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white subway tile with a claw foot tub

I have a huge confession: we are so good at starting projects around the Dream House, and so, so, so bad at finishing them! I keep coming up with awesome new ideas for posts for this column, and I’ll do a teaser post or a post about starting the project, and then months later, the project still isn’t done. So I have to find new things to post about. It’s like starting a new book every day and never finishing a single one. But it hit me again the other night that I haven’t given you a tour of very many rooms in the Dream House. We covered the kitchen a few months ago, but I feel like most of the rooms are still works in progress, so I don’t want to show them to you yet. Except for the master bathroom. For some strange reason, the master bathroom was the first room to be fully decorated and ready to go around here. Ok, probably more like 99% decorated, which is pretty good in my book! So here we go: a Dream House master bathroom tour!

grey bathroom with white woodwork and vanities

One of the things people comment on when they look around our house is the lack of counter space in the bathrooms. We purposely didn’t put in vanities with lots of horizontal storage space because in our experience, horizontal surfaces mean one thing: clutter. If you put a horizontal surface somewhere, it will slowly fill with stuff. Stacks of books, bottles of lotion, phone chargers, a pair of earrings you took off 3 weeks ago and absentmindedly set down. The stuff just piles up. So we made a conscious effort to plan thoughtful, out-of-sight storage instead of lots of horizontal counter space. The master bathroom in the Dream House has wall-mounted medicine cabinets for items that get used every day, like toothbrushes, contact lenses, and chapstick. There’s a little ladder-shaped shelf between the vanities that offers plenty of temporary surface area where you can put your hairbrush or make-up while you’re getting ready. And there’s a tall, floor-to-ceiling linen closet for extra toilet paper, clean bed sheets, and baskets full of odds and ends.

floor to ceiling built in linen closet

We fell in love with some very beautiful and very expensive vanities in a fancy catalog, and decided to see if we could get something similar made for a lot less. The sinks come from IKEA, and the bases were custom made by our cabinet maker. They look exactly like the expensive ones we loved, and were a fraction of the cost. My favorite thing about the vanities is shelf at the bottom of each that holds a wire basket filled with towels. I had that set-up pictured in my mind months before we moved in, and it was one of the first things I did last Fall after getting settled.

custom built vanity with IKEA sink

My husband is one of those guys that actually has opinions about how he wants the house to look. Most of the decisions about what kind of fixtures or carpet or flooring or tile to put in the house were very much a joint decision. But the enormous walk-in shower in the master bathroom was all him. Everyone in the family loves showers, and we usually throw all the kids in there at the same time. In our old house with the teeny-tiny shower, that was tough to do (although no one complained), but the new walk-in shower is perfect for hosing off three or four kids at once. The floor and ceiling are covered in the same white subway tile as the walls in the rest of the bathroom, and the floor has the same white hex tile. But to add interest, we did a wrap around mosaic tile stripe in shades of minty green and grey. It’s the most popular place in the whole house!

walk in tiled shower

Here are a few more fun detail shots of the bathroom. We are really happy with it!

wire basket under bathroom vanity

linen closet with baskets and glass doors

grey bathroom with white woodwork and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures

chair in the corner of the bathroom

grey bathroom with white woodwork, vanities, and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures

The master bedroom is probably the most ignored room in my house when it comes to style. In our old house, the master bedroom was upstairs with all of the kids’ rooms, so aside from the hours we spent sleeping and getting ready for the day, we really weren’t up there much. But in the Dream House, the master bedroom is on the main floor (and oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!), so I actually spend quite a bit of time in there. Since my office in the basement is still a work in progress, when I have time to work, I go to my bedroom. When I have phone calls or video conferences, I go to my bedroom. If I just need a second to relax, I go to my bedroom. So it has started to occur to me that my bedroom is pretty hideous and that it is in dire need of some TLC.

I’ve been really enamored of navy bedrooms lately. I know our walls are gray, which I don’t plan on changing because I love them, but I think gray and navy make a swell color combination. Here are just a few of the bedrooms that have had me swooning over navy lately…

navy master bedroom inspiration
photo from House and Home

I love the brass sun burst mirror paired with the navy walls in the photo. I’ve discovered during my extensive navy bedroom research that at least 75% of navy bedrooms contain at least one star burst or sun burst mirror. I’ve already started looking for mine in preparation.

navy gray bedroom color inspiration
photo from West Elm

As much as I love the navy walls, I don’t plan on painting my bedroom blue. I spent a lot of time choosing that beautiful gray paint, and I’m gonna keep it! This bedroom is probably more the direction our master bedroom will take, with gray walls and dark blue accents. I love the color combination of dark navy and foggy gray.

navy bedroom inspiration
photo from Pottery Barn

Here’s another beautiful room with lighter walls and rich navy accents. I love how the dark blue rug under the bed helps anchor the room, and really highlights those blues.

photo from Steven Ford Interiors on

I think this bedroom is so beautiful. The walls are navy and the bedding is navy, yet the room feels light and airy and open. Note to self: achieve this in the Dream House master bedroom!

navy master bedroom ideas
photo from Lesley Graham

dark bedroom wall inspiration
photo from Hello Lidy

These two beautiful bedrooms belong to my friends Lesley Graham and Lidy Dipert. While the walls in both of these rooms are black, they have the same dark wall/bright room effect as the navy rooms that I love.

