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Joni Lay

so happy together: a shared room

Written on September 12, 2012 at 9:56 pm , by

I receive frequent requests for shared room ideas, and I can understand the dilemma, especially with age and gender differences involved.  Here is one look at a room for a big sister and a baby brother to happily co-exist.

shared bedroom ideas

(1) Quatrefoil Shade; (2) Love Love Me Do Print; (3) Mountains Print; (4) Hot Dogs Poster; (5) Confetti Poster; (6) Vintage Ampersand; (7) Treat Me Nice Print; (8) Reinette Iron Bed; (9) Yellow Campaign Side Table; (10) Ebony Jenny Lind Crib; (11) Zebra Pillows; (12) Aqua Dresser; (13) Yellow Jewel Lamp; (14) Confetti Rug; (15) Empire Rocker; (16) Big Sister Pouf; (17) Mr. Lion Poster

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Kirsten Grove

runway to color palette: classic americana

Written on September 10, 2012 at 11:34 am , by

When putting together this look inspired by a gorgeous Stockholm gal, I realized that this lovely palette could be diagnosed as laid back Americana or high end classic.  Either or, I love this mix of denim blue with the jet black.  Of course who doesn’t love a little red splattered in their space!  And that dark navy blue, which was included as a bonus color?  My breath right now.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Scarf.
On the walls:  Reflection (SW 7661) can be noted as a pretty cashmere grey.

Color Inspiration:  Jacket.
Use Pitch Black (No. 256) for an upholstered piece or even ceramics and picture frames.

Color Inspiration: Jeans.
Respite (SW 6514) is a great color to introduce in fabrics and art.  Also you could paint the inside of shelving using this color.

Color Inspiration:  Shoes.
What to do with Real Red (SW 6868)?  Include it in pillows, books or one simple vase.

Color Inspiration:  Bonus.
I included Drawing Room Blue (No. 253) for a little drama.  Paint an accent wall or upholster a chair in this deep color.

Photo via Stockholm Street Style.  Paints via Farrow & Ball and Sherwin Williams.

Kirsten Grove

runway to color palette: tickle me pink

Written on September 1, 2012 at 4:00 am , by

Who said pink is only for girlie girls! This color palette, inspired by the iconic brand Chanel, brings together a pretty, cool palette of greys and pinks.  You have the choice of how much pink to distribute throughout your space.  Create a palette with a sparse amount of pink or a bold wall of pink.  Your choice but either way, pink is not just limited to your daughters bedroom.  Let’s embrace pink!  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Tights.
On the walls:  Classic French Grey (SW 0077) is the perfect grey for your walls.

Color Inspiration:  Jacket.
Upholster a large piece of furniture in a tone like Roycroft Pewter (SW 2848) for a striking look.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
Domino (SW6989) is a fantastic color for ceramics and pottery or even an accent wall.

Color Inspiration:  Soles of shoes.
Possibly Pink (SW 6308) and Appleblossom (SW 0076) would both be perfect pinks to incorporate into fabric, art, ceramics and even shelving.

(All Paints: Behr)

Runway Photo: Chanel via ELLE.

Kirsten Grove

runway to color palette: warm me up

Written on August 13, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

With fall quickly approaching, I can’t help but to think about all of the pretty fall color options that can instantly warm up a space.  Warm hues are super easy to introduce to a cooler palette.  Just remove the bright colors and exchange them for a more muted, spicy palette.  This Lauren Moffatt outfit introduces a beautiful autumn like palette including the ever classic stripe.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
On the walls:  A creamy white, like Cottage White (1813), would look great paired with Black Suede (S-H-790).  Use the black in a horizontal wide stripe.

Color Inspiration:  Pants.
Upholster a large piece of furniture in a tone like Burmese Gold (S-H-350) for a striking look.  If you don’t want to commit to that, use it in a throw or even window panels.

Color Inspiration: Shoes.
Wax Sculpture (UL160-13) is a fantastic color for ceramics and pottery.

Color Inspiration:  Soles of shoes.
Expedition Khaki (340-F-4) can translate well into woven pieces, such as rugs, baskets and fabrics.

(All Paints: Behr)

Runway Photo: Lauren Moffatt via Refinery 29.

Kirsten Grove

runway to color palette: unexpected palette

Written on July 30, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

Some of the most unexpected color combinations can make the most striking collections.  I am all about mixing colors and patterns for fashion and interior design.  Even mixing a few different hues of one color, layered over each other can create a beautiful moment.  This 2 piece suit from Tommy Hilfiger is fun, fresh and super on trend.  Creating a room around this look would not only impress your guests but make it fun to be in your own home.    Here’s the look:


Color Inspiration: Buttons on Jacket.
On the walls:  Why not go bold and create an accent wall using a smokey black like Domino.

Color Inspiration:  Jacket.
Try something new and paint your trim a fun color like Cloudburst.  It works best if wall is painted a shade or two lighter of trim color or painted white.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in Jacket.
Scanda is pretty purple option for using as an accent color in accessories and paint..

Color Inspiration:  Purse strap and shoes.
Bright accessories and pillows are a thing of the present.  Navel is a fun option for frames, candles or pillows, to name a few.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in Jacket.
Great Green is a perfect color for art and even upholstered pieces.

(All Paints: Sherwin Williams)

Runway Photo:  Tommy Hilfiger via New York Magazine.

Joni Lay

baby indy: indiana jones nursery inspiration

Written on July 4, 2012 at 3:31 pm , by


Happy Fourth of July!  Today’s inspiration is a bit of a throwback, but I thought it was a fitting classic for today’s holiday.  Here is a little Indiana Jones nursery:

indiana jones baby room ideas(1) Indiana Jones Portrait; (2) Luna Pendant Light; (3) Indy Profile; (4) Indy’s Hat; (5) Vintage map of Asia; (6) Indy’s Whip; (7) Photo of Egypt; (8) Pyramid Photo; (9) Last Crusade Poster; (10) Indiana Jones Vinyl Album; (11) Crib; (12) Kudu Lamp; (13) Vintage Books; (14) Sari Pillows; (15) Oak Dresser; (16) Escape from Atens Tomb; (17) Adana Shaggy Rug; (18) Explosives Crate; (19) Gordon Tufted Chair 

~Joni, Lay Baby Lay