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I always seem to have one too many frames. Whether they’re on sale at Target or marked with a 50 cent sticker at a garage sale, for some reason I continually feel the need to purchase more and more picture frames. Maybe it’s an addiction…who knows?

If you’re like me and have 10+ picture frames laying around the house at any given time, it’s time for a change. Say goodbye to the forgotten frames bought at a thrift store far, far away and say hello to refreshing DIY projects of the here and now.


Little Inspiration gives her favorite Instagram photos a more permanent home with an old frame, floral wire, clips and a glue stick.


Don’t throw out the old, rusty silverware just yet! Instead, repurpose it with white spray paint. Spunky Junky shows us how to transform ordinary silverware into one-of-a-kind artwork with frames and upholstery (found at a thrift store btw).


While They Snooze transforms cheap-looking file cabinets into personalized (and more expensive!) cabinetry. You’re only a fresh set of hardware and a few white frames away!


Save money on paper by making your own dry erase board out of an 8 x 10 picture frame, scotch expressions masking tape and a white piece of cardstock. Two Twenty One shows us how it’s done.


One-of-a-kind artwork doesn’t have to break the bank! Apartment Therapy creates something exciting and new out of an ordinary piece of thrift store art by dipping its canvas and frame in paint.


Learn how to make your own pin cushion with Craftaholics Anonymous‘ easy tutorial! All you need is a frame, paint, fabric and batting.


Who says that picture frames belong on the wall? Instead, use them as magnets on your refrigerator for chore lists, weekly schedules, the kids’ artwork and more! Props to Vintage Glamorous for the idea.

Oh Crafts serves desserts on recycled frames. Convert any old frame into a tray like Lindy’s with a coat of spray paint and textured paper placed between the frame and glass.


Provide function for frames and style for shelves by combining the two. See Shanty Chic for a quick and easy tutorial.

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Frames are fun! You’ll be surprised at all the cool things you can do.


TREND: Decorating with Maps

Once used to help travelers get from one place to another, maps have become an almost extinct directional tool in recent years. Thanks to GPS, cell phones, and the Internet, hardly anyone refers to a map for directions anymore. Thankfully though, designers, crafters, and bloggers are putting maps to good use.

Because of their unique designs, interesting colors, and sense of wanderlust, maps are now being repurposed into everything from framed wall art to table tops to book covers and wallpaper. Stores are even selling map plates, globes, and vintage art prints of maps to create a sense of worldliness and travel in home decor. I particularly like how these simple white framed maps add freshness and color to this mantel.

To help stir a little globe-trotting creativity in your own space, I have selected some of my favorite map-inspired accessories from the BHG Shop. Isn’t the map washi tape the best? How perfect would that be for decorating plain envelopes?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

So tell us, what creative ways have you seen maps or globes used in home decor? How have you embraced this trend in your own space?

Happy Decorating,
Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

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