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DIY-ify: Light-up Glitter Marquee Letters

This week’s DIY is inspired by the lovely carnival party I get to host with my friend, Moorea. We decided that a carnival party could NOT be complete without some Light-up Glitter Marquee Letters! They are very simple to assemble and they turned out great! I think these glittery letters would be an adorable little decoration for Valentine’s day. Maybe spell out the word “LOVE”? Ok, enough chit-chat. Let’s make these letters.


- foam core

- x-acto knife

- mod podge

- glitter

- string of lights

- letter printout (I recommend checking out to find some good fonts)


- Print out your letters. Place a letter on your foam core and cut it out with your x-acto knife. Tip: make sure you’re x-acto knife blade is very sharp. This will make cutting your foam core so much easier. When your letters are all cut out, use a pencil to mark the holes for your lights. Poke out the holes (from front to back) using either a pencil or your x-acto knife.

- Let’s add the glitter! Brush on one layer of Mod Podge onto a letter. Sprinkle a coat of glitter onto the letter (front and sides). Let this dry completely (about 1 hour). Add another layer of Mod Podge and glitter and let dry. Add little brushes of Mod Podge/glitter to spots that need a glitter touch up and let dry. To seal the glitter, add one more layer of Mod Podge and let that dry.

- When all your letters are dry, use a pencil to poke through holes, the glitter and Mod Podge.

- Let’s put the letters and lights together! Push the tiny string light bulbs through the back of the letter holes. They should be snug enough to stay. Repeat this step for all the letters, plug it in and enjoy!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. These letters are not meant for long term use (don’t leave the lights plugged in unsupervised).

DIY-ify: Handmade lamp shades!


Trend: Tired of the boring ‘ol everyday lamp shade? Yeah, me too. All of these DIY’s will hopefully inspire you to create one for your home! Enjoy!


Fruit Bowl Lamp from By Wilma.

Natural Dyed Lamp Shade from BHG Style Spotters.

 Duct Tape Lamp Shade from Justina Blakeney.

 Anthropologie Inspired Floral Lamp from The Gold Jellybean.

DIY Geometric Lampshade from Weekday Carnival.

Cake Pan Lamp Shade from The Paper Mama.

 Chopsticks Lamp Shade from How Joyful.

 Whirl-It Lampshade from Pickles.

DIY Pom Pom Lampshade from Uncommon Designs.

  Bundt Pan Chalkboard Lamp from Too Much Time On My Hands.


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

5 Hot Lighting Trends


Hi everyone, Karman Hotchkiss, here! About a month ago, I was replacing a lightbulb in myback hallway at home. For the first time in about a decade, I really looked at the sconce I was putting the bulb into. And I thought, ‘”That’s the ugliest light fixture I’ve ever seen!” I instantly realized it was (past) time for a little lighting update.


The good news: There are more cool, trendy, interesting light fixtures than ever before. And replacing one requires only minimal DIY skills. In my research for that replacement sconce, I looked at tons of new fixtures and compiled this list of 5 hot trends in lighting.


If you’re ready to shed a little new light (har-har) on your fixtures, here are 5 trends to think about:


1. Colorful. Lights shouldn’t have to blend into the background. Use one to add a punch of color, with the shade or with the fixture itself.

2. Overscale. Pick a light that’s big. Really big.

3. Industrial/scientific. Exposed bulbs, “cage” designs, raw materials … They all evoke the sense that you just snagged your light from a warehouse or laboratory.

4. Organic. Shapes and materials inspired by nature are sure to add a layer of texture to your decor.

5. Beads and baubles. Crystals are nothing new to light fixtures. But the latest incarnation uses strings of beads or individual bubble-like balls.


Which of these ideas would work best in your home? Find a trend (or two!) you like and update a fixture today.


Happy Decorating!

–Karman Hotchkiss


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