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DIY-ify: Painting with Bleach

Painting with Bleach Lampshade and Napkins DIY //
Last week I decided to try painting with bleach. Instead of adding color with paint, I’m taking it away. I have to say this was a fun experiment. You don’t really know how it’s going to turn out until everything is all washed and dry. It’s inexpensive and you can try it on most cotton fabrics! I painted on napkins and lampshades for my first attempt. Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the directions below.
  • Clorox Bleach Pen
  • old paintbrush
  • solid color cotton fabric napkins and/or a lampshade
  • gloves
  • goggles
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
In a well ventilated area: put on your gloves, goggles, and apron (I did all this outside). Open the Clorox Bleach Pen and squirt some of the bleach into a jar.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
Dip your paintbrush into the bleach and brush a small horizontal line onto the fabric and/or lampshade. You can do little short lines, or long lines. Create a little pattern with the lines. Don’t worry if the design isn’t perfect, freehand painting this project will give it charm. Though, if you’d prefer, you can always use a washable fabric pencil and ruler to mark where you want the lines to go.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
Let the bleach sit on the fabric until you start to see the fabric turning white. Mine sat for about 3 hours.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
Napkins: Wash and dry the napkins (separate from any clothes) before using.
Lampshade: Rinse off the bleach in the sink and let dry completely before using.
Painting with Bleach Lampshade DIY //
Painting with Bleach Cloth Napkin DIY //
You are done. Feel free to get creative with your designs! You don’t have to brush the bleach on with a paintbrush, instead you can use the tip of the Clorox Bleach brush to make a neat design. Polka dots, lines, and swirls. Maybe some flowers? Words? You can paint with bleach on most cotton items. Blankets, placemats, pillowcases, clothes… etc. Have fun!
- Chelsey, The Paper Mama
P.S. if you try any of my projects, I’d love to know! You can share a photo in the comments below, or tag me in a photo on Instagram. My username is: @thepapermama

DIY Cork Trivet

My mother has been collecting corks and making these trivets since I was a kid. They take a little patience, but are super easy to make and pleasing in the way they provide a long life for all those corks you would have thrown away.

Your cork trivet can take many geometric shapes, but the basic shape that will emerge looks like a hexagon. Start by collecting about 60 real corks of the same length (you can usually get bunches at your local wine store or restaurant) and glue three together to form the core. Use super glue and hold with pressure for a minute until the glue sets.


Continue by glueing one cork at a time around and around the core until you’ve built your trivet out about five rows deep. At this point you’ll have a trivet large enough to place a nice big hot pot on. If you want to adjust the shape to a triangle or another geometric, that is easily done with a little planning after the first two to three rows have formed.


Your cork trivet will be incredibly strong when completed and will last a lifetime, gathering a lovely patina with age. My mother’s still line her kitchen and are more beautiful every time I see them. Enjoy!

DIY-ify: Striped Painted Glassware

I know we’re past Christmas, but there are still reasons to celebrate! We’ve got New Years, Valentines, and my birthday (hee) just around the corner! Let’s toast to all these good times with my Striped Painted Glassware! Earlier this year I created a separate design to be included in Make Your Day ebook my friend Chelsea and I built, but we later realized a mistake in the original pieces and needed to scrap the idea. I’ve edited and perfected this glassware and now it’s ready to share with you, and I LOVE how they turned out.

Make a set for your New Years toast, here’s how:

- Martha Stewart Glass Paint: white, gold, and blue
- new or thrifted glassware (tip: it’s hard to paint clean lines on tapered/curves glassware, I suggest straight glassware if you can find it)
- rubbing alcohol
- paint brush
- washi tape

- optional: X-acto knife


- Clean and dry your glassware. Follow this with a wipe down with rubbing alcohol and let dry

- From the top of your glasses, measure down 1 – 2 inches from the opening and wrap around a piece of washi tape. The Martha Stewart Paint is not food safe, so you need to give enough room so your mouth won’t touch the paint.

- Measure up from the base of the glass about 1/2″ and wrap a piece of washi tape around it.

- Time to tape off the vertical lines. The washi tape I used was 1/2 inch wide, so I tried to create 1/4″ – 1/2″ spaces to paint. Tip: if you use an even number of vertical taped washi strips, you will get an even number of spaces to paint. This is ideal if you are using 2 paint colors for the lines and don’t want a color to repeat. If you don’t get even lines, no worries. Just paint that extra line with gold paint. I chose to go this route.

- Use your finger to press down all the tape spots. Be sure there are no bubbles along the tape edge where paint can bleed under the tape.

- Let’s get painting! This first paint step is optional, but I like it. If you’d like a bit of gold for the undercoat (that you can see from the inside of the glass) paint 2 – 3 layers of gold paint on the vertical paint spaces (letting each coat dry about 20 minutes).

- Next up, paint a layer of white paint over all the gold. The gold paint is a bit transparent and this will help. Let this layer dry about 15 – 20 minutes.

- On every other stripe, paint 1 – 2 coats of blue paint (letting dry about 15 – 20 minutes in between coats). On the remaining white stripes, add more coats of white (if needed). Note: if you have an uneven number of stripes, paint your gold stripe now. You’ll probably need to paint 2 layers of gold. Let dry 15 – 20 minutes.

