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Vintage Living: 10 Coastal Wall Trends

Vintage Living-10 Coastal Wall Trends

Someone please pinch me. Can it be that summer is just around the corner? Dreams of salt water air, sand in my toes, dips in the ocean & beautiful beach side sunsets kept me going through this long & harsh New York winter. Lucky the long winter months are behind us and we have the most playful season ahead of us. Whether you live coastally or not, everyone wants to infuse some seaside elements into their home in the summertime. One of my favorite ways to change things up for this glorious time of year is through my wall décor. Being a lover of vintage & timeless details I have found some easy & inexpensive ways to follow the coastal trend this season, here are some fun ways to get the look…

Add a little driftwood in with your décor. Nothing says summer like some found pieces of driftwood sprinkled in with your accessories. Living along the coast of Long Island I can walk out my door and find a plenitude of weathered beach wood but if you do not happen to live coastally, don’t fret, take a look online, you can find some local shops selling authentic driftwood for a steal.

Coastal Driftwood Signs-City Farmhouse


If you have ever come across vintage swimwear in a thrift store, antique shop or maybe from your own family treasure chest and not known what to do with it, now you have your answer. Framing colorful swim suits from days gone by is a genius idea and gives a whimsical touch to any space.

Vintage Suits Art Display


By simply layering in some nautical roping elements you can transition your décor seamlessly and be a part of the coastal trend this summer. You can find these items at your local salvaged shops or you can even do a DIY with some rope bought from the hardware store. Either was it is an easy way to add that nautical flair.

A Beach Cottage-the rustic rack with nautical rope gives that perfect coastal feel


Hanging large signature pieces such as oars or a surf board on your walls instantly makes your home feel like a beach retreat. Often we think larger pieces like this would cost a fortune but that is not the case, many times you can score these items for the same price as some smaller nautical accessories, the key is to just look around and keep your eyes open.

Nautical entryway with wood bench and wall oars-The Lily Pad Cottage


Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design


Woven materials such as hats and baskets are an essential accessories this season so why not add them to your walls. This is a decorating idea that brings tons of coastal charm to your home for very little cost.

Craftberry Bush-wall of woven hats


BHG Colorful woven baskets contribute to the room's intriguing mix of smooth and rugged surfaces


You can find nautical maps just about anywhere these days, I have found some for only a few dollars. You can use them in a traditional frame as shown, add some wood trim at the top and bottom for a scrolled rustic look or simply use some washi tape at the corners. This is a timeless trend that can be added to any room of the house to make it feel like summer at the beach no matter where you live.

BHG Beach Tour


Layering vintage nautical oil paintings in with your stylish décor can make these once dated treasures seems stylish and super chic. You can use this trend as a collection or add a single piece to open shelving or an existing gallery wall for a little coastal flair.Primitive & Proper-Decorating Nautical with Vintage Seascape Paintings


Life rings and buoys can transform an ordinary wall into a rustic seaside focal point. These casual elements can be used informally to get that coastal look. They can be easily found at your local salvaged shop or on Etsy.

Red, White and Blue -American Flag Decor Meets Nautical Style


Now that you have some clever coastal wall ideas you are ready to hit the thrift stores and flea markets. This is the perfect time of year to score some deals, just be patient and most of all, have fun!

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Jennifer OBrien

Vintage Living — Displaying Your Collections

EditVintage Living-Dispalying Your Collections

Open shelving has become a hot home trend, although a classic idea it has recently made a come back in a big way. You can find this trend in kitchens & pretty much every room in the house. I do love the look of open display and having the creative freedom to style in dimensional way. Open shelving is used throughout my home and through the years I have changed the look countless times. I must confess though, in the beginning I was a little intimidated by displaying my collections. My mindset was that everything had to be perfectly styled but as I realized the perfect part comes from self expression. With that being said you do want to create a visual connection through balance and repetition. Here are a few of my favorite examples of that….

This is a piece I just styled for my kitchen nook with function as a main priority, that helped me narrow down the items I wanted to display. Finding purpose gave me a visual direction.

City Farmhouse-displaying a functional collection


Creating balance through symmetry is always a good rule of thumb. This vintage piece highlights a collected look of natural elements and repeats color & texture through the glass jars, plants and wire baskets.

