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Hi there! My name is Nina Hendrick and I blog at, where I chronicle the journey of transforming a basic builder-grade 80s colonial into a modern day farmhouse. When we first moved into the house, I knew that the pantry was going to be the first project we tackled. It by far made the biggest impact on our day to day, and the former space was in rough shape with sagging, deep shelves, and broken sliding doors. When I began planning my pantry remodel in 2012, I didn’t realize that there would still be a process to getting the pantry organized after construction was complete. For some reason, I assumed that the carefully planned processes I put into place initially would run on autopilot.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that even with the most thorough planning, the actuality of organizing is always a process. Strategies need to be periodically edited and streamlined for maximum efficacy. Here are five lessons that I learned along the way that improved the organization in our pantry!

1. Corral items in baskets and bins.

I think one thing that stands out about my pantry is that I’m a big fan of baskets and bins. I love that they keep things contained and tidy, and I love that they make groups of items more portable.

Use slide-out storage to reach the back of deep shelves.

2. Utilize slide-out storage to better access depth.

While I planned the pantry with the slide-out drawers, it took me a little while to actually put them to use. Once I did, I realized how much easier it is to get to things that would otherwise be unreachable. We also added another drawer to the bottom of the pantry to better utilize that deep space.

Use erasable labels on items out of reach to easily spot what you're searching for.

3. Use labels, but don’t over-label.

I initially used labels on everything, and they weren’t chalkboard labels. I found out the hard way that not all labels peel off. Now I primarily use labels that wipe off, and I use them sparingly. They are extremely useful, but overuse can push things into the realm of redundancy.

Keep popular snacks in clear containers in the pantry to keep track of quantities.

4. Keep popular snacks in clear containers.

I keep snacks that tend to be eaten quickly in clear containers to keep track of quantity. As I mentioned above, I skipped the labels here because you could already see what was in the containers.

Maximize potential pantry storage by utilizing all available space.

5. Maximize storage capabilities

For the longest time, I was running short on small jar storage. One day it dawned on me that I was wasting valuable real estate by ignoring the space on the back of the doors. An inexpensive rack from the hardware store can quickly and dramatically increase your storage space. I strongly recommend auditing your space and wracking your brain for any way you may be able to gain a little more space.

I hope that those tips can help you as much as they helped me! To see more of my pantry and kitchen space, please check out the August 2016 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and you can also visit my blog here.

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DIY Toy Bin Labels

We are headed toward the Christmas season, and if you have a kiddo that means a lot of new goodies to lay around on their bedroom floor. Not this year! We have been making over our daughter’s room (I’ll share some photos when we are all done, it’s pretty cute), so we have a bunch of new containers for toy storage. To help her out I made these printable toy bin labels so she can easily find any toy she’s looking for, plus these labels make clean up easier.

Supplies needed to make these labels:

  • Toy containers
  • Free Printable Toy Label Frames (I made a few for you to print out for free, or you can make your own) Blank, One, Two, Three, Four, & Five
  • Paper to print the labels onto, or printable sticker sheets
  • Optional: laminating sheets, yarn, or double sided tape


Step One: 

Click on these links: BlankOneTwoThreeFour, & Five. Then, right click + save the image to your computer. Note: I provided blank labels so you can make your own labels.

Step Two:

Decide what you want to do with your labels. Will they be stickers? Or, maybe you could print them onto paper and seal them with laminate sheets? You could also  just print them onto card stock paper and use some strong double sided tape to keep the label on. Another idea: take some photos of the toys, print them out, and add them to each label (makes it easier for kids that aren’t quite reading yet). 


Want some more ideas (or free printables) for toy organization? Check out these toy bin labels from around the web:

Have a wonderful Thursday!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. The bookcase is from Wayfair, storages boxes are from Ikea, and the ceramic rabbit is from Anthropolgie.


Must-Try Organizing Tricks


Hello everyone! I’m Amber from Damask Love, and today I’m sharing how to make monogrammed treat box labels.