What do you think of this trend in navy bedrooms? Do you love it as much as I do?

Vintage Living-Bold With Color BHG Style Spotters Who’s ready for some bold color?! After a long winter here in NY, I am so looking forward to bringing color back into my life and home. BHG just revealed it’s 2015 Color Palette of the year in the March issue and I am loving every single hue! Have you seen these 6 gorgeous tones? What a perfect time of year to introduce them into your décor, they can be used collectively or alone, they are livable & sophisticated. HERE is a video by Eddie Ross-BHG East Coast Editor and Jessica Thomas-BHG Style Director to explain the story behind the selection and how it can inspire you to experiment with it in your own home.

Here is BHG’s 2015 Color Palette of the Year and some vintage inspired spaces that use these BOLD tones, it is bound to get your wheels turning….

BHG Color Palette of the Year


Emily Henderson showcases this beautiful pop of color in her velvet chair and infuses it with jewel tones against a clean white backdrop. This a great display of how it can work seamlessly with similar palettes.

Emily Henderson's Bedroom Loving the Oceanic Blue Velvet Chair VIA


This bold green dresser is the perfect, playful pop of color every home needs. Against the white walls it stands out but remains neutral enough to mix and match supporting colors and styles.

Dresser Makeover Using a Bold Green



This color is dreamy! Every room could use this color, it is subtle, warm & fun. This dresser tells the perfect color story with its gold accents.

Blush Dresser from Cuckcoo 4 Design



Coral has been a favorite color of mine for a while, it works with almost every color palette and is the ideal accent hue for furniture. This thrifted piece becomes a focal point and gives personality to this space. Loving This Blush Dresser from The Blissful Bee



Yum-ee! Introducing this beautiful tone through decorative accents such as pillows, accessories & fresh flowers allows you the creative freedom to experiment without a full commitment.

Moody Grays With Pops of Berry {Fey Handmade} VIA


I am so happy to see gray infused with color! Gray has become the “it” neutral & to see it blend so beautifully with bold tones has me inspired. This dresser is the perfect example of how gracious gray can be with color.

The Weathered Door Warm Gray Dresser


Are you inspired to bring bold color to your vintage style?

Have a beautiful & colorful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse


I’m so excited to be starting a new series here on Style Spotters. It’s all about color. Each week I’ll focus on a new color and share ideas about how to incorporate it inyour space.

I’m not going bold with my first color choice, but I love it just the same. Today I was especially inspired by this gorgeous living room. While the red accents certainly caught my eye, all of the beautiful neutral colors of this space, especially the grays, were what drew me in. Deep grays in the artwork and accessories offer dimension and shape as the lighter gray on the armchair adds cozy comfort and warmth.

What I love most about gray is all of the variety. Whether warm or cool, light or dark, it’s a simple color to incorporate into home because it goes beautifully with almost every other color. Plus, if you like to change things up for the season, a gray backdrop allows your to quickly switch accessories to suit the season. Imagine the image above with light blue accents instead of red. That would be the perfect look for summer.

To get you started, today I’m sharing a few of my favorite gray statement pieces. These pieces will easily coordinate into any space around your home and be with you for a lifetime even as your color and style choices change.. I hope you enjoy my selections.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Have you come to love and incorporate gray into your home?

Happy Decorating!

Michael Wurm, Jr. - Inspired by Charm

Hello! Kelly Eagle here! We see a lot of kitchens around here and in every style you can imagine!


The majority of the kitchens have white cabinets, with fewer having stained wood, but lately I’ve noticed another cabinet finish gaining popularity: greige painted cabinets.


In this month’s Better Homes and Gardens, designer Ann Rae’s kitchen has a perfect example of the color.

She painted her cabinets with Fawn, by Farrow and Ball. The color is a light tan-greige-green that is versatile, fitting into traditional kitchens, country kitchens, and even those with a more modern flair. She noted that she loves how in some lights the color reminds her of stones on the beach, but can also read as pale leaf green.


If you’ve been considering painting your cabinets, but want a color less predictable than white, this may just be the inspiration for you.


Here are couple of other examples I love:


This shade of beige reads a little green, but the color is subtle enough to act as a neutral, yet interesting enough to not need much accessorizing. Crisp white counters and accents modernize  and lighten the space.



If you are a bit braver with your color choice, try painting your cabinets a dark greige. Pair dark lower cabinets with light – or white – upper cabinets.



Since these colors are rooted in the most basic of neutrals, accent colors can vary as wide as the rainbow, adding life and excitement to your kitchen.


What about you?


Would you paint your kitchen cabinets anything other than white?

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