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Hi BHG readers!  My name is Lauren Liess and I’m a decorator from Northern Virginia with a blog called Pure Style HomeI couldn’t have been more thrilled when the BHG team called and asked me if I’d like to decorate the 2015 BHG Innovation Home!  (The big reveal will be shared in this October’s issue of the magazine.)  My firm began the decorating plans this past Winter and I’m so excited to walk you through our thought process, step-by-step, as we get closer to the big reveal in October!


When I began the decorating plans for the BHG Innovation Home, I decided to start with an overall palette for the house that could be carried throughout.  Developing a general palette for a home aids in creating flow and consistency so that walking from one room to the next makes sense and feels authentic.  To keep things interesting, I like to vary up accent colors, rather than shocking visitors with a new palette in every room.


We know that BHG readers love color, and I, myself, am nature-obsessed, so I was hoping to relate the color palette of the home to the breathtaking Wisconsin land just outside its door- the big wide open blue skies and fields of green and gold.  A favorite chintz pillow of mine had just the right combination of colors- blues, greens, gold/mustard and earth tones – so I used it as a launching point for the palette and then added in some purer blues and fresh accents to cheer it up a little.

{My starting point chintz for the color palette…  The fabric isn’t actually used anywhere in the house.}


Texture also played a key role in establishing our palette as I wanted to make sure that there was a sense of nature woven throughout the home.  We included a mix of natural textures and materials- woven grasses, textural wallcoverings, nubby linens, and various wood tones that are both warm and coo- and these earthier elements help ground the color scheme, giving it depth and keeping it from feeling too “sweet.”


Once I’d established a palette, we moved onto determining the style and vibe of the house, which I’ll share next time.  I hope you enjoyed this peek into the design process!


{A look at some of the color, textiles & textures we’re incorporating throughout the home}





Building a Dream House: Studio Inspiration

dream house office studio artist creative space

Something exciting is happening in the basement of the Dream House! We have a friend who is a construction genius, and he’s been finishing our basement for us over the past few months! We’re currently in the drywall stage, and when we’re done taping, texturing, and painting the walls, we’ll leave most of the rooms alone for a while–except for my studio! I wasn’t planning on having my studio finished for a long time. I wasn’t even really planning on having it finished this year; I was resigned to working out of a somewhat dusty room with a few spiderwebs here and there and a space heater for the cold, Winter months. But it looks like I’ll have my very own creative space by Spring, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. In our old house, my office consisted of our old kitchen table shoved into the corner of our computer room. I outgrew that corner really quickly and started doing projects on our dining room table, which made it hard to use the table for eating or entertaining. I’m so excited at the prospect of having my own space where I can leave works-in-progress out on the counter without having to worry about buttons being swallowed by babies or little hands touching wet paint, where I can actually set up photo shoots and store props (like my enormous collection of cake plates) without being in anyone’s way. I was stumped for a while about which direction I wanted to go in with the decor and layout, but here’s where I’m at right now:

dream house creative space studio office inspiration board

  • When your room is a blank canvas, it’s really hard to get started. I love looking at pictures online of creative spaces, but nothing jumped out as exactly what I wanted. I’m great at following specific directions, but I’m not always good at winging it or coming up with new home decor ideas on my own. When I saw this beautiful hardware at Anthropologie last month, it gave me a great starting point. Now I have a clear vision and can run with it! (Shelf brackets, knobs, and hooks from Anthropologie)
  • I have a little wall in my studio that is sort of awkward. It’s basically a little pop-out that’s a few feet wide and goes floor to ceiling. Since the wall is at two different depths, I didn’t want to push a table or desk against it because I thought that would look weird. So I’m going to make it my gallery wall! I’ve had my eye on this print by Yao Cheng on Minted for months, and I think it’ll go so well with everything else in the studio. (Yao Cheng print from Minted)
  • That fiddle leaf fig I said I was looking for in my last post? Well, I found it last week! It’s quite at home in a basket in our entryway, but now I’m a bit obsessed with them and want to buy another to go in my studio. (Fig photo via
  • When you’re building a custom home, the number of decisions you have to make is just staggering. Seriously, you have to choose e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Where the light switches go and how they’ll work; how many power outlets in each room and where; what kinds of light fixtures here, there, and everywhere. And because you haven’t lived in the house yet, you’re really just guessing. When we were deciding on lighting in the basement, which was sooooo long ago, I really didn’t want to think too much about it, so I said, “Let’s just put in a bunch of can lights.” And that’s what we did. And the studio is plenty bright, but now all I have is can lighting instead of a cute ceiling-mounted fixture or sconces or anything decorative. Luckily, Schoolhouse Electric makes these darling little tabletop lamps, so I’ll have at least one cute light in my room. (ion C series light from Schoolhouse Electric)
  • I’m all for really utilitarian office chairs on wheels, but I’d rather have this cute little white desk chair. After spotting it at World Market in January, I’ve seen it all over the internet. I’d better hurry and buy mine before their gone! I have a habit of procrastinating until it’s too late! (chair from World Market)
  • I had some really cute floor tile all picked out for the studio for months. It was basically the only thing I knew I wanted in the room. And then our contractor friend asked me how much it was so he include it on his bid, and I bothered (for the first) time to check the price. And it was ridiculously expensive! Instead of cute (insanely pricey) floor tile, we’re going with a vinyl flooring that looks like wood. It’s the same thing we put in our mudroom and the kids’ bathrooms. It looks nice and is a breeze to clean. And now I get to cover it up with a darling rug, and I’m in love with this one. I think a great rug ties a whole room together, and this one couldn’t be better for my studio. (rug from

