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Runway to Color Palette: Perfect Pale Pink

If you are in touch with trends or like to be in touch with trends, you’ll notice that pale pink is taking over. It’s a soothing, complimentary color that creates peaceful moments. It’s not just your girly girl color anymore. I’ve seen a variety of pinks in mens fashion and even in male offices and other spaces. When pairing pink with other colors, two options can be applied. You can pair it with other colors, creating a colorful array or you can pair it with neutral tones, creating a tranquil space. Inspired by this delicate outfit, I have put together a look that is stylish, classic and playful for your space. Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Chair 2. Rug 3. Floor Lamp 4. Sofa 5. Pillow 6. Pillow For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Pants.
Amour Pink really is the perfect pink! Try it as a wall color or use it in upholstered pieces and accessories.

Color Inspiration: Sweater.
For a neutral cool grey, try Gris. Use it in fabrics, on walls or in accessories.

Color Inspiration: Shoes and Bag.
Black of Night can be used in lighting, frames, wooden furniture pieces and much more.

Bonus: Try accents of gold and brass with this color palette.

Outfit Photo via Be Lighter. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

If you are wondering what this color palette looks in person, below is the perfect example! This space has a great combination of pale pink and grey with lots of neutral accents. What are your thoughts on this color palette? Would you do this in your own home?

Room image via Weekday Carnival.

Allison Maze

Beauty Spotlight: Drew Barrymore

We asked, Drew answered!













Drew Barrymore — actress, new mom, and creator of the makeup line Flower Beauty — is featured in our annual Stylemaker Issue! We called for beauty questions last week on Facebook, and today we’re excited to share a special video Drew’s made to answer a few of them. Drew was so impressed by your questions, she asked to hang on to them for future Tip Tuesday videos.

See more beauty tips from Drew Barrymore

See Drew answer a BHG reader question

Many thanks to Drew and her team for letting us be a part of today’s video. If you love Drew’s style, be sure to pick up a copy of the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens to learn about her new makeup line and beauty tips.

Ellen Miller

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Giuliana Rancic

In early May, the BHG style team met in sunny Santa Monica, California to shoot and interview the E! News host, designer, and new mom for our September Stylemaker issue. Here’s what we learned:


“Giuliana wears these amazing bright, girly dresses on E! News. But, when she arrived at the studio she was dressed very simply in dark skinny jeans and a black leather jacket—definitely a more minimal, tailored vibe. I was impressed with the pieces we pulled from the collection she designed for HSN—particularly the top we shot for the opening page of the story. Peplum is a trend that’s going strong for fall, and I loved the way she mixed leather details into the line.” Christine Bibbo Herr, Stylist, @NYCPretty


“As a red-carpet junkie, I know that Giuliana has access to the most amazing designer pieces in the world. But after interviewing her for the issue, I was surprised to learn that she lives for a great deal—she couldn’t stop talking about a $5 pair of cotton shorts that she’d just bought! And, I’ve adopted her favorite tip for saving money when it comes to fashion: She designed her closet so that all of her accessories are exposed, and she invested in matching hangers so her clothes hang at the same level. She swears that you’ll shop less when you can see everything you already have.” Ellen Miller, Fashion and Beauty Director, @EllenMillerBty


Photo from Lauren Matina of @laurennystylist


“I’m a huge fan of Giuliana & Bill and Fashion Police, so I know how many projects Giuliana is juggling at once—she’s got a restaurant, three shows, and has a one-year-old! I was surprised at how mellow she was despite her crazy schedule. She had a great energy on set, and make a point to chat and joke with the entire team that day.” Lauren Matina, Market Editor, @LaurenNYStylist


“Baby Duke made a cameo on set and was laughing and cooing at his mom from behind the camera. The little guy loved the music, the camera flashes, and an impromptu visit with Giuliana. It was fun to see that she’s a working mom just like me.” Kylee Krizmanic, Art Director, @KyleeW


Photos from Christine Bibbo Herr of @nycpretty


Can’t get enough of Giuliana’s starlet style? Check out the style section of the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens to see her favorite tips and tricks including how to look your best in every photo op.