The holiday season is officially upon us and if you’re anything like me, it manages to sneak up on you! It comes the same time every year and I should be more prepared than I am, but alas, I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy ways to wrap gifts for friends, family and coworkers. I’m excited to share an easy gift wrapping idea that you can use during the holiday as well as year round.

1. Punch a circle from gold glitter paper. I used a 1.75″ circle paper punch.
2. Use a scalloped punch to punch around the circle to create a pretty frame.
3. Punch a 1.75″ circle from white cardstock and nest the circle in the center of the gold frame.
4. The white circle will fit snuggly as pictured.
5. Place the shape into a sticker maker…
6. …and pull through the other side.
7. You’ll now have a pretty frame sticker.
8. Add an alphabet sticker and you’re done!

This simple project takes minutes to complete and adds a beautiful, personalized touch to your gifts. If you don’t already own a sticker maker, it’s a great tool for even the most inexperienced crafters! You can use it to turn anything into a quick label or seal…and who doesn’t love a cute sticker?


Please visit me at Damask Love for more handmade holiday ideas!


Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Storing linens can be tricky and not all that exciting, if you let it be!  But it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, it can be beautiful, functional and simple with a few quick and easy tips and smart products choices.

See, so pretty right?  The first myth I want to bust about storing linens, is that you need a linen closet.  Sure, they are great for storing mounds of towels, sheets and everything else home, health and beauty, however, if you are lacking in the closet department, a simple cabinet, armoire or slim bookshelf all can act as a solid replacement.


Even cabinets under the sink have all sorts of storage power if utilized correctly.  The backs of doors are often forgotten, yet offer large amounts of storage expansion opportunity.  Corbels don’t just act as counter and shelving support, they can double as beautiful dividers for leaning linens.  Baskets and trays are perfect for corralling the itty bits.


Let’s chat about folding for a minute.  Some people have major folding skills and powers.  Others, myself included, do not.  If you are a linen folding pro, I love the idea of keeping all edges facing the same way for a clean and streamlined look.  If you are not, one option is to fold your sheets the best you can, and place them inside of the matching pillowcase.  This keeps everything together in one place and is basically free storage for your sheets!


Another option is to tuck the sheets inside of baskets.  This is what I do as it keeps my linens looking neat and tidy, organized by room, and I don’t need to worry about making every fold perfect.


If you have a few sets of sheets or towels per room, dividers typically designed for the kitchen, can tuck within a bin or basket to keep everything nice and divided.  So smart!


Rolling your towels is a really great space saving option.  And if your closet or cabinet doesn’t give you all the shelving you need, simple inserts can be added to double the shelf space and reduce piles from stacking too high (which causes the risk of toppling over and a jumbo mess to be formed).


To give your cabinet a unified look, cover typical boxes with pretty papers or fabrics.  They are a great way to conceal bulk toiletry purchases or to create small care kits for guests.


If everyone in the family uses different products, designating a canvas bin for each person reduces any confusion and makes clean up a breeze.


Once you have a place for everything, labels are the glue that will keep it all together.  No matter how you sort things down, once you add a decorative label, it will be simple for the entire family to easily stay on board with the newly organized space!


{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }


Hi Everyone, this is Samantha Thorpe from Storage magazine. We are really into using labels to help keep you and your family organized. No matter what area you need to get in order in your house—closet, pantry, bathroom, entry, or kid’s room—labels help everyone know where to return items so the next person can find them. Now, that is easier said then done.

But fun labels are a great reminder that there is “A place for everything and everything in its place,” as Isabella Mary Beeton first wrote in The Book of Household Management in 1861.  So try downloading these labels to get organized today.

Make it easy to find food you have stocked in your pantry with these mix-and-match labels (above left) available at You can add your own categories as well!  These free downloadable labels come in a variety of patterns and sizes. They’re easy to customize to describe your containers’ contents.

You can also get your kids organized with labels that make it easy for them to put things away. For kids who can’t read quite yet, use labels with photos to help them put their trains, stuffed animals, and other items in the right place.

-Samantha Thorpe, Storage Magazine

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