Liz Marie Blog Gray Bookshelf Styling


This is also a great example of bringing function to your piece while displaying your collections. The warm wood tones, with white ceramic, wine bottles, glass details and aged metal tell a story of simplicity and purpose.Our Vintage Home-Rustic Open Shelving


Displaying a collection of books never gets old, it brings texture and can be a grounding element. The great thing about books is they are very easy to find used for very little money if you don’t feel you have a large enough collection for display. Thoughts from Alice Styling an Eclectic Bookshelf


Another example of creating balance with color, texture and worn details. The transparency of the repeated glass gives a sense of spaciousness

and light .

White Buffalo Styling


These next two images also highlight a sense of continuity through there collections but also are aware that less is more. If you want your treasured pieces to stand out then don’t be afraid to let them be a focal point.

Styled Dining Room Shelving - The Wood Grain Cottage


So Much Better With Age Rustic Open Shelves


This open display of vintage items above a bed couldn’t be more perfect and purposeful. You can find balance here through the repeated color tones and theme.

Christine Choi Photography Style Me Pretty Open Shelving Above Bed Displays Vinatge Collections


An important part of displaying your collected pieces is finding balance through height. Don’t be afraid to go vertical and display on your walls as well. You see a small risk pays off as the art hung on the wall brings the height needed to give continuity.

Rooms for Rent


Displaying a collection doesn’t always mean on shelves, nor does it have to include home accessories. This pipe rack/wardrobe is a perfect solution to a space that may be lacking storage. Here a creative solution is met visual appeal.

Vintage Pipe Clothing Rack via Etsy. Something like this might be useful in the future.


Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Jennifer OBrien

Vintage Living: A Fresh Look at Doors

Vintage Living-A Fresh Look at Doors

Spring is finally here! This time of year brings out a renewed sense of adventure in myself and once again I am ready to hit my local go to salvaged & antique shops to scour for time worn treasures. One thing I am currently obsessed with is salvaged doors. They bring character and charm to a space on a large scale and can make a huge style statement when used as its intended original function. The best part, usually you can find these sort of pieces for a steal, if you know where to look. I live on the east end of Long Island so when I feel the urge for a good hunt I head out to the country where there are tons of older homes and farms. I am convinced I will find the perfect salvaged door this season. I am not sure where I will put it, nevertheless I am hopeful.

Currently there is a huge trend towards replacing builder grade doors with sliding doors. Although hanging the track can require some patience I do love that the size of the door is more forgiving. Finding the perfect size door to fit your exact opening can be a daunting task but using a track system insures an outside mount, which can give you more flexibility when looking for that perfect piece of originality to add to your space.

BHG Sliding Barn Doors


BHG Vintage Sliding Pantry Door


You can choose to use your vintage doors as is, in the original condition or alter them by painting them and/or adding trim or other details. Either way you are bringing a rustic aesthetic to your home and creating a conversation piece that no doubt your guests will love.

The Hunted Interior -Traditional Sliding Barn Door


Bathroom Designed by Carla Aston


The Lettered Cottage Sliding Library Door


Thinking outside the box when it comes to using salvaged finds is always a home run in my book. I love the way this large window is used as a room divider between the living room and dining room.

Jones Design Company Old Window Converted Into Sliding Room Divider


Using vintage doors to fit your existing door frame is also a great option. If you are building or renovating a home you can even build your frames to fit your door. Keeping exact measurements on you or in your phone for if & when you find that perfect piece is a helpful tool to be able to make a decision. The doors can always be shaved or cut slightly so having your measurements insures you will find the closest fit for an inside mount. What a style statement these beautiful rustic doors make upon entering the room.

Beneath My Heart Vintage Frosted Bathroom Door


My Lovely Things Vintage Doors


Happy hunting! Have a beautiful week!

Jen-City Farmhouse

Jennifer OBrien

Flea Market Chic-Rattan Crush

Flea Market Chic Rattan Crush BHG Style SpottersThroughout my entire childhood my parents had a rattan coat rack that hung right by the front door and upon entering our home would be a call to one of us 4 or my dad to “please, hang up your coat.” It was my mother of course and while the coat rack was right at eye level for some reason the instinct was to always throw it on the banister{which drove her crazy}. To this day, that rattan coat rack hangs in the very same spot & each time I pass it I think huh, that could be really cute somewhere in my house. While I would never take something without asking first, I love the idea of bringing a little bit of my family history back home. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the potential in something worn and how it can work with your own design aesthetic. Lately I have a HUGE crush on rattan, surprise! Living coastally it fits my style year round but I also love the texture & caramel tones that give any space that layer of warmth. This is an ideal time of year to envision the possibility of rattan & wicker and how it can fit in your home.

