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I feel like Fall has descended on us quite suddenly, almost as if by magic. Our kids finally went back to school last week, and I had to take the red, white, and blue star-shaped wreath off the front door so it wouldn’t mar their first-day-of-school pictures. The evenings have been chilly, and the mornings have had the decency lately to be misty, which makes everything seem quite cozy. We’ve even started to notice leaves changing colors, and pumpkins in the garden are starting to go from cool green to fiery orange. The hanging flower baskets on our front porch are looking spent and past their prime, despite getting plenty of water. It seems to be time to give everything–the front door, the hanging baskets, the planters–a quick, Fall refresh.

I have two big, lovely containers flanking my front door. I bought them at a summer sale at our local nursery in July, and they still look amazing. They have a few empty spots where flowers have bloomed and faded, and I was thinking the other day that I might just plop a pumpkin in the middle of each and call it a day. This gorgeous urn with a pumpkin plunked in the center makes me think it’ll look stunning!

A pumpkin in the middle of a planter gives the container a great Fall look.
[photo from The Graceful Gardener]

Probably my favorite plants that start to show up in Fall landscapes are the decorative cabbages and kales. They have such gorgeous colors and amazing shapes. When we first moved to Oregon, there was a house we drove by all the time that had the most gorgeous landscaping, and it was full of native grasses and ornamental cabbages!

Purples and greens look beautiful in Fall landscaping!
[photo from Dirt Simple]

I am a sucker for lots of things, and this gorgeous seasonal window box is like an all-in-one for me. I love the purple and green ornamental cabbages. I love the orangey mums. And I’m completely in love with the creeping jenny spilling down the front. I need to get some window boxes for my house just so I can copy this look!

Ornamental cabbages, mums, and creeping jenny make up a delightful Fall window box.
[photo from Moon Garden Designs]

Guys, I just can’t resist the ornamental veggies! This container is like something out of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, and I mean that in the best possible way. That creeping jenny spilling down the front of the urn is just amazing, and the cabbages and kales and grasses and mums push it right over the top!

A gorgeous container garden with ornamental cabbages and creeping jenny--perfect for Fall!
[photo from The Enchanted Home]

This color combination of black, green, and purple is so stunning–an unexpected but striking look for a Fall front porch. Again with the cabbages, I know, but look how pretty and sculptural they are.

Silvery greens, blacks, and purples are a luxe Fall color combination.
[photo from Three Dogs in a Garden]

Are you planning to update your front porch or landscaping for Fall? What are your go-to plants, tips, or color schemes for an Autumn landscaping or decor refresh?

Flea Market Chic-Front Porch Ideas

The best part about summer hands down, is being able to live outdoors. Living in the Northeast there is a certain anticipation that comes when the warmer weather arrives because we know the best months are ahead. Whether you live coastal or inland, on a big piece of property or a small one, we all want the same thing, to bring our outdoor spaces to life and make them feel like an extension of our home. There is a longing to invite our family & friends to be a part of our hospitality once again and for them to experience it in a peaceful & pretty setting.

This is the time I get energized to decorate & refresh our front porch, so I am always looking for ideas and inspiration to make it the most ideal spot to relax and catch up. My porch is considered a “farmhouse” front porch which means it wraps from the front to the side of the house. It is expansive, at first it was a challenge to decorate but I have learned a ton over the last 5+ years from living in and using the space.

Here are 10 fabulous front porch ideas that will make your friends & family eager for an invite this summer. Whether you have a front porch or not these bold & creative ideas can be applied to any outdoor space.

1. Think outside the box with seating.

We all need functional seating outdoors for why not think outside the box. Using a hanging couch or daybed to create a cozy area to relax gives a casual aesthetic that also feels super stylish. Bringing some small poufs or ottomans out completes this informal look.

BHG-Add poufs and ottomas with a hanging couch for extra seating

BHG-Keeping The Front Porch Simple With A Swinging Sofa

2. Break the space up into functional areas.

Dividing your outdoor space into areas for various functions creates direction when designing and decorating. You can create a small seating area, a large place for lounging or even a dining area. By breaking up your outdoor space it can feel more purposeful and intentional.

BHG-Enjoying meals outside is one of the perks of summer.


3. Don’t be afraid to add color

Your outdoor spaces should be a safe place to be bold and use a color. Even if your home tends to be more neutral on the inside you can find small ways of layering pretty pinks, corals and turquoise through plantings, pillows and accessories. If you like color and want a stronger commitment you can also bring in bold hues with your furnishings.

