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It’s so easy to get swept away by shimmering, scene-setting surfaces — especially when notice-me looks merge with modern convenience. Burn rings from hot pans, evidence of red wine spills, and scratches from sharp utensils are all worries of the past thanks to today’s innovative surfacing materials. Along with a few other journalists, I recently had the opportunity to visit Cosentino’s global headquarters in Almeria, Spain to learn about its leading brands, Silestone and Dekton, and see how they partner time-honored materials with forward-thinking design.

Silestone is a scratch-resistant, non-porous quartz product. Many colors in the Silestone line also feature bacteriostatic protection, making the material a pretty and practical surface option for kitchens, bathrooms, and work surfaces. No germs, no scuffs, no fuss.

Silestone is available in a variety of texture options, from perfectly smooth to a matte finish. Polished Silestone in Lyra on the floor, vanity, and walls takes center stage in this sleek, streamlined setting.

Dekton, Cosentino’s ultra-compact surfacing material, is created by manipulating a blend of minerals and raw materials via an accelerated metamorphic process. High temperatures and pressures mimic the aging process of natural stone over thousands of years to quickly render a remarkably versatile material. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, its beauty is deserving of the spotlight in a kitchen or bath, yet durable for use on high-traffic floors or staircases. Dekton’s resistance to compression and UV-rays also makes it suitable for driveways, terrace flooring, and exterior cladding.

Dekton’s manufacturing process allows great control over each slab’s pigment and design, making it easy to produce large pieces without showing seams. Aura, pictured on the left, resembles the classic appearance of marble without any of the upkeep.

And finally, take a look at Cosentino’s Prexury line. Constructed from beautiful semiprecious stones and natural materials, Prexury takes its design cues from traditional jewelry-making materials such as agate and amethyst. This luxe material would be an eye-catching addition to a kitchen island, makeup vanity, or dining table, don’t you think?

Bet you can’t recall what you were doing on January 10, 2014. But I do. Editor-in Chief Gayle Butler and I were peering out the back windows of an SUV looking at snow-covered lots in Mequon, Wisconsin, with builders from Lakeside Development Company.  She and I excitedly chatted about the possibilities: Does this neighborhood look like us? How would a Better Homes and Gardens house look on this lot?



Yep, for the past 15 months we’ve kept a little secret. The Better Homes and Gardens 2015 Innovation Home has been underway! Home building and design is in an unprecedented time of innovation and connected technology, meaning there is more for consumers to suss out. We wanted to build a new-era idea house, one that focuses on products and features that will make a real difference in your life. Whether you’re building a home, or improving the one you already love, you’ll learn about home automation and controls, innovative appliances, smart TVs, efficiencies galore, and low-maintenance materials inside and out.

As you’d expect, our home is beautifully designed and the decorating will help visualize how innovations blend seamlessly into your look and lifestyle. Sorry to tease, but we’ll reveal the interior designer’s name a little later. Tiny hint: You already know and love her work from our pages and Pins.

Snowy lot searches? Done. Sponsors secured? Check! An autumn full of framing? Delightful. A winter so cold the GoPro froze? Well, it is Wisconsin, after all. But now the house is a flurry of spring activity. Cabinetry is in the works and painting isn’t far behind. Look for updates here on the Style Spotters blog and follow our progress on Facebook . It all leads up to our big story in the Better Homes and Gardens October 2015 issue and the online reveal in September. But for now, here’s a sneak peek video … well, at least the part up until the camera actually did freeze:


Trend: Black Front Doors

Chic, sophisticated, and strikingly handsome, these black beauties prove an entry door needn’t be bright to be bold. Exterior color is hot right now, and it’s one of the easiest ways to boost curb appeal. But if you quickly tire of flashy hues—or, like me, are horribly indecisive—a black front door may be the perfect match for your home.

There’s something so undeniably elegant about a black front door. I’ve been swooning over dark exterior details ever since a recent trip to Charleston. From stately mansions to small home designs, a dash of black can flatter almost any exterior’s style and color scheme.


Here’s how to give your entryway a polished look you’ll love to see each day.

Accessorize! Like that little black dress hanging in your closet, versatility is a black door’s best feature. With nature’s easy-to-please palette as your backdrop, black offers a dramatic welcome that wears well with every season. Personalize your entryway with coordinating hardware for a classic look, or add style underfoot with a colorful door mat and eye-catching container gardens.


Play up a black door’s elegance with architecture. Layer millwork near the entry or add a portico to give your home a gorgeous focal point that protects visitors from wet weather.


Make a good first impression. Give a black door a sense of warmth by surrounding it with plants and weather-resistant furniture. Outdoor benches and boxed topiaries enhance this coastal cottage’s inviting, stay-awhile personality.


What’s your favorite way to dress up a front door?

- Allison Maze, Assistant Digital Home Editor

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