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Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 10.10

Aaaand…we’re back. Hope the week has been nothing short of fabulous for you all. I’ve just checked in for my flight (Utah, here I come!) and I’m ready to go off the radar for a couple days! This time of year has a way of catching up to you, but it’s all about enjoying the moments you’ve got. This week, I wanted to share fun little things you can do in a weekend or 10 minutes–just things that will, hopefully, put a smile on your face.


I love the simplicity of these painted rocks from Handmade Charlotte. Perfect as table centerpieces, bookshelf knick-knacks or porch step decorations, painted rocks are a cute, easy way to craft with the whole family.



This gilded bowl tutorial on Julip are the perfect way to add some nature to your home. Even better, they’re the perfect go-to gift for all of those upcoming holiday parties.



Need party decoration ideas? Check out these adorable donut stools from Studio DIY. I love the bright, playful spin these put on otherwise overlooked seats–doesn’t get much cuter than that.



I’ve been super into gallery walls lately. Find some inspiration with these DIY art ideas from Poppytalk. I can’t get enough of the colors, the random feel, and the unique pieces used for this wall! I think I’m in love with that pineapple.



And for a more permanent fixture, take a look at this DIY retro diamond focal wall from Vintage Revivals. I’m definitely excited to paint one of these bad boys someday. LOVE IT.



And there you have it. Enjoy your week, Style Spotters! Enjoy the little moments.




Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 10.3

Welcome to October! I love, love, LOVE this time of year and all of the wonderful shenanigans that come with it–Halloween mischief, apple cider, crunching through leaves on the sidewalk–I can never get enough. It’s bliss. However, I will admit, when it gets too cold to enjoy being outside all day, sprucing up the inside of your home is a must. So today I want to share with you all some awesome ideas for indoor inspiration!


I am completely obsessed with this reading loft I found on Design Mom. I know it’s designed more for families with young children…but I sort of want one for myself. Can you just imagine spending a cozy fall afternoon reading in this bright and cheery space? So colorful and fun!


I’m a huge advocate for natural light, and I love the light and airy feel of this bedroom from Style & Pepper, and the subtle feminine touches incorporated with the design. This would be a perfect spot to drink a warm cup of coffee and enjoy looking at the chilly outdoors.



Yellow is a tricky color to work with, but adding small pops of its bright hues to your home creates eye-catching visuals. I love this kitchen island from The Inspired Room.



Check out this room redesign from Waiting on Martha. Outrageous wallpaper, bold decorations, and a perfect balance between light and dark make this room scream va-va-VOOM!



And my favorite (only by a smidge):these window room dividers I spied on Interior 4 You. Ample space aside, what’s cooler than this amazing idea?



And there you have it. Some of my favorite rooms from around the internet this week–leaving me, at least, with a small spout of envy. My house is definitely not anywhere as cool as any of these–but someday! Until then, Style Spotters!



Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: Maple Tree Seed Fall Wreath

It’s a new season, do you know what that means? It’s time for a new Fall wreath! That’s why I made this maple Tree Seed Fall Wreath! Most of these materials can be found in your backyard, or on a walk. Whenever the kid and I go for walks she picks up the leaves, pinecones, and other goodies from nature and they always end up in my purse. Instead of just keeping all of these finds in my bag, we like to make things with them. One of our favorite things to pick up are Maple tree seeds (or helicopter/whirlybird seeds). You snap these guys in half, toss them in the air, and they twirl down to the ground. They also make the perfect decor for craft projects, or a wreath.


  • a collection of maple tree seeds
  • 20+ small pinecones
  • 50+ acorns
  • 1 foam wreath
  • about 1/2 a yard of teal felt
  • hot glue
  • scissors



Go on a walk and gather your maple tree seed fall wreath supplies! You’ll need a LOT of seeds (the wreath needs a lot and it’s good to have extras if you break them). You’ll also need around 20 pinecones and about 50 acorns. All the quantities will depend on the size of your wreath.

Tip: if your pinecones/seeds/acorns are wet, let them dry completely before you making the wreath.


Wrap the teal felt around the foam wreath and use the hot glue to attach it.


Here’s the step the kiddo’s will like to help with. Snap all those seeds in half.


Now it’s time for the fun part! Let’s make the little maple seed/pinecone bursts. Glue a pinecone down and arrange the seeds (on their skinny sides) around the pinecone, creating a sort of starburst. Repeat this step all over your wreath.

Cost of materials for this project: around $8!

Do you make your own wreaths, or do you prefer to buy them pre made?

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Erin Menardi

Finding Fall Home Tour

BHG is excited to be a part of Finding Home’s Finding Fall Home Tours again this year! Take a look at the tour from the beginning here!


Whether your style is more classic and traditional or modern and chic, take a look at these gorgeous fall homes!




Welcome friends and family into your home with personalized pumpkins. Pair with gourds and a rustic wheelbarrow or crate for flawless fall style.



