry. The custom barn doors are hung where the old entrance to the dining room was. The pantry features a custom built-in with a quartz countertop and custom shelving to hold appliances such as a wine refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. Creating a space in your pantry for these items will remove the clutter from your kitchen countertops.

The living room has large, 25-foot ceilings and a wall of windows that overlook the wooded backyard. This big space needed a few cosmetic fixes including new flooring – which spans the main level – and a new stain color for the built-in to better complement the floor. We also removed the track lighting and added can lighting to the ceiling. The kitchen and living room were painted Revere Pewter, which is the perfect warm gray color, in my opinion.

The laundry room was large but lacked storage. To compensate for the problem we installed custom built-ins with shelving and drawers – each family member has their own! The cabinets were painted Dorian Gray and upgraded with new gold knobs and a new quartz countertop.

Every bathroom in the home needed a little love including this main level powder room. This space was completely gutted an upgraded with a new stool, vanity, countertop, mirror, and to top it off, a vessel sink.

The basement level lacked character. To brighten up the space we painted the large honey oak fireplace surround white and added shiplap for the TV to hang on.  There was also a large kitchenette in the basement that was completely closed off from the living space by a door. To connect the kitchenette and basement living room for optimal entertaining, we opened up the wall and created a bar top for seating and serving!

Just like the rest of the house, this space had outdated oak cabinets. We followed Megan’s same design concept in the laundry and painted the cabinets Dorian Gray, plus added gold knobs.  We even used our leftover barn wood from the pantry doors to create an X-shaped wine holder. The herringbone backsplash and gold sink faucet  completed the space perfectly!

Photography: Jake Boyd Photo

Creating an inviting outdoor oasis was once a major challenge with the small scope of products available on the market. Yet these days, outdoor decorating is just as fun as curating a thoughtful and beautiful space indoors! Weather-resistant fabrics have come leaps and bounds throughout the past decade, and now, we’re able to craft outdoor dining rooms, living rooms, and lounge areas fit for any high design interior space.

Outdoor lighting in particular has seen a major refresh in the last few seasons, making it a cinch to pull together a space that can be enjoyed all day and all night, too. Whether you’re looking to create a reading nook under the stars, or you plan to host a Memorial Day cookout for the entire neighborhood, these ambient lighting ideas will have you experiencing creative light bulb moments all season long.

Add a Summer Spark to Your Soiree

The concept of creating an intimate space in an outdoor room that’s as “tall” as the earth’s atmosphere may seem daunting, but it’s easy to create that cozy effect with clever lighting. Try stringing globe lights in an overlapping pattern across the top of the space to bring the “ceiling” down to a more manageable height. Lining the perimeter of the outdoor space with lanterns and flickering candles finishes the seasonal room off in romantic style.

Add a Summer Spark to Your Soiree

If you once thought that a hanging chandelier was another decorative lighting feature destined to be “indoors only,” we challenge you to think again! Hanging a lantern above your outdoor eating or seating area is a surefire way of adding customized character to your deck or patio, and is perfectly safe for outdoor living thanks to solar powered capabilities. Supplement your chandelier with additional string lights to create a highly functioning outdoor lighting system guaranteed to light the way to a good time with friends and family.

Add a Summer Spark to Your Soiree

As we all know, seasonal entertaining isn’t always at home. So what do you do when you have a sunset picnic planned and no way of installing a permanent lighting system to keep the dark at bay? Consider stowing a few strands of LED string lights plus a transformer into your picnic basket. These portable lights can be draped over a tree branch or laid around the perimeter of your picnic blanket for functional and pretty ambiance in a flash. And if that’s not quite enough, toss one or two charged rock shaped LED solar-powered floor lamps into your basket just before heading out the door for extra lighting come sunset!

For more inspiration, visit the IKEA Spring brochure.

bhg blue study

My current color obsession is this richly beautiful study with floor to ceiling hydrangea blue, right down to the matching upholstered daybed. The color is what lured me in, but then I got to thinking about monochromatic rooms and naturally I fell down the rabbit hole to find some other ideas.

An entirely monochromatic room is such a visual statement. It conjures up images of velvet-lined jewelry boxes and floor-to-ceiling luxury. And while I primarily think of this as a rather dramatic look, it truly does depend on what the hue is. Let’s take a little tour around the rainbow.

Last fall, we stayed at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica which is probably my spirit animal, if a hotel could be such a thing. It has a stunning library off the lobby in floor to ceiling mustard yellow, including the drapes, carpet, and all the upholstery. It’s floor to ceiling glamour in Kelly Wearstler’s fabulously stylish way.

viceroy yellow upholstery pencil shavings studio 10

But if you love something dark, moody, and masculine, an all-black interior provides a cave-like ambience. I’d probably prefer this more in a bedroom than a living room as it feels like the perfect napping space.


bhg black living room

No matter what color you end up using, the real trick is layering texture to keep the overall room exciting and intentional. A bedroom with moire silk walls in a peppy shade of pink are perfectly paired with a darker raspberry headboard. This is pink in an utterly sophisticated monochromatic design thanks to the delicate details and upscale fabrics in unexpected unmatchy-matchy patterns.

bhg hot pink bedroom

A pale pink bedroom proves that monochromatic color doesn’t have to be over the top. Calming and soothing, this bedroom has plenty of differing textures in the same color family to provide visual interest.

bhg pale pastel bedroom

I’ve had this perky blue playroom pinned for a long time. I love the way the color is used on the walls and ceiling all the way down to the upholstery and bench cushions. It feels polished and still bright thanks to the white cabinetry. While it feels monochromatic overall, the designer brought in pops of other color through accessories and minor details (that piping on the sofa!!!).

blue bonus room

How fabulous is Sue de Chiara’s butler’s pantry? Floor to ceiling navy lacquer is uber-glam and provides the perfect backdrop for china and accessories to pop.