I can’t wait to have this room finished, to get to create in it, and to show it to you!


For the Love of Color: Mint Green

Today is all about mint green. I was so inspired when I saw this bedroom with bright mint walls that I began searching for everything mint green. I’m not a stranger to the color. I have a feature wall in my office / living room that is painted a shade of mint. Something about the color instantly calms me. I’m pretty sure everyone can benefit from a splash of it here and there.

What I also love about mint green is that while it’s certainly trending now, in some ways, it’s a classic. It has come back time and time again. Remember the mint green kitchen items of the 1950s?

In case you’re hesitant to wrap a room in mint, I have found some fun accessories that will allow you to try the color in smaller doses. From chairs to sumo wrestler statues (Yes, I went there.), you’ll be loving this soothing hue in no time.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Happy Decorating!
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

For the Love of Color: Grass Green

TREND: Pops of Bold Color

For as long as I can remember, green has always been one of my favorite colors. But not just any green. I’ve always been a fan of bright, cheerful, and happy greens. After one of the longest winters I can remember, I’m desperately longing to see that beautiful green grass that’s hiding beneath the snow. In the meantime though, as I wait for the snow to thaw, I’ll have to supplement with a little greenery indoors.

I’m absolutely loving this cheerful bedroom. Full of bright colors and bold patterns, this fresh look will certainly bring a little joy and happiness even on the dreariest of days. And how about that artwork? Wouldn’t that make such a fun DIY project? Anyway, pulling inspiration from this room, I found some grass green pieces that you could easily incorporate into your own space for a fresh new look.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Which ones are your favorites?

Happy Decorating,
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

Runway To Color Palette: Green With Envy

When I think of the color green, there are hundreds of tones that come to mind. Mostly because there are so many versions of green available. Forest, emerald, lime and celadon just to name a few. Whatever green that you fancy, try pairing it with silver and white. It gives the green a chance to pop and look stylish and trendy at the same time. I focus a lot on living spaces when I write this column. Today I want to style a bedroom using green, white and silver. Inspired by the skirt seen below, here’s the look:

Products: 1. Bedding 2. Table Lamp 3. Pillow 4. Mirror 5. Rug 6. Pillow  For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Skirt.
For a rich green to use in upholstered pieces, bedding, pillows and other accessories, try Garden Grove or Evergreens.

Pair your green with a white like Extra White and silver like Samovar Silver.

Outfit Photo via Style Sight. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

Below is a stunning bedroom, showcasing a beautiful, bold green. Would you decorate using this color palette?

Image: Because I’m Addicted

For the Love of Color: Emerald

As you may know, Pantone will be announcing its color of the year for 2014 within the next couple of weeks. Even though it won’t make a huge difference in how I plan to decorate my own space, I’m always intrigued by the color choice. I also find it fun to watch the trends in design, food, and fashion throughout the year.

When the 2014 color is announced, Emerald, the color of 2013, will quickly lose its place in the spotlight. However, before it bids us adieu, I thought I’d take one final trip to “Emerald City” to see what wonders this color brought us this year.

While Emerald has never been a go-to color for me, I’ve come to appreciate it. I’ve even incorporated it in my own home. Nothing big or grand, but little touches here and there. I do applaud the folks who created this amazing gallery wall of green frames and black and white photographs. It’s stunning!

So, as one last nod to Emerald, I pulled together some of my favorite pieces to share with you today. Whether you go bold with a sofa or just bring in a small accessory, give Emerald a try in your space. As they say, you never know if you love something until you try it.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Have you already incorporated Emerald into your home? Any guesses (or hopes) about what the color of 2014 will be?

Happy Decorating,
Michael Wurm, Jr – Inspired by Charm

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