Kirsten Grove

Runway To Color Palette: Get Your Copper On

One trend that is overtaking fashion and interior design, and one trend that I hope doesn’t go away for awhile is copper. You could translate that into more than just copper. Brass and even gold are in it to win it right now as well. When decorating with copper, it’s best to use it sparingly. Even used in just one piece is usually the perfect amount. We see that the outfit below only has a pop of gold in her bracelet, which blends beautifully with the deep greens. Of course the easiest way to use copper is in lighting. Frames, ceramics and even some furniture pieces can be great copper options. Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Blanket 2. Stereo 3. Pendant Light 4. Dining Chair 5. Olive Plant 6. Basket 7. Coffee Table 8. Floor Lamp For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Leaves in Pants.
Talipot Palm is one of those greens that you just can’t get enough of. Try it in fabrics, baskets and even upholstered pieces.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in Pants.
For a pop of color, Fireworks is perfect for pillows and other accessories.

Color Inspiration: Pants.
Chartreuse could be a very pretty accent color to use on a wall. Also would look lovely used for an upholstered piece.

Bonus: Paint your entire room in Pure White for a clean backdrop.

Outfit Photo via Lauren Teslia. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

Below is a room that has a spread of pretty greens and one breathtaking copper pendant. Are you loving this color palette? Or are you ready for something else?

Room image via COCOCOZY.

Kirsten Grove

Runway To Color Palette: Denim Is The New Black

Some say denim is and has been the new black. I totally agree! I could live in denim 7 days a week. When considering decorating with denim blue, it sometimes sounds too back country. It really is all about mixing it with the right colors. The girl below is wearing denim on denim but breaks it up with a super colorful, bohemian clutch. The same can be done with rugs, pillows and other accessories in a room. She also is sporting gold jewelry and a brown belt. Translate that into brass lighting and brown wood furniture pieces. This look can be modern, stylish and still feel classic. Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Pouf 2. Rug 3. Side Table 4. Pillow 5. Floor Lamp 6. Basket 7. Sofa 8. Chair For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Shirt and Shorts.
The name of the paint is Denim so it’s got to be pretty true to it’s name, right? Try it on upholstered furniture pieces and accessories.

Color Inspiration: Bag
Ablaze is a perfect orange/red to incorporate in art, fabrics and rugs.

Color Inspiration: Bag.
Try minty Waterfall in fabrics, pillows, upholstered pieces and or window treatments.

Bonus: Ski Slope will look picture perfect on the walls.

Outfit Photo via Pop Sugar. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

We see below a scandinavian inspired living space with a pop of denim in sofa and a little orangy red and mint in the wallpaper. What are your thoughts on this color palette?

Room image via Andra Bilder.

Kirsten Grove

Runway To Color Palette: Finding Sunshine

Color can be intimidating to add into your space. It’s hard to figure out which color to choose and what neutral colors to mix it with. I personally am a fan of adding pops of color as statement pieces instead of adding neutral colors to bold, colorful spaces. One color that seems to make a space feel fresh and clean is yellow. Yellow has been popping up everywhere in fashion. Concerning interior design, yellow can be tricky since most people don’t want their space to feel like a giant banana. Following the ensamble below, it’s important to mix the yellow with clean neutral colors like white and brown. Yellow also looks incredible paired with gold and brass. Here’s the look:

Products: 1. Pillow 2. Chair 3. Plate 4. Headboard 5. Dresser 6. Table Lamp For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Skirt.
Daffodil is the perfect yellow for upholstered pieces, accessories and art. You can also use it for the backdrop in shelving.

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
For a nice modern, creamy white, you will love Arcade White. Use it on walls, floors, wood pieces or just about anything else.

Color Inspiration: Sunglasses.
Use Java in wooden furniture pieces.

Bonus: Krylon has a great gold spray paint that can be used on lighting and accesories.

Outfit Photo via The Hampton House. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

Below is a modern eating area that shows how influential one pop of color can be. What are your thoughts on this color trend?

Room image via BHG.