Rattan & wicker chairs can be found at tag & yard sales and even craigslist. By giving them a fresh coat of paint you can easily update the look and pair them with existing furnishings, such as this traditional dining table for a fresh look. A coat of brilliant aqua-blue paint transformed tired rattan chairs BHG{BHG}

BHG Rattan Dining Chairs + Wicker Pendant{BHG}

Original lighting ideas gets me every time. Taking an old woven basket or bowl and creating a light fixture is a simple & inexpensive way to incorporate this trend in any room.

Lee Kleinhelter bedroom black white spotted ceiling Hermes throw & rattan pendants - so original, stylish, simple and fun{via}

BHG Rattan Pendant Light{BHG}

What could be better than layering your walls with texture. I love the idea of using shallow baskets as a collective grouping of art. You can also add a mirror to a basket for a fun DIY project.

BHG Use Shallow Wicker Baskets as Artwork{BHG}

DIY Wicker Basket Mirror  The Wood Grain Cottage{via}

This rattan shelving unit adds so much interested to the wall through its warm honey tones and circular shape. You may not find this at a yard sale but spring & summer is the BEST time to score some rattan goodies, be sure to keep your eyes open. You can see it’s a stylish & fun way to get that vintage modern look.

Rattan Circle Shelf Urban Outfitters {via}

There is so much you can do with a rattan/wicker headboard these days. You can leave it natural for a coastal -bohemian feel or spray paint one to fit any design preference.

Temple & Webster Rattan Headboard{via}

The Hunted Interior-Rattan Headboard {via}

Using unexpected vintage pieces and repurposing them is an idea that will never get old. This wicker fishing creel is ideal for extra table storage.

FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE Vintage Fishing Creel{via}

Embracing vintage rattan with its original, worn patina is a great way to create a casual vibe. These aged bar stools are the perfect addition to this crisp and coastal inspired kitchen.

Vintage Rattan Barstools Grace Happens Via Holly Mathis Blog{via}

When on the hunt for rattan or wicker this season, remember there is nothing a good can a spray paint can’t fix. Paint changes EVERYTHING. This boldly painted gold stool compliments the space and gives a fun punch of color.

Gold Painted Rattan Stool  Abby M. Interiors One Room Challenge {via}

I hope this has inspired you to look at rattan in a whole new light.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Jennifer OBrien

Vintage Style-Decorating With Demijohns

Vintage Style-Decorating With Demijohns BHG Style Spotters

Ahh,the sound of spring is in the air and I for one couldn’t be happier. After a long winter I am ready for a style overhaul & living coastally I seem to embrace this idea a little early, I tend to skip over spring & head right for summer. One decorating element I can never seem to get enough of this time of year is glass. Whether old or new, it’s transparency gives a worn, causal layer to any space without it feeling large or heavy. Demijohns and glass bottles have become a hot trend, if you walk into any home décor store you will have a variety to choose from. They come in an assortment or sizes & colors and can be used as pure decoration or for purpose. Here are some of my favorite vintage style inspirations using demijohns and glass…

A variety of glass containers in different sizes and hues make this mantle feel cohesive and fun, a perfect look for spring or summer.BHG Centsational Style{BHG}

This vignette feels organic and unified with the turquoise tones and warm worn textures.

VIBEKE DESIGN-White, wood, aqua glass, greenery {via}

Varying size and scale can make any stylized area feel effortless.

VIBEKE DESIGN great grouping with vintage posters, basket and demijohns{via}

Decorating a built-in or hutch is a perfect place to mix and match your collection and give yourself some creative freedom. Layering height, color and odd number assortments are a few things to keep in mind when trying to achieve this look.

summer hutch craftberrybush {via}

Adding or interchanging just a few glass elements into a space will instantly give you a casual, coastal look without redecorating the entire room.

Rooms for Rent Printers Cabinet With Demijohn{via}

Varying sizes, heights and colors gives this collection a casual, cohesive look.

Perfectly Imperfect - A Seasonal Refresh Using Demijohns {via}

Glass bottles and demijohns on a woven tray gives a casual coffee table look, ideal for this time of year.Life On Virginia St-Coffee Table Styling With Glass Jars{via}

Adding a few worn bottles to open kitchen shelving makes this space feel stylish, original & uncluttered.