BHG-Break up your space into smaller, functional areas


4. Let the front door be a focal point.

Every front door has the potential to be a visual asset to your home. With simple paint, outdoor lighting and plantings you can create beautiful focal point on your front porch. Be sure to keep it symmetrical and balanced for the most curb appeal.

BHG-Front Door Symmetry With Big Potted Plants and Lanterns


5. Make it cozy

There is nothing like spending time outside at dusk and feeling cozy and captivated by the illumination. Setting the mood when spending time outside can make all the difference to you and your guests. Having extra throws and pillows on hand and hanging string lights always creates a beautiful ambiance.

Celebrating Everyday Life-Front Porch Party

Celebrating Everyday Life

6. Go green

Just as pillows and throws are important for creating a cozy space, so are plants. Large tropical can create a room divide and make you feel transported to another region of the world. Small-medium plants arranged along the floor and on tables also gives a visual balance.

City Farmhouse-Front Porch

City Farmhouse

7. Lighting is key

There is a fun, artistic freedom when it comes to outdoor lighting and it really is key to making any open-air space feel finished. Whether you choose lanterns, light fixtures, candles or string lights they are all essential to establishing a cool outdoor vibe.

BHG-2 Front Porch Musts-Good Lighting & Plants


8. Mix and match styles with old and new

Have fun layering in different pieces old & new and don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. My favorite outdoor spaces that literally make my jaw drop are cohesive but not always intentional.

BHG Front Porch Ideas-Think Outside the box


9. Use your wall space.

Pay attention to wall details. Using your outdoor wall space gives you vertical height and an effect of being in an outdoor room. Vertical gardens and mirrors are always a smart design decision and will add tons of interest to your walls.

BHG-Beautifully Decorated Neutral Front Porch

10. Rocking chairs are always in style.

When in doubt the traditional rocking chair is always in style. If you are limited by space this is an ideal choice plus who isn’t incited by the thought of rocking & relaxing for a spell on a beautiful front porch sipping some cold tea.

BHG-Traditional Front Porch With Matching Black Rocking Chairs

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you all warm days ahead.

Jen-City Farmhouse

Fall is my favorite season! I always think that Summer is my favorite, and I’m always a little sad to see it go, but then Autumn rushes in and I realize that THIS is my favorite time of year. I love the cool weather, the delicious flavors, and the beautiful decor. Last month, we decided that the planters on the front porch needed an autumn makeover. We replaced the warm-weather plantings in each urn with a pot of purple mums, and have been gathering pumpkins here and there to put at the base of each. It’s pretty, and simple, and simple is how we roll these days. If you’re into something a little more…MORE, here are some other fabulous Fall front porch ideas…

Fall front porch with orange paper lanterns and pumpkins

I love the idea of combining orange paper lanterns with pumpkins. It is unexpected, but so festive and fun. Photo from

Fall front porch with pumpkins, lanterns, and mums

How gorgeous is this front porch?! There’s a lot going on–pumpkins of at least three different colors, lanterns, candles, potted mums–but it all works really beautifully together and manages to look kind of effortless and uncluttered. Photo from Stone Gable

Fall front porch with pumpkin topiaries

I see pumpkin topiaries a lot on front porches, but I don’t always love them. Sometimes the proportions are off or the colors are wrong. But these enormous pumpkin topiaries get it so right! And the homeowner does them a little different every year, and posts pictures on her blog. Great Fall porch eye candy! Photo from EAB designs

Fall front porch with hanging baskets, white pumpkins, and potted mums

I love how this porch sticks with a very limited color palette–mostly burnt orange with just a little white–to create a cohesive look. It’s very polished. Photo from…no one seems to know the original source, but I spotted it on Home Stories A to Z.

Fall front porch with calligraphy pumpkins and berries in a wheelbarrow

Instead of decorating every square inch of your front porch, you can follow this home’s example and create a single, stunning Fall installation. I love the combination of large pumpkins, berry branches, leaves, and gourds. And the antique wheelbarrow! Stunning. Photo from

Fall front porch with pumpkins and hanging paper bats for Halloween

My kids are always begging me to decorate the outside of the house not just for Fall, but specifically for Halloween. But I don’t want cobwebs and ghosts and skeletons. No tacky Halloween decor. This beautiful porch manages to decorate for Halloween and still look cute and classy with a mix of pumpkins and some paper bats hanging from the ceiling. Photo from Martha Stewart

Fall front porch with haybales and cornstalks

Man, is this a gorgeous Fall porch, or what?! I’ve seen lots of houses use hay bales and cornstalks and look kind of messy and blah, but this house uses them to create a beautiful entryway. Paired with a collection of pumpkins and some mums in bushel baskets, this display looks like a cute, country farm stand. The huge piles of golden leaves on the ground don’t hurt either. Photo from Brian Jannsen

colorful Fall front porch with pumpkins, mums, kale, and cornstalks

Lots of Fall porches stick with the basic colors: yellow, orange, and brown. I love how colorful this one is. It uses mums, kale, and gourds in shades of purple, green, red, white, yellow, and orange to create a lovely, natural cornucopia effect.

Have you decorated your front porch for Fall yet? What are some of your favorite tips for a fabulous Fall front porch?

front porch urn planter reds blacks lavender, coral bells

I know it’s not warm and sunny everywhere right now, but in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had quite a stretch of beautiful Spring weather lately. It’s been a very welcome departure from our usual cold, Winter drizzle. The sunshine and balmy weather are inspiring thoughts of gardens and flowers, and there’s no better or quicker way to welcome Spring to your house than with lush containers overflowing with greenery and gorgeous flowers on your front porch. I bought some black fiberglass urns filled with fall foliage the week we moved into the Dream House. One of them still looks great, but the other has been completely taken over by midnight purple coral bells, and it looks like something straight out of the Haunted Mansion line at Disneyland! I think it’s high time they both had a Spring-worthy makeover. Here are some container garden looks I’m loving (click on the link beneath each photo for details)…

front porch urn planter hot pink chartreuse greenphoto from Pocket Full of Posies Design

large urn planter hot pink purple container gardenphoto from Serendipity Refined

front porch planter container garden greenphoto from One Hundred Dollars a Month

front porch planter purple black chartreuse greenphoto from Pocket Full of Posies Design

front porch urn planter geraniums pink red greenphoto from Tundra Monkey Gardening

 front porch urn planter red geranium creeping jennyphoto from Kasey’s Korner

window boxes geraniumsphoto from Dirt Simple–Technically, these are window boxes, not urns on a front porch. But WOW!

front porch urn planters white green chartreusephoto from Dirt Simple

patio garden chartreuse purple hot pinkphoto from Dirt Simple

patio garden front porch urn planter white purple chartreusephoto from Dirt Simple–This website is a goldmine!! Truly, such beautiful designs.

front porch urn planter patio garden hot pink chartreusephoto from Power Flowers

front porch urn planter springphoto from–BHG has lots of great container garden ideas, and they’re all labeled! Each photo tells you exactly what plants you need, so there’s no guesswork.

Trend: Colorful Porch Perk-Ups

Add some color to your porch or patio with these 12 inspiring DIY ideas. Pillows, chairs, tables, and more! Enjoy!

 Super Lovely DIY Porch Pillows, on A Beautiful Mess.

I’m absolutely in LOVE with this DIY Pallet Swing Bed, on The Merrythought.

 Updated Outdoor Chairs, on Design Sponge.

Pretty Painted Patio Rug, on All Things Thrifty.

Wire Cloche Succulent Garden Terrarium, on DIY Showoff.

Pretty Patio Table with Interchangeable Centerpiece, on Craptastic.

For those tiny patios and porches: Little Patio Table Update, on Lovely Indeed.

Add a base support to an old screen door, paint it, and turn it into patio decor, on BHG.

Pallet Serving Tray, on Live Laugh Rowe.

Front Door Makeover, on All Things Mamma.


Outdoor Concrete Side Table or Stool, on The Paper Mama on BHG.

Recycled Wood Planter, Zelo Photo Blog.

I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to have the swinging porch bed in my yard. So comfy.


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. The images in the first photo are from Design SpongeA Beautiful Mess, The Paper Mama on BHG, and DIY Showoff.

TREND: Modern updates for the front porch.

Does spring feel like it’s on its way to you yet? As March prepares to go out like a lamb, our thoughts often turn to sprucing up the outsides of our homes. Most houses, even the very traditional, look fantastic with a mix of modern and classic design updates like those on the front porch above. It’s an easy style to work with, and you can get a similar look with the items below. There are even two chairs to choose from: one that’s true to the inspiration image, and another to bring in even more modern style!

  1. Fisherman’s Indoor/Outdoor Pendant, Pottery Barn
  2. Threshold Lugano Potting Urn, Target
  3. Neutra House Numbers, Design Within Reach
  4. Braxton Outdoor Sconce, Restoration Hardware
  5. Sedona Chair with Cushion, Frontgate
  6. Penelope Lounge Chair, Room & Board
  7. Barcelona Floral Indoor/Outdoor Pillow, Pottery Barn


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

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