Finding a fall color palette is as simple as going to the produce aisle at the grocery store. Soft greens, warm oranges, and robust reds make the amazing curb appeal of this home.



Long, ornamental grasses are perfect for creating handmade hanging pieces like this “Welcome Home” wreath.



Add a fresh twist to the traditional fall pumpkin by adding flowers and leaves to create a gorgeous display for all to see.



Bring nature indoors by adding the color of changing leaves to a neutral room. Whether you place them on a table, mantel, or shelf, they’re sure to be the eye-catching focal point of any room.



We absolutely love this eclectic living room! Natural building materials like wood and stone create a comfortable and earthy space.



Fall is the perfect time to pair bold colors and prints. Deep orange and pale blue blend together to create a cozy feel for this room.





Who knew miniature pumpkins and candlesticks would go together so perfectly? Elegant and fun, these cute additions are perfect for any room.



Decorating for fall can be as simple as placing a few gourds on a table in your entryway–we love the no-fuss approach to this fall style.



Wood tones, white and orange create a unique look that screams fall in this modern kitchen.



Decorative corn is a sure way to add a little fall into your home this season. Use them as a centerpiece, wall hanging or just placed here-and-there for a quick, simple fall fix.



Changing leaves are a fall staple decoration. We absolutely adore these brilliant colors.



Bold patterns and colors create a look that transitions from season to season. Paired with gourds, this look is perfect for fall.



We love the elegant look of this dining area–especially those adorable pumpkin placeholders!



Vibrant blue vases pop against the dull orange in this fall ensemble.



This dark bathroom uses pops of bright yellow to create a balanced look. Adding a shelf with knick-knacks brings even more personality to an often overlooked space.



This rustic table set stands out in this dining area. Plenty of natural light, neutral color, and small pops of color make this a relaxing space.



Mantels are often a visual crowd-pleaser–delight guests using eccentric mirrors, gold figurines, pinecones and strings of pearls!



Fall is the perfect season for deep red–we love the bold look of these walls.



Rustic and homey, this dining set brings the perfect balance of light and dark wood to this small space.



Bring fall to the bedroom with bright prints and colors. We love this DIY headboard idea.



Wooden beams, panelling and tall posts on the bed frame make this room feel like a nature-filled haven in the comfort of your own home! We love the easy, aesthetic feel created by the natural elements in this bedroom.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 9.12

Happy Friday all! This week, since it’s finally starting to feel like the fall we all know and love, I decided to share some decoration inspiration to help prepare your home for the season ahead!


Fall means football (whether that makes you groan or cheer is totally up to you). For your next tailgate, revamp an old aluminum chair with this easy DIY makeover from A Beautiful Mess to make a statement out of your seat! Team colors optional.


I love this painted geometric cube porch from Little Green Notebook. It brings just the right amount of style and flair to the most inviting part of your home!



Always wondered how to dry flowers and never knew quite how? Take a look at this tutorial from Cedar Hill Farmhouse and learn not only how to dry them the right way, but how to use them for decoration as well.



Nature and fall go hand in hand. DIY Enthusiasts pulled together a list of nature-inspired fall decorations, and I spotted this awesome idea while I was browsing. Such a simple and cute way to add some visual appeal to any empty space in the house!



Lastly, need inspiration for your tabletop this fall? Look at Aunt Peaches easy ways to spruce up your house with these “golden” tips and tricks.



Enjoy the week!


Erin Menardi

Friday Finds 9.5

Welcome to September! I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color, the days to get chillier, and the return of jackets and leg warmers and mittens! It’s been far too hot for my taste these past several months, and I’m so excited we’re finally in the home stretch. Among many other things, fall is the beginning of the holiday season. Use these clever tips and tricks to get your home ready for all of those holiday visitors!


Entryways are one of the rooms that most often get overlooked. Nalle’s House adds a spunky spin to their entryway with an unconventional design approach! I can’t even tell you how much I love that wallpaper. Guests will be amazed as soon as they step foot into your home!



If you’re impressed with that, take a look at this bathroom revamp by A Beautiful Mess. An easy-to-create geometric stencil, a few paintbrushes and some of your favorite paint colors are all you need to transform any room in your house into a visual hotspot.



I am absolutely amazed by these LED Mason Jar lights I spotted on Sarah Hearts. Add a hand-spun twist to your home with this chandelier that is guaranteed to impress! Imagine how perfect that would look in any high-ceiling entry way–your guests would be rooted to the spot!



Eating a meal with your family and friends is often times one of the most memorable experiences people have together. These fall-themed painted burlap place settings from A Night Owl will be perfect for any upcoming family get-together.



And lastly, I love the delicate homemade feel of these DIY teacup candles from Hey Gorgeous. Whether you take a trip to your local dollar store or use old cups lying around the house, the handmade touch of these cuties will soften any space in your home, just in time for the holidays.



Until next time! Have a wonderful week!