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Fall front porch with pumpkins, squash, and cornstalks

Every time I write one of these posts, I hope that it’ll be one where I get to show you the big reveal of some project we’ve been working on. Like my office in the basement that was supposed to be finished in March. And we’re this close to actually having that done! The walls finally got textured and painted, and the trim and cabinets were installed a few weeks ago. And literally every single day I hope I’ll get a text from the contractor saying he’s on his way over to install shelves and flooring. Because that’s all that’s left to do! In the meantime, I have bookshelves and a desk, all of my photography equipment, props, craft supplies, wall art, a lamp, house plants, and SO MUCH STUFF that is waiting to go into the completed studio. Some of it is in the closet, some in the hall, some in the laundry room, and some all over the dining room table. And chairs. And floor.

basement studio featuring benjamin moore white dove

basement studio featuring benjamin moorie white dove wall color

green anthropologie cabinet and shelf hardware

In other news, we decorated the front porch for Fall! I wrote about some gorgeous Fall front porch inspiration in my last Style Spotters post, and thanks to a very abundant garden, we covered our porch with pumpkins, squash, and cornstalks.

white farm house with a green front door and stained wood barrel vault entry

Another dream house update has to do with the fiddle leaf fig I bought earlier this year for the corner of our entry way. Doesn’t it look amazing? That’s because it’s fake. The real fiddle leaf fig looked so beautiful until one day when it suddenly dropped all of its leaves and died. It maybe didn’t happen exactly overnight, but it only took a few days for my precious plant baby to go from fab to drab. My mom finally threw its sad carcass away a few weeks ago when she was visiting for the afternoon, and replaced it with this really stunning and totally low-maintenance faux version from Home Goods.

faux fiddle leaf fig from Home Goods

And last but certainly not least, remember when I told you we were redoing our master bedroom? Well we’ve actually been working on it! We swapped out our hideous brown and orange accidental quilt with a simple white one from Pottery Barn, and added touches of navy and indigo thanks to an inexpensive blue and white quilt folded across the bottom of the bed and an assortment of really beautiful throw pillows. We even bought what every navy bedroom needs–a starburst mirror! It is huge and very heavy, and I’m almost scared to hang it above the headboard, but I think it’ll look fantastic. We’re also figuring out what to do with our furniture. The current dresser configuration takes up the wrong amount of space without offering very much storage. If you have any really good recommendations on dressers, I’d love to hear them!

navy and white bedding for a master bedroom

Work. Work. Work.


Think about it…You probably spend 8 hours a day working at the office. So why shouldn’t your work space be as welcoming as your home? If you’re ready to upgrade your desktop, then take a peek at these 5 quick and easy ways to brighten up your space.


1. Maybe it’s time to take the kids’ toys out of storage! Repurpose old animal figurines as desktop decor! All you need is a bit of gold spray paint, super glue and a few glass jars.

Photo Courtesy of The Office Stylist



2. Transform drab desktop supplies into fab accessories. Another Glorious Day‘s DIY Desktop Items are oh-so-chic!



3. You really can have it all! My Fabuless Life‘s Mini Command Center organizes and simplifies life in style.



4. See your favorite Kate Spade pattern every day at the office with 204 Park‘s easy DIY Kate Spade Inspired Magazine Holders tutorial.



5. Don’t you just NEED Just A Girl‘s DIY Acrylic Tray in your life?! So cute!



Try adding a little shimmer to your desktop! You might be surprised how much it brightens up your work space.


Happy Friday!



Flea Market Flair-Reinventing the Home OfficeI know most of us tend to complain about the long winter months, especially towards the end of the season but there are a few plus’ to this time of year if you are one who loves home {like me}. The cold weather begs for some fireside chit chat, guilt free movie watching, snuggling, cooking, feasting, impromptu gatherings and of course a little home refreshing. I feel this incredible urge to simplify & make the most of my abode this time of year. One refresh I know is on most people’s radar is the home office. Whether you work from home everyday, a few days or a few hours a week most individuals have or would like to have a quite, organized place to work that is both stylish & functional. This is a home improvement project can yield amazing results with little time & money. Shopping flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores or even your own home can set a design direction and bring character to the space. Here are a few of my favorite home office inspirations that have flea market flair…..

Lighting is a huge element in any office space. Finding creative ways make your own can save you a ton of money and generate a focal point that is completely original. This clever DIY pendant light is made from a woven basket, the texture & color draws you in and unifies the space.

White Buffalo Styling Co Office{via}

These days with the amount of base options available you can design your own desk using something salvaged. This desk was made from an old door and saw horses. Its aged patina and ingenuity brings warmth and character to this space.

BHG Stylish Door Desk {BHG}

Chalkboards have that old school appeal but also bring function to your office as well. From a person who loves to make lists, notes & memos everyday, this is a genius organizational tool.

house eleven blog rustic chic home office{via}

If you have a designated space for your home office why not give some vintage charm by adding doors that have been rescued from an older home. If you have someone handy to install the tracks it can be an inexpensive project that will no doubt yield an amazing design aesthetic.