- Peeling off the washi tape can be a bit tricky. If you let the paint on the glassware dry completely, the paint may tear off when peeling off the tape. Pull the tape off with in 30 minutes of the last cost, very carefully. OR, use an x-acto knife to trace along the tape and paint line.

- When the tape is off, let the glassware dry completely. I suggest overnight. Tip: if you notice any spots the paint may have bled under the tape, you can use the tip of your x-acto knife to scrape it off.

- You have two options to make your paint job permanent. The Martha Stewart Paint instructions say you can let the pieces dry for 21 days, or bake them. In my experience baking has worked better with this paint. I haven’t had much luck with waiting 21 days, plus I’m inpatient. Hee. Here are the Martha Sterwart Paint baking instructions: “When oven curing, make sure your piece is completely dry before setting it in the oven. Be careful to not allow any painted surfaces to be resting or touching anything while in the oven and start with your piece in a cool oven before turning it up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and baking for 30 minutes. Allow your piece to cool completely before handling.”

You’re done! Give as an awesome hostess gift with some bubbly, or keep for yourself and toast to YOU for a job well done!

Happy New Year!
- Chelsey

10 Must-Have Colorful Accessories

Howdy Better Homes & Gardens style spotters! I’m Stephanie from Turtle Soup Daily, recently I was honored to win the grand prize in BHG Pin & Win contest. The past couple of weeks I’ve been over-the-moon giddy and excited about the win! As I was pinning images, I just thought it was a fun contest, nothing that I could actually ever win. And after checking out the other entrants boards and fellow winners, I’m even more humbled.

BHG has asked me to share some must-haves in my home with you. I’m a Mid Century Modern girl at heart, something about the openness with the simple, organic lines makes my heart go pitter-patter. I’m also a big fan of bright, colorful accents, which shows through in nearly all of the images from that I pinned for the contest. It’s my personal style mantra to keep your big ticket items neutral, but add splashes of color with accessories. This keeps costs lower as trends and your style preferences change.

Here are some of my favorite colorful, must-have accessories for my home:

  1. Bright Patterned Throw Pillow: Throw pillows are the perfect accent to make any room cozier and even better when they’re bright and cheerful! This lively lime green pillow from The Marimekko Shop at Crate & Barrel speaks to my childhood in the Midwest. Cows may be one of the loveliest of creatures, no? Marimekko Iltavilli 20″ Pillow, Crate & Barrel, $49
  2. Ceramic Animal: White ceramic animals have been a growing trend for several years. I love this mid-century inspired turtle (my namesake!) box from Jonathan Adler. Turtle Box, Jonathan Adler, $110
  3. Colorful serving pieces: I have been eying these mini latte bowls from Anthropologie for the longest time. A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to make the purchase for my birthday. I bought one in every color and I’m so happy I did! The color brings a perfect amount of vibrancy to any dinner party, whether you’re serving salsa, fruit, or dessert. Mini Latte Bowls, Anthropologie, $20
  4. Plant Life: One of the first things I bought for my first apartment after college graduation was a big, beautiful plant. Plants bring so much life and texture to the room, it’s my ultimate go-to accessory. Throughout the years I’ve learned my plants thrive from neglect, an added benefit for sure! I’d bet they be even more happy in this pretty plant stand from Pad. Pod Version 1.0, Pad, $164
  5. Flowers: I love having fresh-cut flowers in my home and while I occasionally splurge and buy a bouquet for myself, it’s not something I can afford all of the time. Craspedia, or billy buttons as they’re commonly referred to, are the perfect substitute for fresh. Their dried blooms will last years without fading and you’ll always be able to have beautiful flowers in your home. Craspedia Cluster, Flores Del Sol Etsy Shop, $55
  6. Local Art Piece: It seems I have art pieces covering every wall in my apartment, but I always seem to find room for more. Buying originals or prints from local artists is important to me and helps me celebrate and remember the places I’ve lived or visited. This particular print is of my very favorite view in Kansas City that I discovered when exploring the city on my bike by local artist, Allan Chow. After Hannibal Bridge, Allan Chow Etsy Shop, $25
  7. Over-sized Letters: As a graphic designer I’m drawn to good typography. In fact I have over-sized letters all over my home because I find such beauty in the positive and negative shapes that letters make. These metal letters from Anthropologie are the perfect accent to monogram any home — whether you’re a type-nerd or not! Zinc Letters, Anthropologie, $18
  8. Clock: I stopped wearing watches years ago in lieu of checking my phone (OK, OK, I just never got around to replacing the batteries…), having this retro schoolhouse clock on my walls would hopefully help me stay on time and on task. On Time Wall Clock, Urban Outfitters, $19
  9. Additional seating: It’s always great to have a couple additional seating options when guests come over. Or put a fun serving tray on top as an additional side table for a multifunctional piece. This bright blue knitted pouf fits just the ticket. Knitted Pool Pouf, CB2, $79.95
  10. Radio & iPod Dock: What’s a home without music? Listen to great audio with this bright yellow iPod dock from Tivoli. Tivoli Audio Model One, Room & Board, $179.99

Thanks for letting me share some of my colorful inspiration with you. Check out my winning Pinterest board for more lovely color and style inspiration.

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