More yellow Hollywood Regency glamour from ceiling to doors to wall, perfectly accented with shiny chrome, via Dkor Interiors.

dkor interiors yellow regency

Another great example of different textures creating a visually interesting monochromatic space in this shot below (via). Painted shiplap paneling and a similarly-hued rug provide the soft backdrop for a more intense shade of blue in the upholstery and side chair. I love the way the texture of the rug and ottomans make the space feel cozy, which could have been a problem considering how cool the room feels overall.


A sophisticated forest green – so Downton Abbey! (via). Lacquered walls and trim are the perfect pairing for those green velvet chairs.

forest green living room

And finally, an all-white kitchen and dining room provides a clean slate and bright backdrop for contrasting black textiles and hardware. Perfect for those of us who are chromatically-challenged or fearful of committing to too much color.

scandi white kitchen

I personally would love to try a floor to ceiling color in a powder bath or in a study. Share in the comments if you’ve got a monochromatic room in your home.


Let’s talk about TVs for a minute or two. Remember when we used to hide our big boxy televisions in armoires? So 90s, right? And frankly, those TVs weren’t really worth keeping on display all the time as they were so visually bulky (not to mention crazy heavy if you ever tried to lift one). Now that flatscreen TVs are ubiquitous, they’re far more likely to be on display at all times. They’re becoming more like a piece of art, especially since they’re wall mountable.

Admittedly, as a designer televisions make me a little crazy (and why do the husbands always want them to be so gigantic?). If it were up to me, I’d probably have the TV huddled back in a corner somewhere in our family room and not the focal point. But with our giant areas of empty walls as well as our somewhat problematic layout, it makes the most sense to have it loud and proud on display. Currently our TV sits on a vintage campaign dresser (seen above) with a gallery of artwork and photographs surrounding it, but I’m ready to finally get the television mounted to the wall to clear up some space and provide a little more of a sleek and thoughtful design.

I’ve pulled together a few inspiration pics of some fantastic gallery walls that include the TV. I love the eclectic layered look. And while I’m partial to the TV mounted on the wall, this look always works when you have it sitting on a dresser or console.

However, if you decide to mount that baby to the wall, you’re still going to need something placed underneath it to visually balance it out. A console, vintage dresser, media cabinet, bookshelf, or even an upholstered bench will help your layout to feel designed and intentional. Don’t leave that TV visually hanging with nothing to ground it!

robert passal interior

Dering Hall

When choosing your artwork to surround your TV, decide what you want your final look to be. Do you want it super eclectic and funky with mismatched frames? Or something more serene with a consistent color palette? Regardless, look for a variety of sizes so you have a lot to play with.


Skona Hem

The best thing about this whole look is that it feels intensely individual and loaded with personality. I love collecting little paintings and sketches as well as finding new photographers and artists to display.


Little Green Notebook


Cup of Jo


Studio McGee

However, if you prefer something a little more symmetrical and polished, go with the same size and colors for your frames. I love this black wall with the contrasting pop of white frames perfectly laid out. This is a great way to fill up a giant space, and I also love how the black TV recedes into the dark wall.


Rain on a Tin Roof

Polished but also eclectic, this gallery wall has an asymmetrical layout but is kept consistent with its monochromatic color scheme. Black silhouettes pop against the white backdrops and the shelf below provides ample opportunity for display.


Above all else, find artwork that speaks to you – it doesn’t matter what the price point is or where you found it as long as it’s something that you want to look at on a regular basis. Try framing your children’s artwork, family snapshots, old paintings found in flea markets, or letterpressed art prints. VintageDresser-MintedArt-Reduced_zps17555b1e

Hunted Interior


Even old empty frames painted gold can add fantastic texture and visual continuity to your gallery wall.


dimples & tangles


Burlap & Lace


Wall Street Journal


Young House Love

My goal this week is to get our TV finally mounted and to work on adding larger pieces to my gallery wall to balance out the size of the TV. Hooray for the New Year and a fresh start for home projects!

Trend: Add interest to your living room with these tutorials. 

The living room is the space that most people spend the majority of their awake time, so why not make it comfortable and lovely? You don’t need to buy expensive furniture and paint all the walls, you can really add color and pattern with the accessories. Sew your own curtains and throw, build some triangle shelves, or you could paint your own rug and pillows. All of the tutorials below are very budget friendly. Enjoy!


Triangle shelves would be so cute in any living room, from Whimsy Darling.

Make this wonderful copper tubing table, from The House That Lars Built.

Paint a dropcloth to make a new rug, from Nellie Bellie.

This beautiful coffee table is made from pallets, on The Merrythought.

This handmade Spring Throw is lovely and easy to sew, from Design Mom.

Paint some pre made pillows, from Burlap and Lace.

Make your own artwork with paint drips, on BHG.

 Make this acrylic curtain rod, from A Storied Style.

Sew up some colorful curtains to dress up the window, from Bright Bazaar.

Add some plant life to your living space with these cute painted pickle jar planters, from Hibrid.


Do you have any living room update plans?

- Chelsey

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