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I think I’ve been teasing you long enough with inspiration pictures and posts about what plants we chose for our front yard. It’s time for some actual photos!

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

TA-DA! I wanted to wait until we had every last plant in its proper place before I showed you our front yard. And we’re actually still missing a few, but we’ve been weeding, raking, digging, mulching, and planting for the past few weeks, and the planter beds in front of our porch look really beautiful. I don’t have any good before pictures, because they were just dirt beds filled with enormous weeds, but I do have a mid-project photo.

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

At first glance, this mid-project planter looks even fuller and more lush than the finished product, and there are two reasons for that. #1, when all the plants are still in pots sitting on top of the dirt, everything is a good 8-12 inches taller! It’s a shock to see how tiny all the plants are when they actually go in the ground. And #2, the dwarf Italian Cypress we put in did not do well, and we had to pull them out and return them to the nursery. The people at the nursery assured us that they can thrive here, they just got too wet before their roots were established. The nursery didn’t have any replacements for us last time we stopped by, so we have four large holes in our landscaping while we wait. We’re also still looking for a few more Magnus echinacea, which I’m sure will be easier to find as we get closer to summer, and some sort of ground cover to fill in gaps.

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

We did pick up a few new things when we were at the nursery, some that were on our list and some that we just fell in love with and spontaneously decided to get. We hadn’t been able to find any Feather Reed Grass or Lamb’s Ear until last week, but finally picked some up. They both look great in the landscaping. We also spotted some darling little plants called Blue-Eyed Grass. They only get about 8 inches tall, and have pretty periwinkle flowers that close up every evening and open again when the sun comes up.

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

If you’d like to know what else we planted in our yard, you can check this post, where I included a detailed list of everything, including photos.

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

Mediterranean-inspired front yard landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

Now we just have to be patient and wait for everything to grow! It’s always funny when you put in new landscaping; the plants are just little dots in a sea of mulch. But we love how the front planters turned out. I hope that as everything fills in it will have that breezy, Mediterranean look we tried to achieve!

Treat yourself to a spa day without spending beaucoup bucks! These 10 easy-to-make beauty fixes prove you don’t have to go over budget to be kind to your skin



1. Exfoliate your skin with Rachel Cooks‘s Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub. It smells as good as it sounds and makes a wonderful hostess gift.



2. If you’re tired wasting money on manicures that last two days max, then look to Shrimp Salad Circus‘s DIY Gel Polish Tutorial, Tips & Tricks for nails with a longer life expectancy.



3. I swear it’s not frosting! The ice cream scoop may be deceiving, but the ingredients are not. With 4 ingredients you can have Savvy Naturalista‘s DIY Cream Soap in a matter of minutes.



4. Turn your extra fresh herbs into a delicious-smelling toner like this DIY Basil Toner from Pink Little Notebook.



5. Take your favorite soap wherever you go with Shrimp Salad Circus‘ Tiny Travel Soap Gems.



6. Hydrate dry skin with Whoorl‘s Honey Mask.



7. Next time you draw a bath, use Rosemary Lavender Bath Salt by Living Locurto for some sweet-scented bliss.



8. Instead of paying three dollars for a small tube of chapstick, make your own! Look to Practically Functional‘s Homemade Chapstick for a more affordable option.



9. Consider Julie Blanner‘s Homemade Rose Milk Bath Recipe for a last-minute gift idea.



10. Thank you Thirty Handmade Days for sharing this darling DIY Dry Shampoo recipe with us!




xx Madison



Right now I’m in the process of giving my bedroom a little makeover. Currently, it has a primary color palette of red, blue, and yellow with a bit of a country feel. Over the past year my tastes have changed and grown, so it’s time for something different. I plan to make the space a bit more modern, move some furniture around, and switch up the color scheme.

You’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with purple. Well, the plan for the new space focuses on jewel tones – rich magenta, deep purple, emerald green, and so on. I’m picturing a very clean, crisp space with pops of these deep saturated colors. As a result, my eyes have been drawn to these colors a lot lately.

I especially love this kitchen and the punch of purple on the accent wall. It really brings the space alive and demands attention. It’s fun to infuse color in a space, and this is such a fabulous way to do it. I also love how the other colors in the accessories work with the wall color.

Inspired by this kitchen space and my new bedroom, I thought I’d browse in some of my favorite stores and find pieces that would bring a pop of purple into your space. Once, I complete my little bedroom makeover, I’ll be back to share a few more ideas for working purple and other jewel tones into your decor.

As always, happy decorating!

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