Cedar Hill Farmhouse Rustic Vintage Sliding Doors {via}

These days a home office can be multipurpose. This art space blends so beautifully a creative whimsy with function and style. I could easily create many masterpieces here.

jeanne oliver home office-paint studio{via}

Storage is a never ending necessity for any homeowner, especially in a home office. This space uses vintage elements for purposeful design by layering warm textures and varying sizes baskets and boxes in these sturdy shelves. Making the most of your vertical space is a smart and aesthetically pleasing design choice in any work place.

Oliver & Rust Vintage Home Office{via}

Giving your office area instant style can be as easy as changing out your seating. You can give a vintage chair new life with paint and a new cushion, it will give you an instant refresh with very little cost.

Perfectly Imperfect Office, love the rattan chair{via}

Tight on space, why not add an office in your bedroom. By painting the wall behind your desk a bold color it can give the visual separation needed when combining duel functions in one room.

Rooms for Rent Bedroom Home Office{via}

Industrial design is a hot trend right now & many of these vintage pieces are easy to find because of its popularity. These elements can be pricey, so be sure to shop around to get the best bang for your buck. This multipurpose office space has fun & quirky design details that are both stylish & functional.

Industrial Vintage Desk BHG{BHG}

Using smaller scale vintage pieces allows you to easily create an office area in any room. The repurposed desk & chair are a perfect fit for this multifunctional family room.

The Vintage Revivals BHG Home Office Area in Family Room {via}

I hope these home offices have given you some food for thought and inspired you to think about flea market chic in a whole new light.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

As a freelance designer, I’ve worked from home for nearly my entire career, which is stacking up to be over ten years. I won’t lie – it’s taken me a long time to get in my groove of working in the same space we live in while still being productive and not just taking over the dining room table or, erm, the sofa(although it’s tempting). There was one year at Christmas when the entire living room, dining room, and kitchen were consumed with all the holiday orders I was shipping out for my shop and I thought we were all going to go bonkers. By the time January rolled around, my husband and I agreed: the office had to have its own space.

I’ve finally carved out the perfect office space that meets all my needs – clean, colorful, plenty of light, and away from the main part of our living space. In our house, this is our upstairs bonus room. I’ve combined a play space for my son with a work space for me so we can be together (when he’s not in school) because I didn’t want to feel completely isolated and I wanted him to also feel like he was a part of it.  We’re over a year into this particular arrangement,  and it’s worked out beautifully. I’m able to stay focused on the work that needs to be accomplished, but I’m also able to include my child and still keep some sense of order in the other primary living spaces of the house.

When I was imagining how this space would turn out, I turned to my favorite place for inspiration: Pinterest!  And I realized from the overall collection that I needed a room that was grounded in white (white walls, white furniture) but with pops of color. I know myself – I get bored quickly and need to change things up. So by adding color through accessories, it’s a low-risk and low-cost way to try out a new look. I also needed a big huge desk space so I could spread out with my computer and a sketchbook. Bookshelves and drawer units were also a must.  And to be honest, Ikea was the perfect place to find some key pieces that fit the budget, overall look, and function that I needed.

If you’re creating your home office, think about what your specific needs will be. Do you need to store inventory, or books, or maybe lots of files? Will technology such as computers and printers need to be handy? What’s the mood you want to set for the space: calm and serene or energetic and inspiring?  Look for cute storage bins and boxes and even unconventional items such as coffee mugs to hold things like pens and pencils.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come all together immediately; it takes time to create a system that works for you and your family. In the meantime, get some inspiration from some of my current faves –



Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of bright poppy rose hues trending in fashion and home decor. Just in time for summer, this color palette is super fun to play around with. The cute floral skirt, worn below, includes bright rosie pink flowers and is paired with an orange shirt. The combo can be left alone or paired with other colors such as green and purple. Adding gold to this palette is a must. Creating a fresh and modern space using this color palette is easy and achievable. Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Sofa. 2. Wall Art. 3. Scented Candle. 4. Table Lamp. 5. Chair. 6. Sideboard.  For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Skirt Flowers.
Feverish Pink is a bright and fun color to add as an accent color. Try it on a wall or use it in accessories.

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
Add Dare Devil to throws, pillows and other changeable accessories. For a more dramatic look, use it for an upholstered piece.

Color Inspiration: Boots.
Cavier is the perfect black to use in wood pieces, accent walls, lighting and metal pieces.

For a clean backdrop, use Westhighland White.

Outfit Photo via Bazaar. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

Below we see this color trend being used in a modern, multi purpose office. The wallaper is a perfect blend of the color combo and looks super fun paired with the clock and desk legs. What are your thoughts on this color trend?
Room photo via The Office Stylist.

The IKEA Expedit shelving unit can probably be considered a modern classic by now, and I continue to see them pop up all over the place. It takes a bit of ingenuity to get one to catch your eye, but that’s what this home office has going for it in spades.

I would not have thought of putting swing-arm sconces above a big shelving unit. Would you? But it works, and it looks fantastic! The rest of the space supports the design too, elevating a fairly standard big box item into something wonderful. Here’s how to achieve a similar look.

  1. Cassidy Indigo Ikat Armless Chair
  2. Classic Gray Binders
  3. Knipsa Seagrass Basket
  4. Braided Storage Basket with Lid
  5. Brass Swing-Arm Sconce
  6. Expedit Shelving Unit
  7. Gramercy Mirrored Desk
  8. Merie Table Lamp

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