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With winter right around the corner, we are planning to spend the upcoming weekend organizing and cleaning out our garage. Once the weather becomes frigid, we won’t be as inclined to work on maintaining and cleaning our garage, so we like to get it organized and prepped this during this time of the year.

Our garage currently serves a few primary purposes; it is used for parking our vehicles, for working on home DIY projects, and for storing seasonal items. When determining proper garage storage solutions, it is important to consider the actual environment. Many interior organizers are not adequate for a garage spaces due to climate and dust, therefore, it is important to select pieces that are both durable and easy-to-clean. Today I am sharing my top ten tips for packing an abundance of storage punch in the garage.

1. Shelving

Garage Organization

Utilize open shelving for bins and items that you reach for frequently. Select shelving that is sturdy, rugged and capable of holding multiple heavy objects in a variety of sizes. Be sure that the bins stored on the shelving are partnered with lids to prevent the contents from becoming dusty. Shelving can span wall-to-wall, offering an abundance of narrow and vertical storage.

2. Labels

Garage Labels

Labeling is the key to success in any organizational project. Labels keep the entire family on the same page while searching for items and when putting things back after use. When it comes to labeling items in the garage, the labels should be protected inside of laminated pouches or created from wipeable surfaces. This will prevent the labels from peeling, curling and even allow them to be wiped clean without the need create new labels season after season.

3. Recycling

Garage Recycling

Most cities have specific recycling requirements, and it is important to keep different types of products seperated/sorted accordingly. Utilize stacking bins that are easy to access and promote the important act of recycling. The recycling bins should also be labeled with large graphics and lettering to ensure the contents of each bin are easily identified.

4. Just Roll With It!

Garage Cart

Most likely there are a few items that you utilize in your garage that will be better off on casters. The wheels allow for small carts, tools and workbenches to easily move to the center of the garage during use, and then to be quickly and neatly tucked away when a project is complete.

5. Garden Supply Storage

Garden Station

There is always yardwork to be done, therefore, there are always garden and yard tools to store. Create a small area in the corner of the garage for yard specific chores. Add a galvanized bucket for soil, hooks for hand tools and if space permits, a counter for planting.

6. Play Corner

Garage Toy Storage

While the adults work with tools and garden supplies, the kiddos will want to play, play, play! Flexible rubber bins are ideal for outdoor toy storage as they can be easily transported to the car or yard by little hands. They are also easy to spray clean with the hose after a day playing at the park, beach or in the backyard sandbox.

7. Rack It Up!

Bike Storage

Bikes can be some of the bulkiest, most awkwardly shaped items that require storage in the garage. Lucky for us, there are a lot of great bike racks on the market today that free up valuable garage floor space. Some utilize the vertical space on the wall, which is great for families with younger children, while other systems suspend the bikes from the ceiling in-between uses.

9. Tool Time

Tool Peg Storage

Whether you only dabble in smaller home maintenance tasks, or take on an abudance of large DIY projects, you are likely to have a handful of tools that you utilize on a frequent basis. Pegboard is a long time favorite for keeping everything at reach and visible, while also taking advantage of that valuable wall space. For larger yard tools, industrial strength rack and rail systems offer endless flexibility to accomodate an array of shapes and sizes.

Tool Rack

10. Work Happy

Garage Radio

{image source}

I think one important garage necessity that is often overlooked, is a source of music! With all of the hours spent in the garage working on the car, building that perfect piece of furniture and planting those fall mums, turn on some tunes or the baseball game to keep you whistling while you work.

Do you have any favorite garage storage products or organizational tips?

The garage is required to be a very functional and multi-purpose space.  A place to park your cars, to store your holiday decor, to build and to garden; effective storage solutions not only corral and contain the abundance of garage gear, but can also help to create dedicated work zones.


Storage in the kitchen can be tight, so the garage is typically a smart choice for creating a system for recycling.  Plastic bins are easy to clean and stackable options save on valuable floor space.


Whether it is bins of seasonal decor, home improvement and paint supplies or everyday gear, items being stored in the garage can become quite heavy.  Selecting steel options or building solid wood shelving, removes items from the floor and keeps them safe from outdoor elements.


Magnetic strips provide the perfect solution for convenient grab and go tool storage.  They keep the tools off of the workbench and make it simple to quickly return the item when it is no longer being used.


Automotive care often takes place within the garage, therefore, creating a handy caddy with all of the vehicle’s cleaning and maintenance supplies, makes it easy peasy to give the car frequent washes and tune ups.


Pegboard is a really versatile and inexpensive option for storage in the garage.  It offers the option of mixing and matching hooks, bins and organizers for customized tool storage.


Lawn and garden maintenance often times is partnered with planters, gloves, seeds, soil, fertilizer and tools.  By creating a specific planting area within the garage, it offers a workspace to plant and a place to tuck away the plethora of garden tools when not in use.


Although the garage is a fantastic place to work on home improvement and do-it-yourself projects, there are many times when work needs to be completed within the home itself.  A good toolbox is helpful in transporting frequently used tools between the garage and inside the abode, or to help out a neighbor in a jiff.


Yard tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, therefore, custom garden rack systems are a great solution for creating customized hanging options and for extending the life of the equipment by keeping it up off of the floor.


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