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kitchen cookbook storage

A few weeks ago, I shared Part 1 of our kitchen tour (and before that a few of the fun details from the kitchen), and today I get to show you the other half of the room! The first half of our kitchen tour took us past the range and the leathered or antiqued granite countertops, and to the center island. As I mentioned, the entire back side of the island is outfitted with bookshelves. We originally had shallow cabinets slated to go in there, but couldn’t think of what we’d store in cabinets that are only 12″ deep. And we hadn’t figured out a good place to display/store our massive cookbook collection. The idea to have bookshelves on the back of the island was a true jolt of inspiration. Our cookbooks look great and are close at hand when we need them.

white kitchen grey granite countertops

In our old house, the kitchen and family room had an open floorplan, which meant everything flowed together and was nice and airy, but it also meant that there wasn’t as much workspace or storage as there could have been. In the dream house, we decided to separate the two rooms with a strip of granite counters and under cabinets, but to have a large opening in the wall to give the two rooms a sense of openness.

white kitchen stainless steel appliances maple butcher block island

Because of the lens on my camera, it was impossible for me to take a closer photo than this of the refrigerator and freezer, but they look amazing in person! We originally wanted some really fancy built-in fridge and freezer columns, but they are very, very expensive. VERY! One time when we were at the appliance center trying to figure out another option, we learned about some stand-alone fridge and freezers that look like the more expensive built-ins and come with a trim kit that makes them look pretty similar. So that’s what we ordered, and they have always looked great. We even manage to keep the doors relatively smudge- and hand print-free. We had a few hiccups with their operation when they were first installed, but after a couple of visits from the technician, they seem to be running smoothly now and we’re overall really pleased with them.

double wall ovens dream house kitchen

When you cook and bake as much as we do, it’s really nice to have double ovens. I can’t even count the number of times our double wall ovens have come in handy over the past few months. They were invaluable during the holidays, and even on weeknights they’ve proven incredibly useful when we have to bake muffins and roast veggies at the same time. It might not look like there’s a lot of space between the front of the ovens and the island, but there’s actually nearly four feet between them, plenty of room to open doors, check cakes for doneness, and walk around without feeling cramped.

And that brings us all the way around the kitchen! It really has turned out to be the kitchen of our dreams. We love working in it and think all of the finishes and fixtures came together beatifully!




Better Homes and Gardens teamed with designers Jen Ziemer and Andrea Dixon of Minneapolis-based Fiddlehead Design Group to create the BHG Innovation Kitchen for the May 2014 issue. Here’s a peek at the kitchen and their take on kitchen trends.





As interior designers, we are constantly asked about current trends.  While we love incorporating these ideas where we can, when it comes to kitchen design, function comes first.  At Fiddlehead, however, we think it’s always trendy to be functional!  Here are some ways you can include current kitchen trends in your space.


Trend #1:  Consistent Island Height

We chose to keep the island in the BHG kitchen a consistent 36″ standard countertop height.  Gone are the days of the multi-level island with raised bar seating for the kids.  Not only are those bar stools hard to maneuver, but the higher countertop section breaks up what could be a larger prep space, buffet top and/or homework station.  Height consistency at the island allows for a more practical and multi-functional centerpiece for what is typically the hub of the home.


Trend #2:  Open Shelving

A kitchen-ful of cabinetry can become overwhelming.  We decided to use open shelving in lieu of upper cabinets in the BHG kitchen in order to create a lighter, more decorative look.  Our clients are really embracing this trend as it can be both functional and attractive.  A bonus is that it’s also less expensive than using traditional upper cabinets.  So go ahead, buy those new dishes you’ve been eyeing!  Open shelves are also a great place to show off your personality and add some pops of color to what can be a very utilitarian space.


 Trend #3:  Cabinet Drawer Bases

Like most kitchens we are designing, we decided to incorporate base drawers instead of doors.  Not only do we love how the drawers line up with one another, but they serve a functional purpose as well.  Instead of opening a cabinet door and bending down to look inside or pulling out a roll-out shelf, you can gain access to the cabinet in one, simple motion.  You are also able to utilize more of the cabinet interior without having roll-out hardware that takes up valuable space.  There are so many wonderful, after market products, that allow you to customize the drawers to hold dinner plates, bowls, etc.


Trend #4:  Multi-Purpose Pantry Space

For the BHG kitchen we were fortunate to have enough square footage to create a large, multi-functional pantry area.  A lot is happening in this back room; laundry, folding, gardening, storage, list-making, etc.  We designed it to be directly adjacent to the kitchen and incorporated an interior window that unifies the two spaces and allows natural light to flow.  We included another popular trend, the sliding barn-door, for those times when you need to close off the mess.  Not only is this functional, but also allows you to pop a fun color!


And That’s So Fiddlehead!  Serious about Style, fanatic about Function!

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