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Hi, my name is Alexandria Szwarc, and I’m so excited to be with you at Style Spotters! I am a DIY home improvement blogger at DIO Home Improvements (the DIO stands for “doing it ourselves”). Being featured in Better Homes and Gardens was a dream I never thought would become a reality!

How it happened.  In January, I received an email from a Better Homes and Gardens remodeling editor asking me if I would be interested in having my kitchen makeover featured in the May issue. I had to re-read the email a few times before it hit home and I determined this was real!

After exchanging a few emails, a photo shoot date was set for two weeks later. The night before the shoot, two BHG photographers arrived at my home to do a walk through and unload their equipment for the following day.  As one can imagine, I didn’t get much sleep that night with too many thoughts running through my mind.

The following morning a stylist arrived at my home. After helping to unload her car full of props, she got to work on setting the kitchen up while I got ready. A short while later, the photographers arrived and started setting up their equipment.

The day was a whirlwind to say the least!  Everyone made the shoot so much fun and put me at ease since I much prefer to be behind the camera! A few hours after arriving, they had their shots and my interview was over.  I sat down still not believing that in a few months my kitchen would be in the biggest home magazine there is!

A couple of weeks after the shoot, I received an email of the photo proof that would be used in the May issue. It was so hard not to share that with everyone!  In April I received a package with my copies of the issue. I was beyond excited! I couldn’t wait for it to hit the stores for my family and friends to see it!


A little more about my kitchen. When I looked at my house before buying it, I cringed at the kitchen and both bathrooms, but I knew these rooms had potential. Growing up in a house that was 100 years old and full of character, one of the things I missed most about my current house was the charm that’s lacking in newer homes.

The first project I did in my kitchen was the wall opposite the door to my yard. I added interest to this area by attaching craftsman-style wainscot and making a new air return vent cover. When asked how I came up with the idea for the door on my refrigerator surround, I explained the air return vent cover I made. I loved the Union Jack sheet metal that I used in that project and thought it would look great above the refrigerator. I was also on a very tight budget and wanted to use what I already had in the house!

Another project I did in the kitchen before redoing the cabinets was building a plumber’s pipe bench.  I have been obsessed with all things plumber’s pipe for about six years now.

I’ve often been asked how I came up with the idea of redoing my cabinets. The house I grew up in had 12-foot ceilings, my previous home had 10-foot ceilings, and my current home has 7.5-foot ceilings. I felt claustrophobic when I first moved in here. I wanted to make the kitchen feel taller. I was able to accomplish that by adding height to the cabinets. It worked because now I feel short in the kitchen!

I wanted to add the refrigerator surround because I felt it would make the kitchen look more custom and expensive than it actually is. After the cabinets were finished, I painted my refrigerator and range hood with appliance paint. Yes, you can paint your appliances! I also had some leftover fabric that I used to make a faux roman shade and matching roller shade for my kitchen window. You can see more of the cost breakdown and how-tos of my kitchen makeover here.

Being a part of the Better Homes and Gardens experience has been a dream come true and so much fun. You are invited over to DIO Home Improvements at any time to follow along with my projects or  talk about your own projects. I love seeing readers’ before and after photos!

TREND: Open shelving and light, bright, all-white kitchens.

I love the all-white kitchen trend (I just did something similar in my own kitchen). Small details stand out that much more though, so little choices (like what jars to use for storage, or what kind of toaster you leave out) make a big difference in the look. The all-white kitchen above gets a design boost from open shelving too. And theirs looks pretty easy to pull off — literally. Just pull off the cabinet doors, spackle the holes, and there you have it.

For a similar look, try the items below!

  1. wood and glass storage jars, Crate & Barrel
  2. Wüstof knife set with wooden block, Crate & Barrel
  3. Dualit 4-slice toaster, Williams-Sonoma
  4. gas range, Wolf
  5. great white round dinnerware, Pottery Barn
  6. countertops in Carrara marble
  7. grey and white striped runner rug, Crate & Barrel
  8. great white square dinnerware, Pottery Barn

Hello! Kelly Eagle here! We see a lot of kitchens around here and in every style you can imagine!


The majority of the kitchens have white cabinets, with fewer having stained wood, but lately I’ve noticed another cabinet finish gaining popularity: greige painted cabinets.


In this month’s Better Homes and Gardens, designer Ann Rae’s kitchen has a perfect example of the color.

She painted her cabinets with Fawn, by Farrow and Ball. The color is a light tan-greige-green that is versatile, fitting into traditional kitchens, country kitchens, and even those with a more modern flair. She noted that she loves how in some lights the color reminds her of stones on the beach, but can also read as pale leaf green.


If you’ve been considering painting your cabinets, but want a color less predictable than white, this may just be the inspiration for you.


Here are couple of other examples I love:


This shade of beige reads a little green, but the color is subtle enough to act as a neutral, yet interesting enough to not need much accessorizing. Crisp white counters and accents modernize  and lighten the space.



If you are a bit braver with your color choice, try painting your cabinets a dark greige. Pair dark lower cabinets with light – or white – upper cabinets.



Since these colors are rooted in the most basic of neutrals, accent colors can vary as wide as the rainbow, adding life and excitement to your kitchen.


What about you?


Would you paint your kitchen cabinets anything other than white?

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