In the Kitchen with Skye Gyngell, London's Chef du Jour - Glass Jars on Display{via}

Decorating your open shelving with large purposeful glass bottles & jars brings function to your space and by balancing that with whites and organic textures it gives a stylish & rustic look.

Ella Claire Bathroom Makeover Using Open Shelving & Glass Jars {via}

Layering moody tones in with your vintage demijohn collection makes the space feel grounded and unified. This rustic, coastal look is timeless and be worn all year long.

Eclectically Vintage Assorted Demijohn Mantle{via}

Using your glass bottles and demijohns as a purposeful collection is a fantastic styling idea. Whether its cut flowers or branches, using them as vases brings function & beauty together and also makes for a great conversation piece.

BHG Adding Texture & Vintage Style With These Demijohns{BHG}

Another example of how a collection can seem organic and have flow by simply repeating color and texture. BHG Cottage in the Minimalist White soft blue sideboard + blue glass vases{BHG}

This is the perfect time of year to keep your eyes peeled for glass bottles, you may even want to start a collection{smile}. I hope this inspired you to see beauty in imperfection.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Jennifer OBrien

Flea Market Flair- Reinventing The Home Office

Flea Market Flair-Reinventing the Home OfficeI know most of us tend to complain about the long winter months, especially towards the end of the season but there are a few plus’ to this time of year if you are one who loves home {like me}. The cold weather begs for some fireside chit chat, guilt free movie watching, snuggling, cooking, feasting, impromptu gatherings and of course a little home refreshing. I feel this incredible urge to simplify & make the most of my abode this time of year. One refresh I know is on most people’s radar is the home office. Whether you work from home everyday, a few days or a few hours a week most individuals have or would like to have a quite, organized place to work that is both stylish & functional. This is a home improvement project can yield amazing results with little time & money. Shopping flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores or even your own home can set a design direction and bring character to the space. Here are a few of my favorite home office inspirations that have flea market flair…..

Lighting is a huge element in any office space. Finding creative ways make your own can save you a ton of money and generate a focal point that is completely original. This clever DIY pendant light is made from a woven basket, the texture & color draws you in and unifies the space.

White Buffalo Styling Co Office{via}

These days with the amount of base options available you can design your own desk using something salvaged. This desk was made from an old door and saw horses. Its aged patina and ingenuity brings warmth and character to this space.

BHG Stylish Door Desk {BHG}

Chalkboards have that old school appeal but also bring function to your office as well. From a person who loves to make lists, notes & memos everyday, this is a genius organizational tool.

house eleven blog rustic chic home office{via}

If you have a designated space for your home office why not give some vintage charm by adding doors that have been rescued from an older home. If you have someone handy to install the tracks it can be an inexpensive project that will no doubt yield an amazing design aesthetic.

Cedar Hill Farmhouse Rustic Vintage Sliding Doors {via}

These days a home office can be multipurpose. This art space blends so beautifully a creative whimsy with function and style. I could easily create many masterpieces here.

jeanne oliver home office-paint studio{via}

Storage is a never ending necessity for any homeowner, especially in a home office. This space uses vintage elements for purposeful design by layering warm textures and varying sizes baskets and boxes in these sturdy shelves. Making the most of your vertical space is a smart and aesthetically pleasing design choice in any work place.

Oliver & Rust Vintage Home Office{via}

Giving your office area instant style can be as easy as changing out your seating. You can give a vintage chair new life with paint and a new cushion, it will give you an instant refresh with very little cost.

Perfectly Imperfect Office, love the rattan chair{via}

Tight on space, why not add an office in your bedroom. By painting the wall behind your desk a bold color it can give the visual separation needed when combining duel functions in one room.

Rooms for Rent Bedroom Home Office{via}

Industrial design is a hot trend right now & many of these vintage pieces are easy to find because of its popularity. These elements can be pricey, so be sure to shop around to get the best bang for your buck. This multipurpose office space has fun & quirky design details that are both stylish & functional.

Industrial Vintage Desk BHG{BHG}

Using smaller scale vintage pieces allows you to easily create an office area in any room. The repurposed desk & chair are a perfect fit for this multifunctional family room.

The Vintage Revivals BHG Home Office Area in Family Room {via}

I hope these home offices have given you some food for thought and inspired you to think about flea market chic in a whole new light.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse